Sometimes people have no filter, sometimes they just don't think things through at all. Their words and actions can be extremely hurtful and leave others feeling disrespected. In these cases, people really crossed the line.

Unfriend Immediately!
Unfriend Immediately!

"My first job as a photography intern, my boss posted on Facebook that he was going to fire me hours before he told me. We were friends on Facebook at the time."

Gonna Be A Long Semester
Gonna Be A Long Semester

"It was the first day of one of my college courses and we were telling everyone our names. I said mine and the professor said 'My husband wanted to name our son that but I didn't want him to get made fun of.'

My name is Angus."

Karen's The Queen Here
Karen's The Queen Here

"Was working at a Dairy Queen when I was 16. It was a hot summer day and a lady came in and dumped her melted blizzard upside down on my arm/hand. In the process, it covered my register, the wall, and the floor. She started yelling about how her ice cream melted and how I need to make her a new one. She was served in the drive-through... I was working at the front counter inside. My coworker said she left 20 minutes ago. I still had to make her a new one and give her a refund."

Not So Nice Mother-In-Law
Not So Nice Mother-In-Law

"My ex-husband and I were on the road to divorce. I had done absolutely everything I could possibly think of to turn us around, and as a last-ditch effort, I wrote him a letter. I knew it had a 0.1% chance of doing anything, so it was also kind of a "thank you for the good years" letter, too.

We were living with his parents because originally, we sold our house to make an upgrade. I guess that was his window of opportunity. Anyway, his mom found the letter and not only read it, but took pictures of it and shared it with multiple people, who started tearing me apart via text.

How did I know this? She never hears her phone go off, so I would usually bring it to her. I went to do that and saw the mentions of a letter and saw the context of what was sent. I didn't say anything, just set the phone back down and went outside to get a breath of air.

Later that week, she said she was tired of me being around and that he needed me to sign the papers then and there and I didn't get a say in anything. I mentioned sharing the letter, and she said she was allowed to do that because it was in her house. Therefore, it was her property.

Still trying to wrap my head around that one.

And then they sat there and watched TV while I packed my things."

Not The News He Wanted To Hear
Not The News He Wanted To Hear

"Former boss owed me some back pay for a legit reason. My wife went into the hospital for a month because of a complicated pregnancy, Baby was C section and then had to be NICU. On the day of the c section, the boss said he wasn’t going to pay me anything."

First Is The Worst
First Is The Worst

"My first girlfriend was pretty callous to me.

Long story short, after 7 years together she left me for a coworker that she was cheating on me with and he was cheating on his wife to be with her.

When we were still together her car died so I bought her one of her choices. I gave her a $20k limit. She wanted something small and easy to drive with good storage space so she chose a brand-new Scion xD. $16.5k. We drove 4 hours to the next state to get one in the color that she wanted.

A few months later she's leaving me.

Well, here's this brand-new car. It was in my name. I was making the payments. And she's leaving me to go be with this mutual cheater. I told her that she had two options regarding this car. She could either get a loan to purchase this car off of me or I'm taking the car back. I'm not going to pay ~$18,000 after interest for a car for you now.

She wasn't happy about this. She was also using my old cell phone since she broke hers. I told her that I wanted my phone back, too. After I got it back I looked at what she left on it. She deleted the contact of her new cheater boys but the text messages remained. I knew his number so it was easy to see who she was talking to.

She was saying to him that I was "driving her crazy" about this car and that I wouldn't just leave her alone about it.

You think that you can leave me for the guy that you were cheating on me with and that I'm still going to pay for this brand-new car of your choice for you?"

Learning And Growing
Learning And Growing

"When I was 18, I was dating someone who enjoyed one too many drinks quite often. We arrived separately to a party, and when I got there he was wearing nothing but a bathrobe, gone as heck, and insulting and trying to fight EVERYONE. I tried really hard to get him to leave the party so I could drive him home, and he was not having it. Started berating me and then threw a lit smoke down my shirt.

The same guy also put an overripe banana down the back of my shorts and hit my behind as hard as he could in front of all his stupid friends. he really sucked. Thankfully, it’s 10 years later I have self-respect now and don’t date those guys anymore."

She Really Asked This!?
She Really Asked This!?

"I was new to my middle school. This middle school was in a small town where everyone knew each other and I was nervous since I knew absolutely no one.

I walked into the cafeteria on the first day when we had to wait until the bell rang to go to class. I looked around and realized everywhere was full except for this one space at the bench-like tables. I headed towards it and asked the girl who was in the space next to it if I could sit there.

She looked up at me, gave me a dirty look, and asked 'Are you homeless?'

I was dumbstruck. I didn't say anything, but she did shift a bit so I could sit down.

I don't remember who she was, I don't remember her face or even her voice, but her words will always stick with me."

A Turn Of Events
A Turn Of Events

"It was the night before my 21st birthday. My best friend in college who was older than me was excited to take me to a bar at midnight to ring in the momentous occasion.

Then this girl who had been flirting with him for weeks called to tell him she was having a party.

Thinking we could do both he decided to drag me along before going to the bars.

Now her place was outside the city, and therefore outside nightlife. But, my friend who honestly up until this point was reliable, assured me that we’d leave after an hour so I should call my other friends to meet us downtown.

I’m sure you can all assume we didn’t make it to the bar and some might have guessed 'oh it’s because your friend hooked up with this chick.' Well slowdown because this is where it gets disrespectful.

We go in, hang out, she’s all over him and tells everyone to come to go skinny dipping with her. We can both see the danger signs flashing and decide that now would be a good time to go.

Unfortunately, she took offense to this and calls him a slur while smacking him across the face.

She starts crying and tells us to get out before chucking a bottle of spirits at his car shattering the passenger side window where I was sitting. This is while we’re driving away.

He stops, screams at her and I got to spend my 21st birthday giving a statement to the cops and picking soaked glass out of my shoulder."

I'm The Boss Now!
I'm The Boss Now!

"I take my lunch break in my car. Always have for the last 10 years at my office. I park in a peaceful, quiet area overlooking a duck pond. I open the sunroof and get some fresh air and listen to the NPR lunchtime program with current/local events and it’s a really nice getaway from the monotony of office life.

Apparently, a coworker who historically has had beef with me started telling people I was 'hanging with Mary Jane' on my lunch breaks and that’s why I never ate in the break room. She compiled a lengthy list of my behaviors that would mimic that substance use. This list included things like being spaced out, being more talkative some days than others and often being tired (ya know, also signs of being an overworked adult). She also started keeping a folder of extremely petty 'mistakes' I had made to prove I was high at work. These 'mistakes' were such minor oversights, they affected no one at all.

She took this 'proof' to not only our boss but also to the physicians who own and run our office. She presented it as concern for my well-being, but if she were truly concerned about me, wouldn’t she bring it up with me first? Luckily all my bosses knew my work is and was 100% at all times and didn’t think twice about it. I didn’t even know about any of this going down until she was fired a year later, for unrelated reasons.

Well, the joke’s on you Ashley, I’m the boss now and I actually DO 'hang with Mary Jane' daily - but I wait until after hours because I take pride in my work."

They Don't Talk Anymore
They Don't Talk Anymore

"My ex-best friend started hanging out with a bad crowd and ditching me all the time. Told her I was really depressed and needed someone to talk to so I invited her over to bake cookies with me and watch TV. She bailed last minute to go buy substances so being that I felt terrible l I just said whatever and went to bed. She knows everything about me, so she knows I have trauma from my past which is what makes this next part worse. While I was asleep alone in my apartment in my safe space, she decided it would be a great idea to break in and bring 2 of her sketchy friends in with her. I woke up to some dude id never met standing outside my bedroom door, and her looming over me in the dark and I couldn't recognize her. I was absolutely TERRIFIED. Went into a full-on panic attack and freaked right the heck out. When I calmed down enough to realize what was going on I told them to get out. They didn't. I persisted. One of them was raiding my fridge, and her and her friend were laughing about my 'overreaction'. Went to the front door and opened it and just yelled 'get the heck out of my house' and they finally listened. The next day she messaged me and asked me to apologize for yelling and being so 'rude' and couldn't wrap her head around what a huge violation that was for me. We don't talk anymore. Being treated like that by someone I used to trust with everything hurt real bad."

Why Are Some Teachers Like This?
Why Are Some Teachers Like This?

"I was in 5th grade, 10 or 11 years old.

I didn't do homework often, because my teacher was mean, and I didn't want to do anything he asked me to do. But I decided to put in extra effort to finish all my overdo math homework so I could submit it the next day.

I finish all the worksheets in one night, stapled them all together, and wrote my name on the top one.

I gave them to him, he looked them over, tore off the top one, then ripped the rest of them in half and threw them away.

He looked at me and said, 'I don't know who those belonged to, they didn't have your name on them.'

And then he kept me inside from recess and told me to redo them all."

7 Years Of This?!
7 Years Of This?!

"I dated someone for 7 years. We got married on a quiet hill with all our friends. Three months into the marriage one of his best friends calls me and says that my (then) husband had been cheating on me the entire time with various close friends, even family. Turns out, not exaggerating, the majority of 'friends' at my wedding had slept with him. Most of them knew they were backstabbing me, others were convinced by him that he and I were in an open relationship on 'don't ask don't tell' rules... which simply wasn't true. STILL, NOT THE WORST PART.

During our relationship, he convinced me that he had a voyeurism fetish, and would often find people he knew to bring home and watch us fool around. I was comfortable with it because I've got some big kinks myself, and enjoyed doing it because my partner appeared to love it so much.

... Turns out he was getting money for it. I've never felt more violated, humiliated, disrespected, manipulated, and groomed in my life.

After I kicked him out, he fled the state and hitchhiked around the country, and wouldn't comply with any annulment/divorce paperwork. It took me 7 years to be able to prove to a judge that he wouldn't comply, that he had no real address I could serve him at, and I literally had to put an ad in the paper for over a month saying I was divorcing him for me to count it as serving him in able to get it finalized. Which it did, this year, on Valentine's Day.

I wish he was dead."

At Least She Left The Dog
At Least She Left The Dog

"I was living with my girlfriend for 2 years. In the middle of that time we broke up and she moved out for 2 months because she couldn’t stick with any job for more than a few months and tried jobs in another state. She came back and we started building our relationship back up. We went on a few trips, things were going well. Months later we went to Christmas at each other's family’s homes. Our families got our SO gifts and vise versa.

5 days later I came home from work and everything of hers was gone. She just dipped while I was at work. Moved everything in 8 hours. My rent and bills instantly doubled since I was paying for the whole place now. I felt like an idiot for bringing her to my family Christmas. My family was so accepting of her just for her to dip a few days later. I always wondered how long she was planning this. I never reached out to get answers but the whole thing nearly ruined my sobriety. It was hard for me to trust a partner after that and I still struggle with insecurity, to be honest.

Anyway, she left the dog and my dog means more to me than she ever did. Also, I’m getting married in October to the most perfect woman and happier than I’ve ever been."

Biggest Slap In The Face
Biggest Slap In The Face

"Husband (40) had a major cardiac emergency out of the blue. Really near death. No real medical history, a bit overweight, had quit smoking a few month prior.

Was in the ICU, multiple surgeries, re-admissions... I was by his side for all of it. Weeks of touch and go. I took care of bathing and feeding him while he was admitted because he was embarrassed to have the nurses do it. Ran the house, took care of the kids, juggled sitters, and continued to work when I could. Also had to contact his employer, insurances, disability, FMLA. Wife, mom, nurse, repeat. I signed up for this and did it all without a second thought.

After the last procedure that really turned him around, he was feeling better but couldn’t return to work. Was still unable to help out with housework, (limits on lifting and activity). So I’m still running the whole show. He said he was bored sitting around the house. So he took up smoking again.

The Biggest slap in the face."

A BIG Reason To Cut Ties With All Exes!
A BIG Reason To Cut Ties With All Exes!

"I was living on my own and friends with my EX. I had no one to spend my 20th birthday with so I asked him if he could just come to spend some time. He agreed. On the Day of, he canceled saying he had to help his mom run errands and I was fine with that. No biggie. I went out and spent the day treating myself to getting my nails done and buying myself a nicer bed set.

At around 9 pm my ex asks me if I want anything from a boba shop to make up for being absent and I told him I wanted a green tea and some popcorn chicken if they had some. And I was kinda excited I wasn’t being completely alone on my birthday.

He pulls up to my house and had a guy friend in the passenger seat. My Ex’s friend revealed that they were hanging out most of the day because it was his birthday. What are the odds!? I wish the dude a happy birthday and my ex is all 'ok you got your tea bye.' I was a little shocked but I understand nobody is obligated to spend time with me if they don’t want to. So I wasn’t going to push it. His friend turned to him and asked why I wasn’t coming along if it was my birthday too. Then he invited me to sleepover with them and buy some drinks and eat cake and watch movies together.

It was all cool and his friend was really nice and inviting even though my ex was doing his best to try and boot me. Eventually, when we crash at my ex’s place and we’re all sharing the same bed: the friend starts to feel up on me and I push his hands off. He tried again and I push his hands off. He gets up to go to the bathroom and apologized to me before slipping out of the room.

When he leaves my ex starts trying to get touchy with me and I reject him too. At which point my Ex basically confesses that I should get it on with his friend because 'cmon it’s his birthday & I only allowed you to come because I planned on getting you to be with my friend in the first place.'

I left his house immediately and blocked him on everything. His friend reached out to me a week later apologizing because he didn’t know that I wasn’t comfortable with it and that my ex talked me up when they were at the Boba place together. Which is why they asked me what I wanted from there In the first place.

I felt stupid, humiliated, and gross and used on my own birthday and it’s one I’ll never forget."

Her Mother WHAT?
Her Mother WHAT?

"My mother basically sided with my ex-husband when my husband and I divorced.

When my marriage was on the rocks, my mother, who knew next to nothing about what was going on in my marriage because I do not trust her enough to confide in her, literally shook her finger in my face and said, 'It's all your fault! You have problems with me, you have problems with your sister, you have problems with (husband's name), it's all your fault!'

The moment she said that to me, a door in my heart closed.

She called me a week after the divorce, as I sat there, my life in ruins, surrounded by unpacked cardboard boxes in my new rental, to tell me 'what a great guy!' my ex was. (Like, really? If he was such a 'great guy!', why was I sitting here surrounded by boxes?) The first time I visited her after the divorce, she still had photos of my ex, this person who had completely devastated me, proudly displayed in her living room. She then proceeded, after the divorce, to invite my ex-husband to bring my kids to visit her lakeside home to her house every summer, without bothering to ask if I was okay with that. Needless to say, I stopped going to visit her myself. We were estranged for about seven years. I sent her birthday and Christmas gifts but we barely spoke.

Eventually, because my kids begged me to, I patched things up with her and began visiting her again. I decided to be the bigger person. I'm polite to her when I visit. I make small talk with her and take pains to cook and clean and be a good house guest when I am there. I bend over backward to avoid arguments.

But, she has never apologized for her behavior; and I have never really let her back into my heart. I will do my duty and care for her as she ages but I will never let her get close to me again. Some things can never be repaired."

This One Takes The Birthday Cake
This One Takes The Birthday Cake

"I just moved out of my parents' place into a new city. Not all bad, I had a friend from college I reacquainted with. He even introduced me to a really cute girl that I was becoming rather fond of. After a few months, he had ascended to a really solid 'best friend"'status, and signs were looking good between her and I. Told my friend I was thinking of asking her out, and he told me to go for it, she'd definitely be down for it. He was so excited to hear it and really kicked my self-esteem into place. Going great! So, I invite them all to celebrate my birthday at a pub, hopefully, I'll work up the courage to ask this girl out, too. Having my friend's recent encouragement really did do a lot of favors for my confidence and comfort around the idea.

I arrive at the pub. I'm 10 minutes late, but no panicked texts, so I assume I'm okay. Well, they aren't there either. Guess we're all running late. I order a drink and get comfortable.

Another 20 minutes pass. I decided to give my friend a call. He doesn't pick up. Send a text. No response. After about an hour, I'm now calling the girl, asking if she's coming. No pickup. Send a text. No response.

I'm on drink number 3 in a mostly empty pub on a Tuesday night, my only company a gathering of old dudes and sad looking blue collars clearly in no mood to socialize. I'm watching the basketball game despite not liking basketball at all. Try whipping up a conversation with the bartender of all sad things, he's not really interested and quickly cuts me off to go do literally anything else.

After two hours of waiting, I give the last couple calls to my friend, desperately hoping he picks up. Nope. I call the girl. Nothing. I've accrued a $30 bar tab and am in no shape to safely drive home, so I decide to just sit it out for a bit, but then just feel myself getting sadder, more lonely, looking probably a lot like the blue-collar sacks occupying the stools beside me, and I'm the unfortunate soul closest to the window, in clear miserable view of all the happy meandering couples and groups of giddily chirping friends passing by on the sidewalk.

My original plan was to just sober up after a couple of hours, but that fell through. I couldn't stand being in there, and after one last call after four hours of waiting for them to come to my birthday, I just walked home. Took about an hour, but the fresh air and exercise at least made me feel less mopey and downtrodden. There could always be another day, another attempt, maybe they had a really good reason, maybe an emergency, maybe something that puts things in perspective.

I get home and my friend finally texts me back. 'Oh, hey. Yeah sorry.' I don't wait for the follow-up text, I immediately call him asking him what's up.

'Okay so I went to go pick up that girl, and I decided I would ask her out. Dude, you have to understand, she was like into it immediately. You won't believe it, we've actually been getting it on for the last four hours nonstop!'

Happy birthday to me."

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