A wedding day is supposed to be day couples will remember forever and they’ll try their best to make it perfect if not close. However, for some, that never happened. These brides and grooms recall the entitled person who almost ruined their wedding day. Content has been edited for clarity purposes.

Too Much Drinks
Too Much Drinks

"We had a very small ceremony and a very intimate wedding dinner with our families. One of my closest friends invited herself. I should have said no but I felt bad, plus I had just recently told her she wasn't gonna be the maid of honor at my wedding reception, which was a couple of months away. So I thought maybe this would make up for it. One extra person wouldn't hurt, would it?

Biggest mistake!

We had a long day, and she started drinking early, and could not control her intake. I had asked her to keep my parents company since they were here from a different country and they didn't speak a lot of English. All she focused on was the many bottles available. By the time we sat down for dinner, she was slurring.

In the middle of dinner, everybody was enjoying themselves. She told my husband that he was 'taking me away from her' and that she was mad at him because of it. We laughed it off and I asked the server to limit her drinks.

A little later, she stared at my parents who were having a good time, leaned over to me, and asked, 'Is your dad still cheating on your mom?'

Note: My parents went through a rough patch a couple of years back and my mom insisted that my dad was not being honest with her. There was no proof and to say my mom is dramatic is an understatement. They got over it, and are still together now. Nevertheless, that period of time was very difficult for me.

When she asked me that question, I just stared at her blankly. Part of me was so embarrassed and worried that someone else may have heard what she said. But more so it just brought back bad memories about my parents' marriage at my own wedding. It literally ruined my mood. I was horrified.

I straight out told her that it was inappropriate to mention that. She was embarrassed, so she kept drinking more and more. She then started to call her boyfriend to come to pick her up. He immediately got annoyed at her because she had been drinking so much and hung up on her. She proceeded to call him 38 times, eventually sitting at the table crying on the phone while both my families sat there awkwardly not knowing what to do.

Eventually, her boyfriend agreed to come to get her. I had to gather her stuff and walk her out. She did not say bye or thank you to anyone.

The cherry on top was that she realized how stupid she was and called me 10 times that night to try to talk to me. On my wedding night."

Worst Maid Of Honor Ever
Worst Maid Of Honor Ever

"My maid of honor was a best friend from high school but we had drifted apart in the past few years and she had moved overseas. I still invited her for the role because of our history, not because of the current friendship, which I did not realize had withered down to pretty much nothing anymore.

I gave her a six-month notice to get some shoes as my other bridesmaid had size four feet and I wouldn't be able to get the shoes. So I had requested for them to bring a pair of beige heels (which most girls had). She messaged me one week before the wedding to go to the store and buy her a specific brand and style of high heels (she even sent me a link) because she had chucked away her own beige shoes.

Then came two days before the wedding, she requested me to take her out to have a good meal and 'hang out.' I needed help with the wedding, not to spend a vacation with you. Then she backed out of doing a speech last minute because she didn't want to be 'awkward.' So I had to cut one of the groomsmen's speeches or it would've been uneven.

She did not lift a finger with helping set up on the wedding day. She spent the whole day doing her makeup and hair and fixing absolutely nothing. Then she made us 30 minutes late as she was hogging the makeup artist because she wasn't 'satisfied,' even though I gave her three warnings that we had to leave at so and so time.

At the reception, she spent the whole time flirting with the best man although she had a boyfriend already back home. I ended up coming out to help set up. Then some guests came to help me when they saw how behind we were because everything I had asked the maid of honor to do or to delegate the others to do did not happen since she was MIA (missing in action). She didn't throw petals when we kissed, but rather threw a tantrum because she wasn't asked to stand with the bridesmaid when she did her speech. From then on, she complained while we took bridal party photos.

She complained, 'These shoes hurt.' 'Why do we have to walk into this field?' 'Blah Blah.'

In the end, she didn't say a single congratulations or wish me and my husband well. She did not act as a friend should've. Should I cut her out of my life?"

Sister Freak Out
Sister Freak Out

My wife was my older sister's best friend for about 20 years. Years ago, I had said to myself, 'She's hot, but Nah, she's my sister's friend.' She had pretty much thought the same of me, so we never even hung out.

My wife had moved back locally after about 15 years and was single and I recently became single. 

My sister told us, 'Hey, maybe you two should date.'

We looked at each other and said, 'Oh, yea. Let's try it.'

A year and a half later, we told my sister we were getting married. The whole time my sister was actually encouraging our relationship. 

She said, 'What in the world! No, you're not allowed to do that. You were just supposed to hook up, see some movies and then break up because you can't get married!' 

We said, 'Uh, sorry.'

Fast forward to our wedding day. We had it in the large backyard at my father's house. The same house my sister and I grew up in. The same house she had gone back to almost every week for almost 20 years to hang out with dad.

Ten minutes before our vows, my sister called, 'You're going to have to delay the vows. My husband got lost and it's going to be 30 minutes before we get there.' 

It was a ten-minute drive from their townhouse with only four turns. 

I said, 'NO!'

Then I hung up the phone. Not even two minutes later, I saw them parking. 

The week after we got back from our honeymoon, my sister told her best friend, now her sister-in-law, 'We can't be friends anymore. I can't even talk to you. I just can't deal with you knowing all my secrets and being my little brother's wife. When you two get divorced we can be friends again.'

Almost 20 years later and she has not said more than 'Hi' to my wife. We are still married too."

Bridesmaid's Drama
Bridesmaid's Drama

"One of my husband's old friends was a bridesmaid. We were super laid back, the bridesmaids didn't have to buy dresses, nothing was mandatory to attend.

However, this woman would message me nonstop about her problems, 'We can't make it to,' 'We had to borrow clothes for the wedding.' 'We don't have a ride, can your fiancé pick us up?' and the list went on.

I was cool about everything.

I replied, 'Come to what you can.' 'Yes, we'll make sure you have a ride.' 'Wear what you have, it's not a big deal.'

But to her, everything was a big deal and I spent more time dealing with her drama than my own things that needed to be done. After the wedding, she turned the crazy up to 11 and started picking fights on social media. I very quietly removed offending posts and limited my posts that she could view without unfriending her. She flipped out.

I said that I would like for us to remain civil for the sake of my husband, who was a friend of hers, but requested that she stop involving him in our arguments and that we limit our interactions on social media.

Then I was bombarded with things like, 'Well at your wedding, your friends said I didn't get pretty flowers in my bouquet just because I didn't show up to your stuff!'

She then posted screenshots of our private messages, like a twelve-year-old. Luckily she came off looking worse, my husband told her that she needed to act like an adult. Then we cut off contact when she failed to do so. Some people are just nutty."

Jealous Sister-In-Law
Jealous Sister-In-Law

"By the time of our wedding, my husband's 33-year-old sister was still single and she hated that her younger brother was getting married first. How did she deal with it? By trying to sabotage my wedding.

The night before our wedding, she got wasted and, while ugly crying, told my husband that it was supposed to be her wedding and it wasn't fair because she'd be able to plan a much better wedding than ours.

We had a small elegant outdoor wedding at a mountain lodge, and my SIL (sister-in-law) convinced some family members on my husband's side that the dress code was casual, so they showed up in jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. I was beyond upset with them for readily taking my SIL's word without double-checking with us. Luckily my photographer was sensible enough to exclude them from the pictures as much as possible.

At our reception, she went around complaining to our guests about how 'cheap' our wedding was. My husband's side was used to those typical church-and-banquet-hall weddings and ours was way different. But still, it was rude to talk smack all over someone else's wedding at their wedding.

The lodge had a hot tub on the property, and near the end of the night when people were starting to leave, she changed into her bathing suit and chilled in the hot tub. This was planned ahead of time because she thought to bring her bathing suit there. My husband and I don't really talk to her anymore."

Bad Behavior
Bad Behavior

"Ricky was a really close friend until at my wedding. He stood in front of my mum when we were cutting the cake and proceeded to give her the finger when she asked him to move over a little. Just after that, while my dad was taking photos of me and my wife cutting the cake, he kept nudging my dad's arm so he would get a shaky photo. My dad gave him a swift elbow to say stop, but then the dude stomped on my dad's foot. That was when my dad lost it and pushed him out of the door to my father-in-law, who then pushed him further outside to his brother who was a big guy and an ex-bouncer.

That guy picked him up by the collar and slapped him around the face a couple of times. Once he dropped him on the floor, cops were called because he wouldn't calm down. He had a night in the cells that night. I don't speak to him anymore."

Good MIL vs Bad MIL
Good MIL vs Bad MIL

"My mother-in-law (MIL) never RSVP'd, but rather texted the groom the day-of that she was coming. She showed up right as the ceremony was starting. We thought she wouldn't show at all by that point. Then at the restaurant reception, she ordered her food with the request that it be brought out quicker than everyone else's so she could eat it and catch a flight in two hours for her vacation.

Her ex-husband (the best father-in-law) made it clear that he would leave his card and no one else should try to pay for the meal.

My MIL literally said, 'Oh I'm such a dine and dash-er, getting this big meal paid for by him before my flight!'

She gobbled up her steak and potatoes and left before we could even place our orders.

For reference between good and evil, FIL wasn't even there to hear that comment because he had to take his new wife (awesome, bonus MIL) to the hospital because she broke her ankle helping me get ready that morning. That lady planned, organized, executed the entire wedding while having a hairline fracture and she did not complain once. It took her from 10 am until seven pm at the reception to call it quits and go to the hospital. FIL still insisted on going to the restaurant and leaving his card."

She Wanted To Be The Center Of The Attention
She Wanted To Be The Center Of The Attention

"My partner and I ended up doing a courthouse-type marriage. We did the papers, found someone to marry us, and went to her office to do it. The only people who were there were my ex-stepdad (I call him bonus dad), mom, aunt, uncle, and grandmother. My mom was my maid of honor, while my bonus dad was my partner's best man.

Right in the middle of our vows, my mom 'broke down' sobbing, interrupting everything. The woman was obviously trying to get the attention on her since she couldn't seem to stand not being in the middle of everything. We tried to continue over her 'sobbing' but she only started crying louder.

My aunt, being the amazing person she is, grabbed the ring from my mom and pushed her towards my uncle who pretty much dragged her outside. My aunt quickly announced she was the maid of honor now, which I was completely fine with and the vows carried on. After signing everything, my mom was just furious at me for 'letting your aunt do that.'

I just ignored her and went to the car."

Two Wedding Fails
Two Wedding Fails

"My first marriage didn't go very well. At the wedding, I had a rented tux on and I asked my new wife not to smear cake on me when we cut the cake because of that. Of course, when the time came, it wasn't just a cute smear of frosting or something like you'd see at most weddings, oh no, she full-on plastered me with cake and a mess of frosting and food coloring. I don't know what was worse, being angry and hurt and embarrassed when the whole room was watching or when people were pulling me aside later and apologizing for it when she and her parents were still laughing and making jokes about it a couple of hours later.

I thankfully remarried a great person years later, and we had a small ceremony that was very nice. Our photographer was taking pictures afterward before we were heading to the reception, and I had been talking to my dad when he started so he just took our picture together first.

My mom, being who she is, was incensed by not being first to get her picture taken when she wanted and proceeded to throw a fit and leave (my parents had been divorced for at least a decade or so prior to this).

Maybe a couple of minutes later, we were all lining up and getting family together for pictures, and when I couldn't find my mom I learned that she'd stormed off and left. On what would otherwise be one of the best days of my life, there'll always be that storm cloud of pettiness that she left behind because she couldn't handle putting one of her kids ahead of herself for ten minutes' worth of time."

"Trash Bin Of Honor"
"Trash Bin Of Honor"

"The ceremony went off without any problems and the maid of honor was actually a huge help with setting everything up and organizing most of the day. During the siesta hour, she got absolutely smashed and then punched her boyfriend in the face, then somehow convinced him he had been kicked out and had to leave. As soon as her boyfriend was out of the parking lot, she dragged one of my groomsmen to the bathroom to hook up with him.

Then she managed to get more wasted because she was tipping the bartender a lot. She then stumbled onto the dance floor during my wife's dance with her father. I managed to stop her before any real interruption happened to the dance, but she then tried to kiss me in front of everyone. I kinda pushed/dropped her and she hit the floor. She started crying hysterically.

My mother-in-law ran over and dragged her out of the reception hall all the while she was shrieking like a banshee because 'I threw her to the ground.'

Everything was good for around two hours while the trash bin of honor was nowhere to be seen until the owner of the golf course tapped me on the shoulder and asked to speak to me outside in private.

I went outside and saw her boyfriend had returned, who I didn't mind seeing there because I actually liked him, but his face looked panicked. He just started apologizing for something. I was pretty tipsy so it took me a few seconds to realize the tire marks all over the ninth green leading up to the golf cart that was about 90 percent submerged in the pond right beside the green. I wasn't too concerned about the maid of honor but unfortunately, she was still alive and thrashing around trying to get out of the pond.

I just laughed and told the owner I wasn't paying a single cent for any damages. I told them to stop serving her hours previous and to call the police and have her charged for destroying the green and driving the cart into the pond. Surprisingly he was very understanding of my point of view and we worked together to get everything sorted out.

She ended up owing him just over 15 grand. Her parents just paid for all of it, while she went on a 'soul searching adventure' in Asia. Despite all this, my wedding was still the most amazing day of my life and my wife actually thought most of what happened was pretty funny in a Jerry Springer dumpster donkey kind of way."

Three Pricks
Three Pricks

"I have three different ones. First, my mother refused to wear the color that I asked her to wear, which my mother-in-law and all my bridesmaids wore and which matched my table decorations. Instead, she wore a sparkly silver sequined gown that had the express purpose of upstaging the bride (me).

Then my sister-in-law threw a hissy fit because when we went into a small room with the Rabbi for a blessing, but only the wedding party was allowed to come. It was supposed to be intimate and a small, hence the small room. Since my sister-in-law couldn't come, she didn't let her husband who was a groomsman (my husband's brother) come either and made a big noisy stink about it.

Third, my husband's cousin somehow got the band to honor her for her birthday with a long speech and a special dance for her and her husband even though it was also my cousin's birthday, my best friend's anniversary and it was my wedding, not her birthday party.

Overall my wedding was magnificent but they were definitely three pricks there."

Family Pictures Minus The Bride
Family Pictures Minus The Bride

"After the ceremony, we were taking group pics with both families.

After a couple of pictures, my mother-in-law started walking around loudly proclaiming, 'Can we get a picture with just the close family, please?'

My husband and I were like sure, but then she kept saying it over and over again. Until finally I realized she wanted a picture without me in it but was just being passive-aggressive about it.

So finally I was like, 'Do you want me to move?'

And she said, 'Yeah that would be great! I've been meaning to get some family pictures done and this is the perfect location.'

She continued to get a million pictures of her (she's my husband's stepmom), her kids, and their families, and my husband and his brothers while I was just standing off to the side awkwardly.

Then came Christmas, she had the audacity to send my parents a Christmas card using one of the pictures of just them from the wedding with a little 'from our family to yours' line."


"My sister's wedding was a bit over the top but beautiful; it was in a castle in the south of France, need I say more. She had this group of friends who all put some money in an envelope as a present.

One girl, the new girlfriend of one of the boys, said something like, 'I don't have a lot to give, so I feel embarrassed to put my participation in front of you.'

So she took the envelope in the loo and added her money there, away from 'judging' eyes.

Yep, you guessed it, she took more than 500 euros from the envelope. They only found out when one of those friends asked, weeks later, if the newlyweds had enjoyed the 1,000 euro during the honeymoon. The girl's excuse was that she was planning her own wedding and could just afford a city hall affair. And it was so unfair my sister had such a great venue."

Uninvited Guest
Uninvited Guest

"It was my husband's best friend's mom, who was not invited but showed up anyway. She also brought a bunch of small children with her when it was explicitly a no-kids, no-exceptions wedding.

Then she tried to sit at the same table as me and take pictures of me while I was eating. She loudly criticized one of the caterers because she thought she saw him put a used spoon into a buffet dish which he didn't.

My mom, who is pretty blunt, straight up asked her, 'Who are you and why are you here? I personally addressed all the invitations and I know we didn't invite you.'

To which she replied, 'Well my son needed a ride!'

My mom told her to leave, which was so unbelievably awkward, but she left without making more of a scene."

A Blast From The Past
A Blast From The Past

"My friend got super wasted and gave a speech during the ceremony where she was apparently 'channeling' my dead mom, whom she had never even met.

She ended up saying how 'proud' my mom was of me. Then later, during the actual reserved time for speeches, she again, uninvited, shared the story of when I met my husband and how I actually wasn't interested in him because I was actually trying to hook up with his friend at the time. She didn't say 'trying to hook up' but she may as well have.

It was totally true but did she have to announce it to my entire group of wedding guests? What a nightmare! We are not friends anymore."

Sales Pitch
Sales Pitch

"This man came up to the head table and stated, 'You don't know me, do you?'

I didn't.

He said, 'I'm your aunt's husband.'

I hadn't seen my aunt in years and this was her latest husband. He then proceeded to pull a couple of cans of some energy drinks out and gave my husband and me a sales pitch, asking if we'd invest in the company. Apparently, his trunk was full of cases of the stuff.

My photographer got a photo of the cans, thinking we had brought them for ourselves. When we told her the story, she was crying with laughter over the whole debacle."

First Dance Gone Wrong
First Dance Gone Wrong

"I love my aunt, but she scrapped our planned DJ for a live band without telling us. Needless to say, a Skynyrd cover band was not what I had in mind for my wedding. And I love me some Skynyrd.

We gave them a CD with our song on it. After a few minutes and then realizing they didn't have the equipment to play our song, they just started playing something random. I still have no clue what song we shared our first dance as a married couple to."