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The only thing worse than a broken heart is a heart that was broken by a lying cheater. There is nothing worse in the world than discovering the love of your life, the woman who means everything, is cheating.

These are the stories from men that have discovered their wives and girlfriends were cheating on them in the worst ways. Like walking in on them in the act or hearing voices in the background on phone calls or even worse, when their kids know before they do! Content has been edited for clarity.

Bros First
Bros First

"I was dating this girl a few years back and I became really good friends with her brother, just because he appreciated my help during a difficult time for their family (their father had abruptly passed away).

Two years into the relationship, the brother contacts me and asks to meet up for coffee and 'a serious conversation.' Apparently, he caught his OWN sister (my then-girlfriend) with another guy (a mutual friend of ours) and it had been going on for like a year. As soon as he found out, he told me.

I broke up with her and I'm still friends with her brother. Go figure."

She Was Messing Around With Family
She Was Messing Around With Family

"It happened to my dad.

He told me the story a few years back.

Some of my mom's family were visiting from out of town and they had planned a night at the bingo, which my dad couldn't attend because he was working 6 pm-2 am. He finished work early and on his way home, saw my babysitter on the street, so he stopped and asked, 'You are not with my son?'

She replied, 'No, your wife called me at around 8 pm, saying she wasn't feeling well and that she was going to stay home.'

My dad drove home, tried the front door. Locked, no lights. He entered the house by the basement door. He went up the stairs and heard them, a few feet away. My mom. And her cousin. Together. But he didn't confront her; this wasn't when he discovered the affair.

My mom had a longtime affair with her cousin, starting before she met my dad. She wasn't happy either, but my dad was a good catch. Yes, I'm sure he is my dad (we look so much the same), yes they are still together, and after a year of being angry, I decided to let go, because their relationship has nothing to do with me. it was just sad for both of them. Two years later, he almost left her (with me in tow), but stayed so I could have a normal life. Most of the time, I wish he'd left, because he wouldn't have worked 90-100 a week to avoid being home, and could've been happier.

The problems stretched all the way back to their honeymoon. They went on a road trip for two weeks. Part of the road trip was to visit the cousin she was having an affair with. While they were there, dad woke up during the night, but my mom wasn't in bed. He went to the bathroom and heard noises. He saw everything.

He went and spoke to the priest, who told him to forgive her. That they had a commitment, vows.

Dad only got to 'know' mom later that year. My dad wasn't granted the wedding night honors...he finally got some a few months after the fact. But cousin got some before!

Why didn't he leave? Because he's a good man. My mom's dad died a few months prior to my parent's wedding, leaving my grandma with two kids at home (my uncle and aunt), one who was going nowhere in life (substance abuse) and one who was disabled (Down Syndrome). He couldn't bear leaving the family, his family now, dealing with that alone.

He suspects she had other affairs afterward. He told me that after the bingo incident, they started using rubbers. He told me that he wanted me to have brothers and sisters but couldn't be sure they would be his. My mom, in full hypocrite mode, would scold him when he just looked at other women.

Today, Dad's in the looking back on my life phase now: 76 years old, sick, diminished. He has difficulties standing up, walking; he's always in the hospital. Sadly, he has regrets. For most of his life. he turned to work - which almost killed him, then food - which is killing him - as ways to be happy. I learned a lot from that: be happy. They are still married and both are older now (Mom is 73).

I think he made do without happiness."

Betrayed By A Friend
Betrayed By A Friend

"Two weeks ago I sent a message to a friend asking to borrow a hammer. He didn't answer, but no worries, I thought, he lives nearby, I'll just stop by and grab it. I pull up to his house and start heading down the driveway. He has a long country driveway so it's a few seconds before I see my wife's car already there.

My heart began to sink, but they actually are friends, and business partners, so maybe it's nothing. I got out of my van and look up to see my friend through the window, shirtless in his bedroom.

At this point, my heart is down on my stomach and I am visibly shaking. I go in and immediately head upstairs. He is alone and now clothed. I say, 'I came to borrow the hammer, also have you seen my wife? The car is here.'

He gives the worst improv I've ever heard. 'Huh? No, she was here at some point though.'

I knew she was still there, I just wanted him to admit it.

I go down, take the hammer, and head back to the van where I finally encounter my wife, topless, trying to sneak around the side of his house.

And now here I am, two weeks later and not sure what to do."

A Presentation Of An Affair

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A Presentation Of An Affair

"One of my former co-workers loaded an SD card with a scanned project file on it for a presentation.

He put it into the conference room projector and immediately we were treated to dirty pics of his wife schtupping another guy. We were just stunned. He'd just put the card in and before he could get to the mouse on the table, about eight of them just popped up on the big screen along with some folders. He was too busy looking for the scanned documents and the powerpoint he had been working on to notice at first. Somebody said his name a little strangely (of course) and then he looked up and everything froze.

This was in a senior budgetary meeting with the outside accountants and auditors and he was sitting right there while we were looking at his wife and another guy going at it. I reached over and shut the projector off. Nobody said anything.

He just got up and walked out, leaving the card behind. He also left his phone and laptop sitting on the table. He went out to his car, stood there for a minute, then he puked on the ground before he got in and calmly drove off. He wound up driving to his parent's house, three states away. He was gone for a week.

The owner's wife breezed in about 5 minutes later. She's the one who told us all that he was out puking in the parking lot. After the meeting was over, the GM had to break it to her what had happened. She was horrified. He could have taken a month off if he needed to.

We found out afterward that the pics were several months old. It turns out she had been seeing this guy since high school. She was 40 at the time. My coworker had immediately recognized the guy. They had been married for 15 years."

He Heard It From A Friend
He Heard It From A Friend

"My first long-term girlfriend and I were going to go to the same college. I got accepted but had to start the semester after she did, meaning we would be slightly long-distance for a few months.

It wasn't too bad because we were only about two hours apart, so it was pretty easy to visit, but our relationship did struggle a bit. I remember one night I got a phone call from her and when I picked up, it was obvious it was a butt dial. I could hear her talking to some guy, but couldn't make out what they were saying. I called her and she picked up and I asked what was up? She said she was in bed about to go sleep. I told her about the butt dial and she said it was her friend Jack, who I met, asking to borrow something. I thought it was odd but brushed it off.

A couple weeks later, I was up there visiting her and I met a bunch of cool people, including this guy Luke. After I got back from visiting, I got a Facebook message from him saying, 'Look man, I hate to be the one to say this, but I think you're an awesome guy and you don't deserve this to be happening to you. She's been cheating on you with this guy pretty soon after she started here.'

I was devastated, but I had to hear it from her, so I called her and said, 'Are you cheating on me?'

She gave a heavy sigh and said, 'Well, at least I don't have to lie anymore.' That guy's voice I had heard wasn't Jack, it was the guy she was cheating on me with, I just trusted her so much that I took her word for it.

Even though it was painful, I was grateful for Luke sending me that message. What's funny is that most of the people I met up there that were her friends sided with me after the break-up, so when I started going there that next semester, I had a group of friends to support me and most of them are still very close friends of mine to this day. t was a bit awkward seeing her on campus for the next four years, but luckily I didn't have any classes with her and never saw her at the parties I went to."

So, Yeah, She Was Lying
So, Yeah, She Was Lying

"My wife had been texting A LOT and was very evasive when I inquired about it, though she smirked when she thought it was making me jealous (yeah, she's that kind of person). We weren't on speaking terms, because I'd called her a few weeks earlier to discuss problems we were having in the marriage (like, her tendency to get angry and hit me), and she'd yelled at me for around an hour and then said that she didn't want to speak to me for some time.

Later, it turned out she'd left her email logged into my cell phone. So I noticed that she had a weekend Airbnb trip to a place that was a state away, that seemed to be of the 'quiet, romantic getaway'-type. Total occupancy: 2. Hmm...well, I thought, that is fairly suspicious.

I monitored her Airbnb page, which was easy since we were friends on Airbnb, figuring that the owner might leave a comment about how great she was as a guest. Which it turned out, she did.

Except the review went something like, '(wife's name) and (guy not named me) were wonderful guests.' Yeah, so, anyone want to guess what the conditional probability is of that weekend trip involving infidelity? High.

My wife apparently panicked, asked Airbnb to remove the review, altered her name on the site, and then finally, having failed to get the review taken down, deleted her account.

I eventually asked her about it during a counseling session and she had a ready-made defense about how she'd meant to take the trip with another coworker, but that person's car broke down so (guy's name) ended up tagging along since (guy's name) was that coworker's boyfriend, and they all stayed there together, but (guy's name) signed the guestbook, hence a totally honest mistake.

I am pretty sure she was not telling the truth. We are not still married."

It's Not Pokemon Go

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It's Not Pokemon Go

"I caught my ex thanks to freaking Pokemon Go of all things.

She mentioned Pokemon Go was using lots of her data. I explained that in her settings she could see how much data an app was using. I showed her and proved to her it wasn't using the most data by pointing out TINDER was using much more data.

It was sad but also funny the way it went down."

She Was Ready And Waiting To Leave


She Was Ready And Waiting To Leave

"Things had been a little shaky as I was working a lot and felt sapped when she wanted to go be social with friends so I often stayed home.

I wanted to do something nice for her for Valentine's Day so I sent her friend a text asking if there was something that she may have mentioned she would like to do. As I was waiting on that text I was in another room I saw her phone buzz with her friend's name. The number was below the name and since I had just sent her a text, I saw that they didn't match.

There are very few times my blood has been that cold and feelings of dread.

I called the number with my phone and it rang and rang before going to voicemail. Needless to say, it was another guy.

I confronted her about it and she said she was waiting to leave and had a bag packed in case I found out. She had no intentions of trying to work things out so a month later, she had moved out.

I made a decision then that I could be broken up and miserable or that I could choose to be happy and be open to a relationship if it was available. I've since remarried and have two beautiful boys with my amazing wife.

Regardless of the crappiness and horror in these stories, there is always the opportunity to be happy. If you're reading this because it happened to you or just from morbid curiosity: choose to be happy. Be the person that you can be proud of and move on to better things."

He Knew Something Was Wrong When He Woke Up
He Knew Something Was Wrong When He Woke Up

"I woke up in the middle of the night very suddenly, and sat up bolt upright, with the strong feeling that something was wrong. I listened intently but could hear nothing. I looked at my dog, who was a very good watchdog, and he was curled up asleep.

I got up and dressed, and tried to see if I could smell smoke or hear anything from the street. I walked through the building I was living in, everything was silent and exactly as normal, but the feeling of what I can only describe as dread and near panic was getting stronger.

I went to where my wife had her own space because she was the first person I wanted to check on. Her light was on but the room was empty. The feeling was getting stronger by the moment.

I then went to check on my brother. I could really feel that something was terribly wrong. That's when I caught my brother and my wife getting it on. I attacked my brother and beat him up quite severely, then left and went missing for about five days.

I still talk to both of them. I am not with her anymore, but I am very close with both of them, and I am grateful for that now."

She Was Completely Brazen
She Was Completely Brazen

"After a night of trying to keep up with my ex and her coworker's drinking, I called it a night. We were at home, so I went upstairs to my room. Soon, I noticed that they stopped talking and heard the dog scratching at the door. I went down and let the dog in and then saw them making out on the couch. I watched for ten minutes before they noticed me. They were taking their clothes off by then, and he was touching her favorite spots like he knew them all too well. No denying it by then.

A tense conversation followed with the two of them. He left, very hammered, on a very cold night. She got a ride to her aunt's house and begged me to go look for him in the cold.

I didn't."

He Was More Worried About Getting Custody Of The Kids Than Her Affairs
He Was More Worried About Getting Custody Of The Kids Than Her Affairs

"My ex-wife was a drinker. Like, a BAD drinker.

One time I get home from my night shift a little early and she was wasted. Well, I was excited and wanted to get down, and she's usually wasted when we get it on anyway, so what the heck, so I put the moves on.

So, we're going at it and its dark and she says, 'You need to hurry up.'

I ask, 'Uh, why?'

She says, 'He's going to be home soon.'

'Uh... who?' I wonder.

'My husband, you idiot.'

Yeah... So, I hop out of the bed and flip on the light, and this woman looks absolutely baffled. She's completely trashed and totally dumbfounded.

I ask her, 'Who did you think was sleeping with you?'

'What are you talking about?'

'Nevermind, I'll talk to you about it in the morning.'

'I'm NOT trashed,' she says.

Yeah, she didn't even know what I was mad about. So, I go to bed on the couch, and I'm sitting there going over stuff in my head, and I hear her come down the stairs. She goes into the kitchen and I hear a drawer shut. A few seconds later, she's standing over me with a freaking knife! I promptly take the knife from her. Tell her to go to bed - which she obliges without saying a single word. I grab the kids and put them in the car, and drive to my mom's house where we spend the night.

She starts blowing up my phone at 10 am, frantic that she doesn't know where the kids are.

We have a mini-intervention. She promises to go to AA. I attempt to erase the entire night from my memory (which didn't work obviously).

About a month later, she hasn't held up to her AA agreement and has pretty much gone back to her old ways. I come home from work, and I see an LA Dodgers hat on my couch. I hate the Dodgers.

'Uh... who was over?' I ask.

'Nobody,' she replies.

'Are you sure?' I ask.

'Yeah,' she replies.

'Don't lie to me. Who was over here?'

'Are you calling me a freaking liar?' she had the nerve to ask.

I respond, 'Yeah. I am because someone left their FREAKING HAT on my FREAKING COUCH!'

She concocts some stupid story about a neighbor coming to borrow something. I knew she was lying. At this point, I had pretty much given up on the marriage but didn't know what to do. I was afraid that if I divorced her she'd somehow get the kids.

A lot more messed up stuff happens over the next month or so, including her making up a story about Mexicans jumping her, my neighbor calling CPS, me catching her actually kissing a guy, and two potheads admitting to having a threesome with her.

Then one day in July of 2008, I told her that I was filing for divorce. She put up a fight, but I won full custody of my kids. I started dating again, and have been with my 'new' wife for nine years now.

The end."

He Busted Her When She Least Expected It

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He Busted Her When She Least Expected It

"My ex was having computer problems and wanted to go on Facebook on my phone. No problem, but I made her use Safari so I wouldn't have to log out of the app.

A couple days later, I'm closing tabs on my phone and there is her Facebook, still open. I see she's chatting with her ex John. It turns out they banged in our bed and were going to go out on a date soon.

In the messages, he tells her to 'wear something nice.' I'm not the jealous type so I leave it for a couple of days.

After a couple of days go by, she wants to hook up. As we are kissing and getting hot and heavy, I whisper in her ear, 'Don't forget, John wants you to wear something nice on your date Saturday.'

The look of horror in her eyes was magical.

I put my shirt on and started walking out as she was crying and saying she's sorry. The relationship was toxic and I really didn't wanna be in it. Her cheating on me was great motivation for me to move back to my home town as I hated the city I was in. The few days I sat pretty was to plan my escape. Grabbed the essentials here and there and on the last day hit her with the 'I know what you did' and leave so she couldn't mess my life up. The best part was she thought her friend sold her out and didn't know I was still in her Facebook. I watched her panic and whine to her friends for the better part of a week. Timing is everything.

I heard through the grapevine that she messaged John's girlfriend (who was living with him), figuring she read his messages and messaged me... so she wanted revenge and let the cat out of the bag on John, effectively destroying that relationship and home."

The Feet Gave Her Away

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The Feet Gave Her Away

"After a week visiting friends in London, England, I flew back to Canada.

I was supposed to do something with another group of friends when I got back, but plans fell through so I drove the four hours home to the apartment I shared with my girlfriend.

She expected me home at 6 pm, but I'd been up for 30 straight hours and got home at 6 am, wanting nothing more than to fall into bed.

There was an extra set of feet at the bottom of the bed, attached to some idiot when I walked in.

I walked straight out."

All About A Hoodie
All About A Hoodie

"One night my girlfriend told me not to come over because she wasn't feeling well. But then my sister wanted this hoodie back that my girlfriend had borrowed, so I thought I'd stop over with chocolate and a Slurpee to cheer her up.

I knocked on her door. She came to the upstairs window with only a blanket wrapped around her. 'I thought I told you not to come over!'

'My sister needs her hoodie.'

'Who's that?' says some male voice from her bedroom.

'Ah. I see how it is.'

'I'll talk to you tomorrow,' she says.

'Probably not. Have a good one,' I said as I walked away."

They Were More Than "Coffee Friends"
They Were More Than "Coffee Friends"

"I had been on the road for work. I was supposed to be 10 days but got to go home a day early. I had a friend pick me up at the airport to surprise my wife and two kids (2 years and 8 months at the time). I walked in on my ex and her 'coffee friend' snuggling on the couch, WITH MY KIDS IN THE SAME ROOM!

I was livid. Of course, she denied everything. We split up weeks later. She was an awful person. She signed over her rights to them in exchange for not paying child support. My kids have no relationship with her anymore. They are 18 and 16."

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