Why is it some parents think they and their kids should be able to do whatever they want? Their kids are no different from everybody else, and no one wants to deal with such entitled behavior. Just ask these people, who took to Reddit to share their woes!

Here's a round-up of the top stories about entitled parents from Reddit. Enjoy!

It's Not Her Wedding!
It's Not Her Wedding!

"As I kid, I would often be working at my dad's workplace; he was an off-premise caterer and an event planner, and would often be hired to put together lavish wedding parties. Huge feasts, cheese and fruit tables 40 feet long, lots of drinks, sometimes multiple pigs for both an afternoon and an evening roast, lots of fancy people wanting fancy parties, paying a ton of money, and expecting the world to revolve around them.

One event, in particular, stood out to me. This was when the bride-to-be and her mother came in to go over details for the wedding. During the conversation, they had some rather heated disagreements over some really, really stupid things. My dad would just sit there quietly, not taking sides, and patiently waited for the pair to work out the differences. However, one argument came to an interesting and final conclusion.

The mother of the bride was arguing about the specific shade the decorative ribbons and icing trim on the cake should be. Up until that point, she had proven herself incapable of letting her daughter have the final say in anything. This ranged from the menu to the plate garnishes, to the time the meal was to start. The mother was insisting that she have her way on everything, as though it was her wedding. The daughter was gritting her teeth and just grinding through it, but when her mother started to fuss about the exact shade of off-light-green-no-that's-too-light-no-that's-too-dark, the bride snapped.

She loudly and firmly stated, 'Mother, if you don't knock it off right this instant I am going to disinvite you from the wedding. This is my day and while I value your input, the decisions will be mine.'

She then turned to my dad, looked him squarely in the eyes, and said, 'I will be signing your check, you work for me. Nothing is decided until I say so. If my mother tries to plan or change anything you are to call me immediately. I do not expect you will have any problems with that.'

My dad simply said, 'Not at all,' and they got back to planning the wedding."

"A Grossly Unfair Accusation"
"A Grossly Unfair Accusation"

"Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my older brother. He told me that my mom has miscarried. This is hardly surprising, as she's in her 40s. I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. My siblings' lives would not be worsened by my parents' insistence on adding another mouth to feed on an already tight budget. My sister would not be asked to give up her inheritance so they could have money for their new baby.

My brother told me my mom had been crying, and while I did feel bad for her, I was still glad to hear about the miscarriage. I feel like we all dodged a huge bullet. My brother asked me to move back in for a while, to help comfort my mom. I told him I wasn't going to move in because my college would reopen in a few days, and I was done with all the family drama. However, I did agree to come to visit my mom, if only out of courtesy.

In the evening, I went over to my parents' place. I took chocolate chip muffins for my mom, which I know she likes. My sister greeted me at the door and told me mom had been in bed all day. After greeting my dad, I went into their bedroom. My mom was sitting up on the bed. I told her I was sorry about what happened and placed the muffins on the bedside table. She looked at me angrily, then threw the muffins at me. She screamed at me that she had 'lost her baby' because of me, she said I had caused her stress and it's what caused her to miscarry. She said I was probably glad her baby was dead (Which is true, but of course I didn't point that out). She called me a witch and said I had wished this upon her. She was screaming so loudly, all my siblings and my dad came rushing to the bedroom.

She yelled at me to get out. I did. I hugged my older brother and sister. Before I left, my dad told me my mom was right, that my 'cruelty' caused her to miscarry. I told him that was a grossly unfair accusation and reminded him that at mom's age, it was quite common to miscarry. Then I walked out.

I'm so done with my parents and their stupidity. I can only hope they won't try for another kid."

She Wasn't Getting The Hint
She Wasn't Getting The Hint

"I am currently pregnant with my first child, and both my mom and stepdad have been terrible to my partner and me the entire time. They told us we would be unfit parents because we aren't married yet, and legitimately screamed at my partner for 'knocking up their little girl' even though we planned the pregnancy. They would call him every day and harass him and even showed up to his work. They tried to convince him to leave me so I would have no choice but to move back in with them. It got worse as time went on.

I finally decided to cut contact with them. Having a child can already be a stressful time, and having them around to make it worse was not something I was okay with. My partner and I have gone through a lot with family drama the past couple of years and having this baby has been one of the most exciting things for us. If my parents can't be nice to my partner then they don't get to see our baby.

One day, I sent my mom a very detailed email of why she was not allowed to be a part of my life anymore, and would not be seeing her grandchild. To make things even better, I also noted that we will be moving across the country shortly after she was born to be closer to other family members.

So not only is she cut off, but we are literally moving far away and never coming back.

She responded by showing up at our house at 11 pm, screaming outside our door about how it is her baby and she deserves to be there for it. I told her to get bent, and eventually, she leaves.

Months went by, and she would text me randomly asking about technical problems with her Wi-Fi router or something and needed help. Little things like that don't mean much to me, and I would send her the info she needed. My cousin also had a virtual baby shower and sent my invitation to my mom's house accidentally, so my mom came by to give it to me. Things slowly came to a point that we were fairly amicable with each other, but I still stood my ground about our boundaries and nothing else had changed. She knew this.

Then she sends me a video today that blew my mind. She redecorated her entire guest room to be a nursery. Crib, changing table, $400 worth of newborn clothes, toy chest, stroller, a car seat for her car, and the list goes on.

In the video, she is in tears saying, 'Oh my god, I can't believe my baby is going to be here soon! This is where she will sleep, where I will change her little diapers, these will be her toys.'

Is she psychotic!? HER baby?? Sleeping and living at HER house?? What!?

So I called her up immediately, and I reiterated that we are still moving across the country soon and that she will have no contact with the baby before that. Her response? 'Oh okay, we will see about that!'

Genuinely confused. What part of, 'you will have no contact with this baby' does she not understand or thinks will change in the next few weeks when she is born? Is she planning on stealing her from us? I am at a loss for words."

"We Don't Want Or Need You"
"We Don't Want Or Need You"

"So I’m a 20-year-old female. I am a dog groomer. Been one for four, almost five years. The big thing in dog grooming is reputation, quality, and time management. Yesterday, we were expecting a girl to come in at 10 to try out as a dog groomer. She was promising. She was around 23 or 25 years old. Worked as a dog groomer at other places, so I had high hopes. She didn’t show till 4:30. No call. No nothing. She apparently had a hair appointment and friends from out of town came in, so they got their nails done. She asked if she could groom now. I said no. I don’t think so.

When she pressed, I said 'I might be rude for saying this, but we don’t want or need you. There’s no need to reschedule your try out.' I went back to get my last two dogs done. Apparently, she cried and I was starting to feel bad.

Now comes 'Entitled Mother' time. Her mom came in this morning, demanding we give her a second chance.

I told her, 'Your daughter was six and a half hours late. That’s not something that works in dog grooming.'

Entitled Mother replied, 'She was with friends. I’d think someone your age would understand that.'

Looking at her right in the eyes, I said, 'not when there’s a job interview. She didn’t call or anything.'

At this point, I was ticked and over it. I had five dogs to get done. She said, 'Well there was no reason to make her cry!'

I said I disagreed and got back to work. Apparently, she stayed up there and demanded we give her another shot. As the head dog groomer, I said not going to happen. She left eventually saying her daughter was too good for us."

A Major Invasion Of Privacy
A Major Invasion Of Privacy

"In healthcare, one of the most difficult things to deal with are family members of patients. They are understandably angry, upset, grieving, devastated, and often feel helpless. Most of the time, I try to understand this and not get too annoyed when family cause problems. But these parents were on another level

One of my patients was an 18-year-old woman who had a pelvic infection. She got very sick and required a moderate stay in the hospital. She was a dream patient - open, honest, and generally a lovely person. Her parents were... none of these things.

Every day, they would come in and start demanding this that or the other thing from the nurses on the wards. They wanted an extra bed in the room, so the mother could stay overnight (Honestly, with these insane times, you're lucky you're even allowed to visit, in many places no visitors are allowed. You can't stay overnight). They were rude to the student nurse who was doing their daughter's observations to the point that the charge nurse moved the student nurse to a different set of patients to get her away from them. But when the doctors were around, they were the sweetest people you ever met, right up until we were out of sight (or we said no to one of their 'requests'). They were disruptive, loud, and just generally obnoxious people.

Thankfully their daughter was aware of their horrible behavior and had informed us that she didn't want them to be told anything about her condition unless she approved it. She was a legal adult, so she was entitled to her privacy. This wasn't a huge issue, to begin with, as she shared most of the details with them. But then her mother googled pelvic infections and discovered that gasp sometimes they can be caused by intimate relationships between adults dramatic music intensifies. As far as she was then concerned, we had messed up and gotten the diagnosis wrong. Clearly, there was no way there was any possibility that her angel had even thought of sleeping with a boy. They demanded to see their daughter's medical records so they could prove that we were lying about the infection.

Politely telling them to get bent was the highlight of my week.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it. They came in the next day with legal papers trying to demand we hand over the medical records. Turns out they'd lied to the lawyer because the papers were for a minor still under the guardianship of the parents, not a grown-up woman. They then threatened to sue each of us individually (This isn't America, you can't just sue doctors randomly). They then tried to get some crackpot alternative doctor in to check her hymen. Thankfully the daughter screamed bloody murder when the guy tried to examine her, which resulted in me getting to watch security remove the lot of them off the premises.

I honestly hope she presses charge for that."

"Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Heck Yes!"
"Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Heck Yes!"

"I was grocery shopping and decided to pick up a few bars of chocolates. That's when I heard the ear-piercing scream of what can only be an entitled kid. He looked like he was somewhere between five and six years of age. He began to violently pull on his mother's arm, pointing at my chocolate bars and yelling at her to buy him some.

EM (Entitled Mom): 'Did you have to pick that up in front of him?'

Me: 'Ummm. ...What???'

EM: 'Can't you see its upsetting my child?'

Me: 'Well that's not really my problem.'

EM: (In between trying to get her demon spawn to act like a human being)'You need to put them back. My son only started demanding chocolates when he saw you take them. Just put them back. Now! You can get some later. You shouldn't make kids jealous!'

I just smiled at her and approached the chocolate shelves. But instead of putting them back, I actually took a few more. It earned me a death glare from EM, and earned EM another round of tantrums from EK.

Petty? Yes.

Satisfying? Heck yes!"

Her Own Parents Didn't Even Care
Her Own Parents Didn't Even Care

"This happened when I was 15. A boy in my neighborhood would often catcall me and try to grab me. He was around my age. I had told him to leave me alone, I had even complained to his parents, but to no avail. When I told my parents about it, they just told me to ignore him.

One day, when I was walking home from school, he caught up with me. As usual, he made some filthy comments about my body, things he would do to me, etc. I walked faster in an attempt to lose him. I just wanted to get home. But he grabbed my arm and lifted my skirt, exposing my underwear.

I freaking lost it. I began punching and kicking him with all my strength and with all the rage that had been building up inside me. I didn't stop until someone pulled me off of him. It was his mother. She screamed at me for hurting her 'little boy,' and told me she would be speaking to my parents. I said 'fine' and walked home. I knew it would get ugly that evening, but his blood on my knuckles made me feel a little better.

That evening when my parents got home, his mother, 'Karen,' was already waiting beside our front door. Apparently, she had been messaging my parents all day, telling them about the beating. She berated them again in person. The 'boys will be boys' defense was used.

Here's the fun part. My parents actually apologized to her and promised her they would discipline me. When she left, I told them my side of the story, but my dad just repeated what he had said earlier: that I should have ignored him. And, the icing on the cake, he told me if I didn't want to draw the attention of boys, I should lengthen my skirts. Never mind the fact that I had pretty much been assaulted. My mom told me to grow up and be more 'lady-like,' instead of getting into fights with boys.

My two brothers who are younger than me were much more sympathetic. My 13-year-old brother said he'd get his friends to gang up on him if he ever came near me. Thankfully, it never came to that. The coward never harassed me again. I guess getting beaten up by a girl can really kill a misogynist's confidence."

"Wasn't A Woman's Place"
"Wasn't A Woman's Place"

"My boyfriend's father recently announced that he plans to retire in a few months, and hand over the reins of his company to his right hand, i.e. his daughter and my boyfriend's sister, 'Shania' (name changed). She has been working with him for over a decade and has played a pivotal role in growing the company. She's an astute business person and everyone agrees that she is the ideal candidate for the job.

Everyone except my boyfriend's paternal uncle, 'Entitled Uncle,' and his wife, 'Entitled Aunt.' When they heard about this, they were 'horrified.' How dare his brother put a woman in charge of his business? How could they overlook their son (my boyfriend's cousin), who was obviously more qualified for the job, by virtue of having male body parts! They didn't say it in so many words but this is pretty much the gist of it.

The uncle's son was denied a job at the company years ago on account of his erratic behavior and general horribleness. Back then, the uncle insisted that his son should just be handed a cushy job at the company simply because he was family. Now the uncle had the gall to expect his brother to make him in charge of the company when he steps down. His reasoning is that only a man should inherit the family business and that it just 'wasn't a woman's place.'

The uncle actually seemed way more upset about his niece getting the job than he was about his son not getting it. He and his wife kept repeating the same nonsense about how it was a huge mistake to put a woman in charge when male members of the family were available. My boyfriend's dad tried to explain to them why Shania was suitable for the job, and the Entitled Uncle and Entitled Aunt's son wasn't. However, it's notoriously difficult to reason with ignorant and stupid people. They refused to listen and actually suggested my boyfriend's dad take their son under his wing and teach him. Because 'he's so smart and he can learn really fast. He'll run the company way better than Shania, you'll see!' Also, 'since your son (i.e., my boyfriend) isn't 'man enough' to be your heir, you should give our son a chance.'

They kept making ridiculous arguments like, 'What about when she gets married? She'll change her surname!'

My boyfriend's dad tried to explain to them that whether she gets married and changes her surname or not is entirely her decision. And if she does, how on Earth would it affect her business acumen and leadership skills?

When my boyfriend's dad and sister shut them down, they changed tactics. Yesterday evening, my boyfriend received a call from his aunt. She went on an insane rant about how my boyfriend's dad didn't know what he was doing. She then tried to provoke my boyfriend. She told him since he was the son, it was his natural right to succeed his father and he shouldn't let his sister rob him of it. My boyfriend told her to never dial his number again and hung up.

These horrible people knew very well that my boyfriend has never been interested in his dad's business. But I guess since THEIR son wasn't getting to run the company, they decided to try to provoke a feud between my boyfriend and his sister because they're the kind of sad, bitter little brats who just cannot see other people happy."

Well, That Backfired
Well, That Backfired

"When my husband was 14, he was living with his mom and sister on a housing estate. It was summer, and he liked a bit of light in his upstairs bedroom, so he left the curtains open at all times. That included when he was getting dressed and after having a shower, so if you purposefully stared at his window you could only see him from his waist up.

Well, their neighbor did not like that one bit. She went pounding on their door, yelling at my mother-in-law that her son was a disgrace, hanging around always undressed and exposing himself to her daughter (same age as him). My mother-in-law told her he had every right to do whatever he wanted in his bedroom, and that if they didn't want to see him all they needed to do was not to look.

A couple of days went by and lo and behold, the police showed up at their door. Turned out the neighbor had been filming and taking pictures of my boyfriend to show to the housing people as evidence of his wrongdoing to get them kicked out. Except that the housing office called the police on her for taking pictures and videos of an underage kid, and kicked her and her family out."

"Yeah, Don't Do That"
"Yeah, Don't Do That"

"My crazy entitled aunt had an annoying habit (one of her many annoying habits) to just storm in when I was changing my clothes. The door would be closed and if it wasn't locked, she would just let herself in. My protests that I may be in a state of undress fell on deaf ears. As did any insistence that she knocked before entrance, like a civilized human being.

The following incidents happened when I was either 18 or 19. My aunt and her husband were over for a visit. I was in my room changing my clothes. My bedroom door had a small defect, it wouldn't lock properly. So anytime it was closed, my dad, stepmom, and step-brother would either knock or ask if they could come in.

Not Entitled Aunt, of course. She considered herself above such frivolous courtesies. She could come into rooms as she saw fit, and mere mortals would just have to live with it. Unfortunately for her, this mere mortal had had enough of her privacy being invaded.

My top was off when I heard the door begin to creak open. I yelled, 'I'M CHANGING. WAIT OUTSIDE!'

As expected, Entitled Aunt didn't listen to me. She was about to stick her head in when I swiftly reached the door, pulled it back a little and slammed it hard into aunt's thick skull. Not enough to crack her skull but enough to hurt.

Entitled Aunt let out a howl that instantly brought a smile to my face. She went downstairs whining. I followed. She yelled at my dad about what I had done. My dad and uncle (aunt's husband) were drinking at the time and were uncharacteristically chilled.

Dad just looked at her, then looked at me and said something like, 'Yeah.....don't do that.'

My uncle just burst out laughing, as if his wife getting her head banged was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

Such dismissal of her grievances was too much to bear for my aunt. She demanded that they leave immediately. My uncle told her he was in no condition to drive. Besides, he and my dad were going to watch a cricket match, so leaving was out of the question.

Entitled Aunt dialed my cousin's number, believing wholeheartedly that her son would come to her aid. But judging from her end of the conversation, my cousin was out with his friends and wasn't going to drive all the way over to deal with her stupid self. He even asked why couldn't she just stop getting into unnecessary squabbles.

At this point, Entitled Aunt had no options left. She just sat down on the couch while holding against her head the ice pack my stepmom had brought for her. Her anger was boiling over but was completely ignored by my 'happy' dad and uncle."

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