Sometimes lust can cloud your better judgement. These men share times their seemingly amazing girlfriend turned out to be a creepy, crazy, or downright terrifying. Stories edited for clarity.

Bad Mother
Bad Mother

"When I was in my early 20s, I had a friends with benefits type of thing with a woman in her late 30s with two daughters. Nothing serious because of the age gap, but I thought she was attractive.

Eventually, she wanted a relationship, I didn't. So she said if we're in a relationship, I can have her older daughter (16) too. For her younger daughter (12), she's too young now, but in two years I can have her too. No other women, though.

I blocked her and never contacted her again after that."

She Seemed Normal
She Seemed Normal

"I hooked up with this girl one night and she seemed normal.

But every time I met her after that something was off. It seemed like she had a different personality each time, a lot of things she said didn’t follow the conversation and her expressions didn’t really do what they should (for example watching a horror movie she said the death scenes made her get excited). One night I’m passing her room at like 3am and see she's just sitting there staring at her tv while it’s off. I knock and I ask her what’s up and she looks at me weird and says she’s watching a show. I hadn’t talked to her in a while and then one day this girls says that she texted her saying I had trapped her in her room. I told my friend about it and apparently she texted multiple people on different days claiming I was kidnapping her or something. Prior to this She told me she wasn’t allowed to own a weapon due to a history of depression, but the more I spoke to her, the more I think something else was going on."

The Blanket Was The Last Straw
The Blanket Was The Last Straw

"So when I was in my early twenties, I got out of a two-and-a-half year relationship where we lived together, and it was a ROUGH breakup. My ex was sleeping with another dude in our apartment while I was still staying in the other room. Good times :/

So there was this girl I started seeing as a rebound. She was someone I’d met at a festival a few years prior and we’d kept in touch on and off as friends, but she messaged me out of the blue within a couple weeks of the break-up. It’d been a couple years; I always had a crush on her, so I didn’t talk to her out of respect for my ex when I wasn’t single. I’m in VA and she was in NY going to school (Drama at NYU - FORESHADOWING!). We just kept talking more and more, and it culminated in my recently-liberated self driving up there within a week, and we were tearing each other’s clothes off within five minutes of meeting up. Had a fun weekend, then went back to normal life. We would still talk, and I ended up going up to see her a couple more times within a couple months. I wasn’t seeing anybody else, but it was pretty casual.

Eventually she wanted more and was starting to get really clingy and possessive, and that gets really toxic really quick when things are long distance, and I could feel myself starting to build up some resentment towards her because of this. So even though I wasn’t really interested in sleeping with anyone else or anything, I realized I did not get out of a toxic relationship to jump into an unnecessary long distance one that was starting to require a ton of work and need constant attention. So I called her to break it off.

She... didn’t take it well. She absolutely LOST IT on the phone. I ended up just keeping things short after our initial conversation - ‘I’m really sorry about this, but I’ve thought a lot about it now, and this is my decision, goodbye’ basically and I got off the phone. I felt bad, but I took a deep breath and was relieved it was over. Wrong.

About ten minutes later, I get a call and let it go to voicemail. It’s her MOM, who I hadn’t even met yet. She called her and told her I broke her heart, and her mom is calling me and asking me to explain myself to her so that she can better comfort her daughter. Obviously I don’t call her back, but what in the world?

The next couple weeks are when things really go off the rails. I start getting stuff in the mail. Packages of mix CDs, food, letters. Some of the letters are like ten pages long and are filled with all this crazy stream-of-consciousness writing. The handwriting changes throughout, which really creeps me out - like it’ll just switch font or style completely, like she started writing with the other hand. I read a couple of them, but decide not to continue. Every single day for eighteen days I have mail from her. My roommate (I was able to move in with a friend before initially going to NY) is bewildered by it all too.

The final straw is the blanket. On the eighteenth day since our breakup, I get a biiiig box in the mail. It’s this enormous hand-knitted blanket she’s made for me. It’s like 6’ x 9’ and must’ve taken her eighty hours to make. If that wasn’t overkill enough, she sprayed her perfume all over it and it’s covered in her hair. Like she wanted me to miss her on an olfactory level.

Nope nope nope.

So I email her and was basically very sternly like ‘this has to stop, now. I understand that you’re upset but I’m really bothered by this. I’m very sorry for hurting you, but this is the last time I’ll say it. Stop contacting me.’

I never heard from her again after that.

I’m definitely not totally without fault in this - in some ways I probably led her on, and if I went through something like this now (in my early 30s), I would definitely communicate better my parameters for starting something new. I also probably just wouldn’t get involved with someone that’s emotionally immature like that, but sometimes you just don’t know until you know. But sheesh... that was my experience that having someone be obsessed with you is not in fact fun, charming, or flattering."

I'm Not Crazy Anymore
I'm Not Crazy Anymore

"My neighbor who was like my second mother emailed me while I was deployed and asked if her niece who was about my age could interview me for a veteran’s day project she was doing as she was a journalism major. I agreed to it and she gave my email to her niece and we began corresponding. Well, eventually we get chummy (I was lonely) and we just shoot the breeze for the final few months I was overseas. When I got back to the states, per her insistence, we exchanged phone numbers. She was cute, but I wasn’t exactly crushing on her. I was already really crushing on this other girl.

I come home on leave and my neighbor insists we all get together for pizza and she and I meet. Nothing weird, she seems very charming, but again, I’m hardcore crushing on this other girl. This girl asks me at some point if I want to come visit her for a weekend. Like stay at her parents house with her and her parents and her sisters. This is an awkward situation and I try to let her down gently. I tell her I already made plans and she FLIPS OUT. She starts screaming at me that she already called off work, told all her friends and her family that I was coming and basically guilt tripped me into this really awkward weekend visit.

Meeting her parents was the most awkward thing ever. I got the idea almost immediately that they were walking on eggshells with her. Like they were afraid if they said or did anything to upset her that she would have a crisis.

I think it was the second evening I was there she tried (and succeeded) to sleep with me. She sat on my lap, told me I could kiss her, and then proceeded to stick her tongue down my throat. I mean, I was turned on and enjoying it (I hadn’t had any kind of intimate contact with a woman for 15 months) but in the back of my head I knew this was bad, she was not emotionally stable. She told me she wanted to make love to me and I said that it wasn’t a good idea and then she started to pleasure me. I suppose I didn’t resist too terribly hard, but I did tell her no. And well, that’s all she wrote, we made love.

I woke up the next morning on the couch in her basement and she was sitting on the couch parallel to me just staring at me silently with a GIGANTIC plate of eggs. She forced me to eat them and it resulted in instant diarrhea. So the weekend was over and I drove back to my family’s place feeling absolutely ashamed of myself.

That afternoon she was texting me about coming to visit me in Alaska (where I was stationed) and she was ready to buy her plane ticket and reserve a cabin. I kept trying to tell her that I didn’t know what my training schedule was like and that she should reconsider and that spring wouldn’t be as warm as she thought. But she kept insisting.

Anyhow, one morning months later she called me to say that I gave her gonorrhea of the throat (She had undiagnosed strep throat for a few weeks and I had no STDs) and proceeded to scream at me for five minutes until I hung up on her. Then she called me back crying saying it was her period that made her so crazy. Then a few weeks later she called me and threatened suicide and I had to talk her off that ledge and asked her to put her sister on the phone because I couldn’t just leave her alone nor stay on the phone with her. We slowly stopped talking after that. Every few months I’d get an email about how she changed her medication and was doing better and we slowly stopped talking.

This all happened in 07-08. Fast forward to about 2 summers ago and her cousin, my neighbor’s (her aunt) daughter has graduated high school and I just happen to be home for the weekend. I said I’d be there for her party and it didn’t even occur to me that she might be present until I got in the car headed out that way. Sure enough, she was. I could feel her burning a hole in my back with her eyes the entire time. Did I mention she got even hotter? Well, I was mingling with some of my old neighbors and talking to my neighbor’s kids who are now teenagers and even in their early 20s and I turn around and there she is. I haven’t talked to her in darn near a decade and she cornered me and I thought I was going to get stabbed or shot in some spectacular murder-suicide and all she said to me was, 'I just want you to know I’m not crazy anymore' and then turned around and left. That scared the absolute daylights out of me."

It Almost Ruined His Life
It Almost Ruined His Life

"This happened to a guy at my high school.

He was with this girl (same school/age-17) for 2 months ish and they slept together at a house party at her insistence. Next day people started making jokes and bringing it up and it very quickly spread around the school.

So she accused him of forcing her to sleep with him and then when people came forward and said she was the one who initiated it, changed the story to him pressuring her into it.

I remember he almost got suspended at one point because her parents got the police involved but this guy was one of the nicest guys in the entire school and no one would believe it actually happened. In the end it only actually made people distance themselves from her.

I don't know if she dropped it or if the police weren't willing to look into it because no witnesses agreed with her version of what happened, but it got dropped after a month and she dropped out of school due to emotional distress. Came out later the whole thing was made up like we all thought."

You're Putting That Where?
You're Putting That Where?

"I had a small gathering recently at my apartment, my girlfriend was bringing one of her friends for my housemate and her friend had a friend with her. The friend, we’ll call her Abby, was totally crazy. Towards the beginning of the night she was quiet, reserved and generally pleasant. By the time she had some adult beverages in her, she was completely different. She kept going on about how she always drinks with the boys and none of us could keep up with her. She just kept getting worse and worse, but claiming she was sober and wanted to get more and more inebriated. Half way through the evening she gets the idea she’ll shove adult beverage soaked tampons up her bottom. The thing was everyone was slowing down, my housemate and my girlfriends friend had decided to go to his room and me and my girlfriend were outside smoking and talking. She wouldn’t leave us alone, from body language I’m sure anyone could deduce we were having a pretty intimate moment, and she had set a 20 minute timer to remind her to break up what was going on in my housemates bedroom. As soon as that timer went off she was straight in there. After more adult beverage soaked tampons, and having her take the pillows off my bed for a pillow fight I eventually had to tell her to leave."

Her Own Dog!
Her Own Dog!

"Oh yeah. More than a couple times, the thing is that the more attractive the girl is the more we tend to be able to overlook. Back in my university days, there was this insanely hot red head I met in one of my classes. She was smoking hot, probably the most attractive women I've ever been with. She was a solid 9-10/10 and she even showed interest in me. Took me a long time to realize that my closest friends who thought she was absolutely crazy weren't just jealous, they actually might have been on to something. The intimacy was great, it was on tap, anytime, anywhere, any way and maybe that blinded me. I go in to take a final in one of my classes, after it was over I went outside and turned my phone on again. Something like 40 missed calls, 20 texts. I won't regurgitate the voice messages or texts, except the last text. It was a picture of her hanging her dog from a tree with her belt. Her own dog, keep in mind this was a dog she had cared for since high school."

A Wild Night Gone Wrong
A Wild Night Gone Wrong

"I was on my first ever night out for a mutual friends 21st (I was 18 at the time) and just getting inebriated and dancing with my friends (we were all huge nerds so this was a rare occasion). As we're dancing, my friend bumps me and nods his head behind me where this rather attractive redhead is trying to dance with me. I'm inebriated enough to have no more anxiety and dance back with her (I had never had any physical interaction with a woman before) and eventually we dance enough that I kiss her. It goes great and we spend a lot of the night making out and talking, exchanged numbers etc.

Eventually I go to the bathroom and leave my drink with her and come back and continue dancing and making out. Once I start drinking my drink again she starts incessantly begging me to come back to her place to which I respond with 'No' every time as I'm there for my friends and enjoying myself. My friends also tell me to go. Eventually I lost my friends and she convinced me to take her home and I walked her to the front door of the HOTEL she was staying at and as she begs me to come upstairs 'just for cuddles' I start feeling woozy and text my friend saying to call me and make up an emergency. He does and I leave her at her doorstep and somehow eventually make my way back to my friends after passing out on the way and throwing up. It's all a bit hazy.

When I finally find my friends I have like 37 missed calls from her and when I answer the next one she says the building is on fire and she needs me to come rescue her and her friend. Second time I answer she says her friend bought home 2 guys and they're trying to take advantage of her?? And the 3rd and final time I answer she yells at me for making her so excited and leaving her at her doorstep to which my gay friend takes my phone and lays into her before hanging up.

This was during a very dark period of my life, and has contributed to a lot of trauma and mistrust in me, which I'm still working through 3 and a half years later."

Leavin' On A Jetplane
Leavin' On A Jetplane

"Not me but my old roommate. He met and started dating this girl and she stayed with us for what was supposed to be two months. Two weeks pass, and I never saw her in person. One morning I leave late and she’s in the kitchen cooking, with all the lights off and blinds closed. I say good morning and she responds, while looking at whatever she’s cooking, never turned around to see me. We exchanged a couple of sentences and I leave. I call my roommate and say, 'Yo this girl give me bad vibes, she in the kitchen no lights. She cray cray!!!' He thought I was full of it, until I came home with a key lock for my bedroom door from Home Depot. A week passed and he’s annoyed by this girl and wants her gone, so he makes an excuse about needing to leave the state, and she's like 'I don’t believe you, I think you don’t want me here. I’m not leaving until I have proof you are leaving the state.' He’s freaking out now, because she’s serious about not leaving the apartment so he and I make a fake plane ticket by editing the code elements from one of my old plane ticket emails. Then she books her flight for same day as the ticket, so we had to make a new ticket for him to show another day because her plan was to go through security at airport together and wait with him at his terminal gate. New plan worked, perfectly except he had to keep up the lie about being in another state for about a week. So I would ask him 'Hey man, how the weather in ?'.

I thought about why he didn't just ask her to leave directly. Keep in mind, he wanted her gone one week after what I said, because of other red flags and noticed she doesn’t react as an adult to normal situations. She would pout or throw tantrums if things didn’t go her way even if it was the smallest thing in the world, according to him. We were in apartment complex and didn’t know how she would take being asked to leave directly, based on the way he claimed she already acted when things didn’t go her way, who knows what would have happen."

A Cursed Love
A Cursed Love

"Yeah man my ex in high school was a glorified psychopath.

She was cute, I was head over heels for her. First love. She came onto me, made the first move and everything, I was honestly shocked and flattered.

About a month of dating she broke up with me because she, in her words, 'has this curse that she can’t stay with a guy more than a month.'

I was heartbroken, didn’t take it well and was left very confused. Another couple months go by she was going after a few of my friends being very flirty, I didn’t take that well either.

After a while goes by she wants to date again. I took her back (stupidly) because I just couldn’t get over her. That’s when everything really fell apart.

Every day was she was a different person. She was happy as can be one day, next day she hated everything and treated me like garbage, next day stone faced and stoic, etc etc. several months enduring this. It really messed with my head. I started acting out at home more and not caring about school because I thought I was causing her to act like this and thought I was the reason for her problems.

When we talked on the phone at night her dad (also a psycho) would listen to our conversations on the phone and butt in randomly (big red flag, but I dealt with it because I loved her).

Eventually we had a big fight and broke up for good. I got out thankfully before I REALLY started to lose my mind.

I hear a story later on that she dated another guy, he wanted to breakup, she didn’t. She broke into his family’s home, grabbed a knife and slit her wrists and left herself bleeding out in their kitchen until they came home.

Thank Christ that didn’t happen when I was dating her.

She now has married an idiot from high school, has one kid (another on the way) and they straight up ditched everything and moved to Alaska.

To this day she still messed me up pretty good mentally. A lot of things I wish I did and didn’t do, but I learned from it and hopefully will get all of this out of my head.

But I am happily married now to a wonderful girl who understands me, treats me well, has a good head on her shoulders and loves me so much. A lot of good came from the experience. It was still a hellish nightmare at the time but things got a lot better afterward."

I'm A Witch
I'm A Witch

"Met this chick. Literal Instagram model out in Cali. I was so hyped to hang out with her. She came by my place and smoked a few times. From the jump I had an off feeling about her. Her stories didn’t add up. She was hot so I ignored it. She said she never did magic mushrooms but wanted to try it so I got some and headed to her place. We make some tea and take it. Let me back track a little bit-- she always came off as one of those new-age spiritual girls. She was always talking about energies and auras and stuff. Anyways we’re going through her YouTube and a bunch of her recommended videos were of conspiracy theories like Obama is an alien or mkultra. Lmaooo I tried to ignore it but She brought it up and said wholeheartedly Obama is an alien. Vaccines are bad etc. I again ignore it because I’m on mushrooms ( I got nowhere to go) and she’s still hot. Anyways we have a good time watching music videos until she says 'did you know aliens are watching us? You know sometimes I feel like a doll in this little tiny box (apartment) I feel like someone else is controlling me.' She then proceeds to say 'I’m actually a witch and I’m 108.' At that point I’m done with her and just want to leave. She ghosts me after that trip. She then deletes all her social media and changes her number. I thought she died and I one point I questioned if I dreamed her up because all of her friends instagram accounts are gone. She pops back up a few times over the next couple of years. This time she’s saying she’s pregnant with twins ( I don’t believe her) and some random celebrity is the dad. She’s still modeling and flying across the world at least from her pictures she is but holy moly. She also mentioned she was human trafficked in Croatia. She can barely hold a coherent conversation"

Dodged A Bullet
Dodged A Bullet

"So when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school I used to hookup with this girl (makeout behind the buses hangout after school some hands stuff) but we never got to consummate the relationship or became official because neither of us had a place and her parents were really xenophobic (she’s white, I'm Latino). Midway through sophomore year I noticed her friends thought I was a bad person and became distant from me, despite the fact I didn’t really change who I was. We broke it off after her parents found out and her older brother threatened to fight me (wasn’t exactly scared of the guy just didn’t want to get into a fight in school and get expelled).

Come beginning of junior year she switched schools and I ask her friends why they didn’t like me. They tell me this whole story she told them about how we had slept with each other (despite the fact that I have never slept with anyone at the time didn’t sleep with anyone till I was a freshman in college) and how I got her pregnant and how she wanted to keep it. Apparently I berated her and told her to go to a clinic and take care of it until all the stress I put her under cause her to miscarry. This scared the daylight out of me cause of we did sleep with each other, I’m afraid she would have tried to get her self pregnant at 15. That’s how I the girl I was attracted to needed up being creepy."

That's My Shirt!
That's My Shirt!

"This chick was cute, body was banging. Senior year in high school, she was a junior and she had a boyfriend. We hung out one night (3 of us) and she breaks up with her boyfriend. Mind you nothing happened that night except she sat on my lap.

Then she comes over to my place the next week and we make out in my room. She takes one of my shirts, and I see her in it at school the next day. I'm the only one who has this shirt, everyone knows. I noped out right there.

One of my friends comes up to me later that week and asks me if I had slept with her. I said no, we just made out and fooled around. He says she's telling people she's pregnant and I'm the father. I confront her and she starts crying and telling me she broke up with her boyfriend for me. I said we hadn't even done anything before she broke up and I never said anything about being with her. And there's no way in the world I was going to be with her after she was telling people that stuff. I told her to keep the shirt and leave me alone.

A month later, guess who shows up as a new employee at my job? You know it! And when she finds out that the chick I fooled around with at work had blonde hair and a shorter style, guess who got the exact color and style (she had black hair before). Anyways, she's telling people at the place we work she's my girlfriend. I told her to knock it off, and she wouldn't. Went to the boss who was cool as all else, and he fired her after I told him everything (30 day window).

Saw her a year later at a Dope, Static-X, Powerman 5K concert. I walked past and ignored her, but my friends said she was just staring until we got inside and in the pit. Know I dodged a bullet."

Thanks For The Ride, Daddy
Thanks For The Ride, Daddy

"Been happily married the last ten years.

Been driving for Uber the last nine months. Have had more inebriated girls than I can count talk about their personal lives in detail and many other inappropriate topics. Not to mention endless, unwanted touching.

The worst one was a group of friends. They were all attractive and were talking about how one of them had a husband with a ten inch member. One of the girls wanted to trade spouses so she could experience a feeling like that. When rejected, the girl asked if her friend could at least make a mold of the guy's junk so she could experience it that way. They also talked about giving their partners pleasure and sometimes at the end of a long day just needing things too explicit to mention to relieve the stress.

Somehow, me and the girl who wants the molded member get on the subject of how she is considering going into the counseling field to work with children. She wants my advice because I mentioned I used to work in the field. She thinks we are having a heart to heart and stays in the car talking to me once we had arrived at their destination. She rubs her hands on my chest and shoulder and motions like she wants to kiss me, only to say she just wants a hug when I don't lean in. She then tells me she is going to get in the hot tub without any clothes and insinuates I should join. I tell her to have a good night. She tells me 'thanks for the ride daddy' in a baby voice. I just about threw up afterwards."

Paul, Why Don't You Love Me?
Paul, Why Don't You Love Me?

"I'd hooked up with this lady a couple of times before when we'd both been overserved. She was a little quirky, but nothing really stood out until one night I learned the hard way that she was clearly unstable and insane.

Then one night she shows up at my house unannounced and says she wants to get inebriated with me. We have a few glasses and are talking when suddenly she switches her language to french (not fluent either... like high school level french). I think it's kind of funny for a minute... but she doesn't stop. Anything I ask her she responds in french. It quickly gets annoying.

I ask her to stop. She switches back to English and starts calling me insane slurs and saying that I am anti-semitic... why? No idea. She goes on a rant about the Holocaust and Hitler and occasionally inserts the odd french sentence.

She then begins to insist that I am Jewish. I am not. Then starts calling me Anti-Semitic again. i have no idea where this is coming from.

She throws a glass at the wall. So I ask her to leave. She refuses.

I begin packing her stuff up and place it on the doorstep.

She then attacks me. Scratches my neck, slaps me, tries to punch me in face twice. She then apologizes, says she's tired and asks if we can make love. No.

I literally force her out the door where she spends the next 20 minutes on the street yelling about some guy named 'Paul' (not my name).

Eventually she left and was promptly blocked on every app/platform available."

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