No one ever said dating is easy, and these stories proved it! At least these poor people got some food out of it?

People on Reddit share the most disturbing thing someone said to them on a dinner date. Content has been edited for clarity.

This Guy Was No Longer A Client
This Guy Was No Longer A Client

"I once agreed to go on a date with one of my stepdad's clients. He was the son of a very rich luxury yacht builder in a country I won't name, but which is known for extremely strict rules particularly for women, some of which border on human rights violations. He took me bowling, hired out the alleys either side of us as well so we'd have some privacy, and was telling me about the lessons he'd had from someone who'd coached several world champions. Afterward, he showed me pictures of his house (his bedroom alone was the size of a swimming pool), and his garden (a literal zoo with several monkey species as pets) and he started telling me a bit about his family.

He gave me a few little interesting details about each of them until he got onto his older brother's wife, and it was pretty clear she was the main subject of the conversation. He told me his brother had studied here like him, met a nice English girl like me (the thing is, I'm Irish, not English), and had fallen in love. He'd taken her back to his home country, and asked her to marry him but only if she moved into his parents' house with him and lived by their strict rules.

She'd been reluctant at first but had eventually agreed. Then he gets on to 'And her life there is so good that she never even wants to leave the house! She stays home, has his babies, wears Prada, and looks at the horses, and she's so happy. Who would ever even want to leave a house like my family's house?'

Then he started asking me if I'd ever like to go there and meet his family.

Alarm bells were going off at a rapid rate. When I got home and told my stepdad, he immediately took the guy off his client list and we haven't seen him since."

There's No Way Another Date Was Happening
There's No Way Another Date Was Happening

"A few months ago, I matched with a guy on an online dating site. Things seemed to be going well over chat, so we ended up meeting for a date.

As soon as we met, I had a bad feeling about him; not as in he was a creep, but I just had a vibe we weren't going to progress further. He seemed a bit off and not as friendly as he appeared online. I thought I might as well have a meal and chalk this down to experience if this doesn't pan out.

Anyway, during the course of the meal, alarm bells began to go off when he started referring to women as 'stupid and pointless,' and only good for 'one thing.' I began to get really uncomfortable and was trying to think of a good excuse to leave. Of course, I got naturally defensive and said talking about a woman like that was derogatory. Then, he started to complain that there were vegetables in his burger, referring to the lettuce. He proceeded to pick it out of the burger, calling the waitress who took our order a 'dumb woman', because he specifically said no vegetables in his meal.

To make matters worse, said lettuce ended up landing in my purse. This enraged me, and I finally said that I had to go because honestly at that point I felt like shoving the lettuce in his fat, misogynist face. To say I ran as fast I could to my car is an understatement (Luckily, I got to the restaurant before we met up and so he didn't know my parking spot).

As soon as I got in my car, I ended up unmatching him on the dating app and blocked his cell phone number.

Later on, I still received a text from another number saying, 'Hey it's 'Brad' from our date. I know pretty much all I need to know about you, so let's sleep together.'

Like what the heck was he thinking? It sounded so creepy like he was analyzing me to see if I was suitable to sleep with. And going by the way I ran off like I was on fire and blocked him should've told him I wasn't interested! I didn't reply to him obviously and blocked that number then I get another message from another number saying, 'member teasing woman,' and 'I'll see you again one day and then I'll have my moment.'

That was the last thing I heard from him. Not only was he an utter buffoon, but he was creepy too. And he had a face the size of a planet."

Planning Their Future
Planning Their Future

"So, I got catfished by the craziest woman I've met. I don't mean like 'Oh, that woman is crazy.' I mean every time she reached into her bag, I thought she was about to pull a loaded weapon out the way she was frantically rummaging through it. She seemed off from the jump the first time we met.

Anywho, fast-forward a bit, and at one point she looked at me and said, 'do you ever wonder what your kids will look like?'

I replied, 'I already know. I have a daughter, and she's perfect.'

The crazy lady looks at me and goes, 'No, I mean our kids since we are going to get married and have a house in Texas.'

I had literally just matched with her on a dating app the day prior. We never once spoke of anything more than normal conversation topics. Nothing in the slightest related to either topic. I faked a phone call from work, got in uniform, and told her she needed to leave. I waited for her to leave then drove around the block."

He Couldn't Take 'No' For An Answer
He Couldn't Take 'No' For An Answer

"He insisted he drive me to dinner, and then to the movie theater. While this seemed nice, this meant he would have to drive to my town 45 minutes away, then back to his town to go to the restaurant, then back to my town to drop me off. I said I didn’t understand why I wouldn’t just drive myself to save the multiple trips.

When I adamantly refused a ride, he still drove to my town, bought me a coffee, and still insisted I go in his car. I still said no, citing the fact that it would be dangerous for me to get into a vehicle with a person I didn’t know, and I drove myself to the theater where I had a friend meet me for the movie.

The guy still came with us to the movie and even paid for me despite me telling him I didn’t think it was a good idea. Never spoke to him again and blocked his number."

That Did Nothing To Help Her Fears
That Did Nothing To Help Her Fears

"It wasn’t a date, but he’d convinced himself it was. It was more of a mutual commiseration over the two of us not getting to go on the company trip at a bar near the shop. Coincidently, the restaurant we went to was near his house, so I parked there to avoid paid parking.

Then he asked me to come inside to pregame and I got weird vibes. I’d turned him down twice before, and something about the scenario flicked a switch. I lied and said I’d rather have only one at the bar as I was going to drive home later.

And he goes, 'Oh! I’ve got sealed drinks in the fridge and my roommates are home. Don’t worry, I'm not going to do anything to you.'

Bro, now I’m EXTRA freaking worried."

Everything Is Not As It Seemed
Everything Is Not As It Seemed

"One time, I was this someone. It wasn't something I said, but something I did. Anyway, I went out for drinks and tacos with a sweet guy I met. It was going pretty well, so when he asked if I wanted to walk home and hang with his roommates, I happily obliged.

When we arrived, his roommates were drinking screwdrivers and asked if I wanted a glass. I said sure, but the thing is, I have a strange compulsion to stir any mixed drink (adult drinks or not) thoroughly every time. Basically, I couldn't drink from the cup until it was stirred. I walked into the dimly lit kitchen and grabbed the first utensil I saw on the drying rack, which happened to be a steak knife. Walking back to the living room, everyone was looking at me like I had turned into a ghost.

They straight-up thought I was going to murder everyone in the house with a steak knife until I started stirring my drink."

That's Not A Normal Hobby
That's Not A Normal Hobby

"This was 17 years ago, and I’ll never forget it. I was 18 and worked with this guy who was 22 at a big home loan company (the real estate boom of the early 2000s). He asked me out for dinner after work one night. We were both working overtime that night until about seven, and I was hungry and flattered so I agreed. I had interacted with him enough at work to feel comfortable getting into his car.

Instead of driving to the restaurant, he said he wanted his mom to meet me and drove to his house on a farm/ranch 45 mins away. This is the Los Angeles area, so farms aren’t really common. We get there and he introduces me to his mom, and she couldn't care less. Then he gave me a tour of the place in the dark like where they keep the pigs, the horses, etc. I’m uncomfortable but I’m also naive and 18, so I make some small talk.

'It must have been so cool to grow up out here. I would have loved this as a kid!' I said, trying to make conversation.

He then says something like, 'Ya it was, but I had a problem.'

He folded his arms and didn't make eye contact. Me, being young and naive, asked him what he meant. I even reassured him that I was a safe person to talk to. He then told me he was a very angry teenager and used to kill the rats and mice on the farm.

I said, 'Oh you mean like with a BB weapon? That’s not a big deal.'

He then told me that he used to trap them and then stab them while they were in the traps with his pocket knife (he points to the one on his belt loop).

I was disturbed and wanted to leave, but at that moment I did not realize that this is a ‘serial killer in the making’ kind of behavior. I reassured him that 'his problem wasn’t that weird' and that I wouldn’t tell anyone about what he had said. I then told him I was starving, and wanted to get back to my car at work before they closed the gates. (Big office building complex that shut its gates at nine pm). So he drives us back, we eat dinner at a popular burger place near our work per my request. Afterward, he takes me to my car in the empty parking lot at work.

As soon as he pulls up, I thank him for dinner and quickly get out of his car and into my car before he can get out to say goodbye. I never went out with him again. I tried my best to avoid him at work without being rude or making him mad, and luckily he got promoted to a different department in a different building a couple of weeks later."

She Had A Tough Decision To Make
She Had A Tough Decision To Make

"I was living in Germany (American here), and had a date lined up with a German woman. Met at a restaurant - within five minutes of sitting down, she said, 'We really need to work on your German, but that's okay, we've got our whole lives together for that.'

First red flag.

A few minutes after that, she started talking about her son, and that he lives with her parents because the court ordered it. We hadn't even discussed the restaurant menu yet, and this gal was dropping this kind of info. Second red flag.

On the topic of her son, she decided to dive into the colorful history of the father of her child. Basically, he knocked her up six years prior and rolled out (mind you, I've spoken about five sentences by this point because she has not given me a chance to speak). Suddenly, her phone rings and she the table in a really nice restaurant, less than 10 minutes into a first date. She pulled the phone down and said to me, 'I really need to take this call.' We still hadn't even ordered our food at this point and I'm sitting there by myself.

Five minutes pass, then 10, then 20. I finally ordered my food because I was looking forward to trying this restaurant. I got my food, eat it, and prepared to pay the bill. I assume this gal just wasn't interested and ghosted me - NOPE! After an hour, she comes walking back to the table, crying her eyes out, saying that the call was from her baby daddy and he wants to get back with her. She was upset because it's a tough decision. She really loves him but is also excited about the future with me. At that point, I'd finally had enough and said it was best we don't talk again. Paid the bill and rolled out.

After leaving the restaurant, this girl texted me at least every five minutes. It ranged from saying sorry to things like 'How could you do this to us? We were supposed to have such a good life together!'

I ended up having to change my number because this went on for a week."

So Many Red Flags
So Many Red Flags

"I went on a roller coaster of a date with a French guy in Paris. It was during the summer, and we were meeting on the steps of Sacré Cœur. We arrive and he brought a bottle of Pinot Noir.

I made a comment jokingly saying, 'Oh you got red, in summer!'

He responded with, 'Oh, I guess I'm a piece of trash for getting the wrong drink.'

Hearing this immediately made me think I have made a dire mistake. I reassured him and told him I was just teasing, but that was red flag number one.

During our conversation, he kept complimenting me incessantly. Like to the point where it's uncomfortable. After like 10 compliments, you don't even know what to say anymore.

Like at one point I was telling him a story and he kept interrupting me to say, 'Your eyes are so beautiful, I can't stop staring at them.'

I was a little taken aback, and just responded with, 'Thank you that is so nice, okay back to my story.'

Like it was nonstop. At one point after the 19th compliment, and my gracious thanks, I heard him mumble in French, 'And I'm waiting for you to say the same to me.'

I looked at him and said, 'What was what?'

He looked a little surprised, and answered with, 'Oh nothing.'

He didn't think I spoke French but I am fluent. So THAT was uncomfortable, shoving compliments at me and pouting when I didn't give him one back. Like sir, if I wanted to compliment you I would, I love complimenting people, but I wasn't overly attracted to him, and also who the heck says that? Red flag number two.

He asks me if I've been on many dates to which I said yes, many. I've been single for a while and I go on dates often. He didn't like this. He began asking me why I hadn't settled down with any of them, and I explained that I've met lots of really great guys but it just hasn't clicked yet.

He then got weirdly quiet for a few minutes and then said, 'You know not everyone is going to be as perfect as you, life isn't a fairy tale, you have to give people chances you know.'

Okay, so now I realize I am seated next to a French incel or one in the making, awesome. I reply and tell him that yes I obviously know that, I don't think I'm perfect or better than anyone, I hadn't settled down because there hasn't been a strong connection thus far - NOT because I am not giving these guys chances? That dating is a two-person thing and sometimes the guy doesn't want to meet again also, and that yes I know life isn't a fairy tale. Seriously, what is happening? Red flag three.

At one point on the steps, he started asking me where I lived and I said, 'Oh just down there like two streets down.'

I guess that wasn't good enough for him, because he started asking me where specifically, like is insisting I tell him which street. So at this point, I'm trying to get out of here as soon as possible.

We finish the drink and walk up the steps to the top, and I'm planning my exit.

We get to the top and he turns to me as I'm about to leave and he looks at me and goes, 'You HAVE to give me another chance.'

I looked at him and said, 'Listen thank you for the drinks, but I am not going to see you again, I'm sorry.'

He got very upset. His eyes got huge and he starts yelling, 'I did my studies, I have a CDI, you must give me a second chance,'

In France, a CDI is a permanent contract and it's a big deal because you can't be fired, but like every person I know has a CDI. And since when does having a permanent contract equate to women owing you something?

By now people are starting to look at us. I am calmly telling him that no, I don't think so when he GRABBED my arm and kept going on about his CDI. But people are looking, so he lets go, and I say to him that this is not fun, I am not enjoying this, and I don't HAVE to do anything. He has a moment where I think he's about to hit me and I can see his eyes thinking and trying to figure out how to keep me here without causing a scene. I took my chance and ran down the stairs as fast as I can. And I am obviously terrified because he knows the general area where I live...

Thankfully he didn't follow me, likely because of the crowd of people who started watching us. Never blocked someone so fast in my life."

Too Much Information, Dude
Too Much Information, Dude

"My mom was a 'pioneer' in online dating. She was really interested in finding 'someone special.' She agreed to meet a guy for dinner (first mistake), and went in to be seated prior to him arriving. He came in, the waitress brought menus and he set down his menu.

The first words he spoke were asking my mom if she has ever known anyone who had a member enlargement? He then went on to explain he had flown cross county for this operation, and it had 'gone wrong.'

He went into great specifics about just 'how wrong.' My mother excused herself to the ladies' room and left out the back door. We still laugh out loud when she reminds us of her 'search for Mr. Right.'”

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