There's no way of knowing when someone is going to meet the love of their life. It could be at a store, a party, via a friend, the possibilities are endless. No matter how they met, their story will always be memorable.

Couples on Reddit share the story of how they met. Content has been edited for clarity.

"Tried To Convince Myself I Wasn't In Love With Her"

"I remember thinking she was absolutely incredible. I actually got in an argument with my housemate the first night I met her because he couldn’t decide on whether to get with her (the hottest girl in the club) or some other girl with a dumb fringe (I’m still bitter) that he slept with and then got ghosted by who suddenly was interested in him again. I wasn’t exactly a player at the time, so him having two girls to choose from really wasn’t something I wanted to hear him complain about.

When they were together, we used flirt with each other in a jokey over the top kind of way.

I would say things like, 'So you’re staying in my bed tonight yeah? Good, because there won’t be room in housemates bed with me and him in it.' That kind of dumb stuff.

After he ended things with her (on reasonable terms) he left and school was let out for the summer. I went to the pub a couple times with her as friends and we got on really well. Then I went home for the summer, and tried desperately to convince myself I wasn’t in love with her and any future relationship would be purely platonic. I didn't want to betray my housemate, and had no intention of perusing her romantically even though I knew she was my dream girl. She was way out of my league anyway. That all changed one night when she messaged me, and told me she was in love with me.

We’re married now."

"Who The Heck Are You?"

"Met on YouTube. I had top comment on her favorite song(when that was still a thing), and she checked my channel. I just had a single playlist of music I liked. She liked all of the music, so subscribed to me so she could find it. I realised I had a subscriber 2 months later.

I sent a message, 'Who the heck are you, why have you subscribed to me?'

She explained, we got talking from there."

"I Was Immediately Infatuated With Her"

"The last semester of my undergrad, I enrolled in a 1 credit indoor soccer class. This class was co-ed, and we played on a basketball court. There was a girl in the class who was talking with the instructor, laughing about how this was her 13th time taking the class (which had two sections M|W and T|Th). Apparently her engineering scholarship covered taking up to 18 credits a semester, so she actually minored in exercise science.

A cute blonde with dimples who wore a Fraggle rock t-shirt and smelled like weed at 9 in the morning, every morning. I was immediately infatuated with her, and we hadn't even started playing.

Turns out she was an absolute beast of a goalkeeper, so she was normally picked first every single morning. She wouldn't just keep a clean sheet, she loved poking fun at your misses.

Well as the semester ran down, I realized I was running out of time to make an impression. She was always friendly with me, but she was like that with everyone so I knew I wasn't doing anything special. After watching her poke fun at one of the guys for 'wimping out' on a 50/50 ball, I thought maybe really challenging her would be the way to make my mark.

I took the ball up the short field and into the box and I tried to fake her out with some footwork, but she wasn't fooled. By the time she dove for the ball, it was too late for me to stop. She pushed the ball out of play, and I tried to jump over her.

My knee hit her right above her eyebrow which popped open like an overcooked hot-dog, you could actually see the brow bone. I felt terrible and expected her to flip out.

She hopped up and actually laughed, saying 'If you're going to hit me at least freaking score.'

I volunteered to walk with her a few blocks to the university hospital. On the way there, her only complaint was with graduation 2 weeks away she was going to have a shiner like she happened to for her prom."

"Marco! Polo!"

"My girlfriend and I met in a funny and strange way. I was in Walmart looking for friends so randomly I decided to yell 'Marco!'

And I hear a voice yell back 'Polo!'

I was confused so I called again, and got the same reply. So I looked for the voice. In the toy section I found the voice. It was a cute red headed girl. We got to talking and she turned out to be really cool. So I offered to take her out for dinner and the rest was history."

He Literally Hit On Her
He Literally Hit On Her

"I saw my wife sitting in the lunchroom in high school my junior year. We had a great relationship, but at one point it split apart for a brief time.

The high school was putting on the play Grease. I went to it, and there she was, her brunette hair dyed blonde. She came over and sat next to me to watch the show and talk. We had a great conversation while enjoying the play.

When it came time in the play for the 'mooning' scene, the kids pants were completely pulled down on accident. I howled with laughter and threw my arms in the air.

It looked, and sounded, like I had just slapped her. I sat there in complete shock with this beautiful girl clutching her face.

We got back together that night and, she married me anyway a few years later. It's now been almost 21 years since I put the ring on her finger.

She still brings up the slap from time to time, in a humorous way."

"I Was On Cloud 9"

"It was the last day I was filling in as a manager for a restaurant in the franchise I was working for. It was the first time I was working with this girl named Jenny, though. She was working a Saturday double and would be there the whole day, so I promised myself I would give her my phone number before I left.

I started work at 7am. I was supposed to be done around 5pm. Well, 5pm rolls around and I am too nervous to say anything. So I mess around for a bit, doing little things until I could get her alone. Unfortunately, the dinner rush begins. This restaurant is short-handed as it is, so I stay on longer, cooking, doing dishes, and talking to tables. At one point, they ran out of mushrooms so I had to go to the grocery store to pick up more. This goes on for several hours.

Anyway, midnight rolls around and things finally begin to slow down. All the staff is looking at me like I'm some hero because I just worked 17 hours straight. Jenny is counting her money by herself at this point, and is getting ready to leave in a few minutes. I told myself it was now or never. I would never have another chance to ask her out.

I sat down next to her, wrote my number on her server pad, and basically said 'Hey, here's my number in case you want to hang out sometime. Don't feel like you have to call cause we will never see each other again so it won't be awkward.'

I got up to leave and she followed me. She stopped me at the door and told me she was interested. What happened next had never happened to me ever when I've asked a girl out. She took my hand in hers and told me she would call me. Then, she kissed me on the cheek and walked away.

I was on cloud 9 the two following days waiting for her to call, which she did. Our first date consisted of walking my dog, eating Taco Bell, watching Ghost Adventures, watching Moulin Rouge, and making love. This was 3 years ago. We've been together ever since and have a two year old (I know)."

"Well, Isn't This Awkward?"

"We were in a bar, both out with our respective buddies. She was with her female friend, and I was with my male friend. Our two friends started talking, hit it off, one thing led to another and they were kissing.

She came over to me and said 'Well, isn't this awkward?'

I said she should buy me a drink, and she did and we really hit it off.

After a couple of hours of getting on very well, we looked around to see how our respective friends were getting on. Her friend slapped mine, and they stood arms crossed with their backs to each other. I ended up going home with her instead of leaving with my friend.

The next morning I asked her friend what mine had said to offend her so badly. She was quite the green activist it turned out, and she said him working for an oil company as a web developer was a big no no. I told her we all had to make a living, but she was mortified.

Both of our friends didn't end up dating, but I'm so glad she and I did."

"I'm Convinced I Never Should Have Come"

"I was at a club trying to figure out how to fit in, because I was feeling a bit out of place in the scene. Some guy at the bar decides to come over and start criticizing me, telling me how I'm doing this and that wrong, if I want anyone to notice me I should sit up straighter, I shouldn't be making eye contact, etc etc. After a minute or two of this I'm completely convinced I never should have come, and I'm seconds away from bolting from this arrogant arsegole and never coming back.

And then I see someone step up behind him. He gives me a wink over the guy's shoulder (oh, he had me right there, he has the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen), and then puts on his meanest, scariest face and just clears his throat. The guy turns around, and is promptly stared down in complete silence from a couple inches away until he finally shrinks and runs away. I buy my rescuer a drink, and we've been together ever since."

"That's The Chili's Waitress"

"One summer during college I was working as a waitress at Chili's. I happen to wait on a table of 4 guys around my age. They make funny small talk... about women and love making. They were pretty nice though, your normal early 20's male.

Fast forward 4 months later. A friend of a friend from the restaurant randomly invites me to a hotel party. I almost decline because my female friend backed out at the last minute but alas I went anyway. As I open the door, I see one of the guys who I served at Chili's.

Immediately he goes, 'That's the Chili's waitress.'

Turns out, one of the guys there who was at that table lived 2 blocks away from me. We'd grown up in the same town most of our whole lives. He kindly offered to drive me home (I had a couple drinks), and drive me back to get my car the next morning. It was very sweet of him but all I could think of during the ride home was, 'Please don't let me throw up in this guy's Jeep.'

Thankfully I didn't, and I thanked him on Facebook afterward which led us to date. Over 6 years later we're still together.

"We Were Both Socially Awkward"

"I knew of him for years since he's been my brother's best friend since the 4th grade. I got to know him more when he would come over to hang out once in a while (his dad was strict and didn't let him out of the house often). I developed a crush the summer before my sophomore year began (he was going into his senior year) but I denied it all until November when my friends dragged it out of me.

We were both socially awkward with each other, but I believe my brother told him I had a thing for him. After he found out, he asked me to go see a play with him. We spoke a lot all the way there and got to know each other more. I planned on confessing to him then, which I did. He felt the same. I laughed like an idiot the whole time. This was over five years ago."

"For Some Reason I Accepted"

"I'm not a big fan of Facebook but I think it's pretty useful. I'm a girl and I used to play this game called MapleStory in high school.

Anyways, I had a friend tag me in a picture about the game, and (I suppose through mutual friends?) my boyfriend saw it and added me. Funny enough, any time I got added by somebody I didn't know before I would ignore it immediately. But for some reason I accepted his and he messaged me.

It was actually my birthday the next day and he asked for my number so he could text me happy birthday (sly dog). Sometimes I wish it was a little more memorable but yeah.

I remember the first few times we talked online and over text he used a lot of internet lingo. Like little phrases he gets from World of Warcraft and stuff and I had NO IDEA what he was talking about half the time. I think that, in a weird way, is what kept me interested in him. I thought he was all mysterious and unique with his humor when in fact he was talking to me like I was part of his raid party and I was totally oblivious."

"I Never Thought I Would Date Him"

"My second day at college in the summer, I met my significant other on the bottom floor of my dorm building. He's a cross-country runner and I like to keep in shape so we decide to go running (not a date, as friends). Quick detail: He is shy and socially awkward and I am really bubbly and I never thought I would date him because I thought he would bore me, but I still thought he was really cute.

But anyway, I hate letting people down and am not the fastest runner. His first impression of me involves me throwing up on the side of the road. He came from a strict mom and never got to party during high school. He decided to go SUPER HARD at a party a few days later. I decided to go harder, after being convinced I was Nikki Minaj and proclaiming this fact to everyone at the party, I nearly passed out with my head in his lap facing his face. Hammered-off-his-butt significant other thought I was trying to kiss him. Kid had apparently never kissed a girl before, I probably should have figured this out because after the party he pretty much had to carry me home (and stayed the night due to roommate conveniently being gone), he continued to kiss me even immediately after he watched me throw-up (nearly on him). Yea... throw up is kinda our thing.... Next morning I regretted everything, but one night led to others and I can't imagine life without him now."

A Nice Surprise
A Nice Surprise

"I was walking around in the outdoor mall about two years ago and I see this gorgeous guy and his friend sitting on a bench, playing guitars. And not the bad ones either. These guitars were works of art and they were both notably good at playing them. So I awkwardly asked if I could sit and listen to them play, they both said yes and I did. The gorgeous guy asked for my number, found out shortly after he was very much addicted to all the substances so we never really connected.

He called me up a few months ago to ask if I wanted to go get coffee with him. There I discovered he went through detox and recovery and his life is really turning around for the better. He's going for a degree in business and music, and has turned out to be the best guy I could have ever asked for."

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