As far as dating boundaries go, friends' moms should generally be off limits, but according to the people in these stories boundaries were meant to be broken... and then promptly never spoken of ever again. To quote the famous one-hit wonder, Stacy's mom's got it going on.

"I Knew Something Bad Happened But I Had No Memory Whatsoever"

"One night me and my best friend went to our regular bar and his dad and step mom decided to join us. His dad is a little older so he tired out early and left but the step mom (we will call her Leah) decided to stay behind and drive us home since she doesn't drink.

Upon hearing that we had a designated driver, we started pounding shots heavily until we were both blackout plastered. I vaguely remember Leah following me around all night like a little puppy. I kept telling my friends to save me from her because her intentions were clear.

The next morning I woke up with no recollection of getting back to my friend's house. My subconscious was telling me that something bad happened though and it was nagging me all morning. Also, she was unusually up my butt all day, and she whispered to me at one point, 'I would love to finish what we started last night.' At that point, I knew something bad happened.

Once I got home, I texted her to ask her what happened. She sent me a very long and detailed account of the night. She said that I refused to sleep with her but I didn't fight her blowing me. I literally did not remember any of it.

Her husband and my best friend's dad happened to read that text, and he was furious. I am no longer allowed over there. My friend doesn't hold it against me because he knows full well how wasted we were because he didn't remember a thing either.

This happened about six months ago and Leah still texts me at least once a week trying to get me to sleep with her. She is still with her husband, and he never really took any of his anger out on her. She was 100% sober but somehow he held me fully responsible."

A Different And Unexpected Form Of Payment
A Different And Unexpected Form Of Payment

"I have a friend whose mom was always really nice and bubbly. We'll call her Jane. I've known Jane since I was 13. I was friends with her son in junior high but that's about it. We'll call him Sam. Well as Sam and I grew apart, my mom remained very good friends with Jane. So I would see her quite often.

Jane had a few boyfriends through the span that I've known her, but never for more than a few months and never any plans for engagement or anything. So as I grew older, Jane became nicer and more touchy feely. I however, always wrote this off as my imagination. On top of this Jane would often comment about how I was growing to be such a tall, handsome young man and would compliment my muscles or let me know she liked my new haircut. Basically, I noticed Jane was paying a lot more attention to me than seemed normal. When I was 19, almost 20, I was working a job that didn't have many hours to offer. Jane, being a single lady whose only son (Sam) left for college, insisted that I could do yard work and such around her house and she would pay me for it. I wasn't opposed to this, seeing as I needed money.

Well one day Jane needed her carpet pulled up because she was getting wood floors. So who better to do the job than yours truly. I remember the couch was pushed onto the tile right next to the kitchen and after about 30 minutes of straight work I was tired and decided to sit down and rest. Jane had come home from work about 30 minutes earlier and took a shower and came out wearing just shorts and a sports bra. Now keep in mind, Jane is an attractive, dark skinned, early middle-aged woman who is in good shape. I've always thought Jane to be attractive in a very traditional sense. So she comes out and says that she would help me get the job done. She went on to joke about how hot I looked as a blue collar man and how she loved a man who was capable of hard work and wasn't afraid to work up a sweat. She joked like this for just a minute, then playfully sat on my lap while I was on the couch. This wasn't completely shocking to me, as I've known her for a while and she was always a flirtatious woman.

While she was on my lap I couldn't help but quickly look at her cleavage that was pressed against me. She noticed this and giggled and playfully scolded me, but went on to say she didn't mind. This is where things got real. She then straddled me and said 'I'm used to the attention." This caught me off guard and I said no. Even though I really wanted to. She wouldn't take no for an answer. So I did it. I lightly touched her chest with one hand. Then pulled back. She then said 'Oh, come on really FEEL them!' Jane took both my hands and pressed them against her chest. I was staring at her chest. But I could feel her staring at me. While she did that she began to stir her hips and I could hear her breathing pick up a little. I won't go into any more detail, but this quickly turned into me having shacking it with Jane.

I continued for a while to go to Jane's house to do work. And we hooked up a few more times after that. We never discussed it but it was obvious we wouldn't tell anyone of this, especially Sam or my mom. After a while I got a better job and Jane became involved with another man. It's as if nothing ever happened. Which I honestly prefer. I still see her fairly often, but she's a very cool person and nothing ever seems awkward or anything of that sort. Overall, it was an awesome experience."

"I Enjoyed Our Time Together"

"We weren't best friends, but a friend of mine helped me get a job in college at a fast food restaurant where his mom worked. She was a nice lady nearly twice my age, I was in my early 20s, and she was in her late 30s.

She and I got along well, but she was always playfully flirty. I didn't really think anything of it, but a few months into the job she started borrowing money from me to get weed on the side (she was single, lived with a female roommate, kids had moved out, and she was heavily addicted to weed - like has to smoke several times a day or else she has panic attacks). I didn't mind because she always paid me back.

She texted me one day saying she needed to borrow money for weed really bad, and offered if I bought it she would share it with me. I had only used once before or so, but it was at the start of a weekend and I had nothing planned and was bored, so I figured why not, especially if it is with one person I know in a place I am familiar with.

She came over and we shared a joint and talked, and about half-way through she started to get flirty and joked that if she keeps borrowing money from me she might have to think of others ways to pay me back. I knew what was happening and didn't really object, she was a decently attractive woman, in decent shape, and we were both single. So I replied that I wouldn't mind that at all, and she played coy saying things like how long it has been for her and that she doesn't even know what it feels like anymore, and I just said that if we went upstairs she would rediscover what it felt like; then we went upstairs.

She was very vanilla in bed, most of the excitement came from her being an older woman and my friend's mom... For the next few months we were friends with benefits, she'd come over after work every other night. She eventually lost her job though because she demanded a raise and didn't get it, so she went off on our boss and the boss reacted by firing her. Things weren't serious between us and I didn't really want a relationship, so she ended up contacting an ex-boyfriend who lived in another state, and he paid to move her in with him.

Her son never found out; I see him every month or so. I was kind of glad to be rid of the arrangement in the end, but I enjoyed our time together."

Well That Was Unexpected
Well That Was Unexpected

"When I was 17 years old, I started sleeping with my (at the time) recent ex-girlfriend's mom.

It all started one day when we were hanging out at her house, and she asked if I wanted to ride over to her mother's (my ex-girlfriend's grandmother) house to feed her dogs seeing she was out of town. I agreed, so I got in the driver seat of the suburban and started heading to her mother's. While on the way everything seemed normal until she put her hand on my leg. I was caught a little off guard, but we were close, so I didn't really think too much of it. We continued down the road in a void of silence when she slides her hand up to my belt and starts unbuckling it and unbuttoning my pants. Next thing I know, she is out of her seat and on her knees in the floorboard.

We get to her mom's and she grabs me and pulls me into her mom's room and pushes me on the bed. At this point I'm pretty freaked out. I'm 17 and this is a lot to take in. Anyways, she goes back for some more, this time taking my pants off as she goes. After a few minutes she took off her pants and crawled up to where she was straddling. As I lay there I am being flooded with the emotions of excitement, horror, guilt, and pleasure. I protest briefly but by the time I had a chance to put a sentence together she had already started. We finished up (admittedly not too long after it began), fed the dogs, and went back to her house where I smoked a bowl with her daughter. We didn't talk about it for about a week, but it turned into a semi-regular thing for about a year and a half. Eventually I cut it off because I found a girl that I cared for, and she lost her mind on me and we haven't really talked since."

A Pool Party He'll Never Forget
A Pool Party He'll Never Forget

"When I was 18, I hung around this cute girl that was new at school for our last year. I would give her rides to and from school because she knew me from a mutual friend before she transferred to my school. I always had a crush on her, but she was pretty far out of my league. It was a friend zone kind of thing, but I didn't really care.

Anyway, we were pretty inseparable for a period of time. I would hang out on her front porch and her mom would always come out and talk with us. She was really, really attractive. Long blonde hair, slender and had that attractive raspy voice. I would always joke with her mom in the room about her mom being hot, and since she was recently divorced, so I think she liked the self-esteem boost.

Probably a year after we had stopped hanging out so frequently, I asked the girl if she wanted to go to my friend's party that he was having in the middle of a cornfield. She agreed to go with me, and we got a chance to catch up on the way over. I must have been abnormally funny or charming that night because she was laughing at every dumb joke and really flirting with me the whole way over. While we were on a dark country road she leaned over and kissed me while simultaneously rubbing her hand on my crotch. It caught me off guard as I didn't know she was even into me like that. I pulled over off the side of the road, shut my car off and we hooked up for a bit. She told me that she wanted to hold off on going further, but we still made out and groped each other throughout the rest of the night. Nothing ever really came of it after that, but we still remained good friends.

Fast forward another year and my buddy and I end up at her mom's house because he now had a fling with this girl. She had a couple friends over (guys and girls), but then later on in the night her mom was dropped off from the bar. This was the first time I had seen her mom since I used to come over back in school and she immediately remembered me and was more than happy to see me. We all swam in their pool, drank and drank some more. Her mom jokingly kissed me on a dare in front of her and the girl freaked out and pulled her off of me. So after that her mom kept her distance from me for the rest of the night because I think she may have known that she was crossing a line with her daughter. Later on, everyone passed out and my friend went to bed with this girl. I went out on the deck to smoke before passing out, and about two minutes later her mom followed me out. Without saying a word to me, she straddled my thigh. She was wearing a sundress and I could feel that she wasn't wearing any underwear as she straddled my leg. Let's say she was ready to go. She pushed my head into her chest and began grinding my thigh. Basically after that I did her mom from behind over the balcony and again in her bed. Her daughter doesn't know about it at all to my knowledge unless my friend told her. Didn't happen again after that, but I never really found myself in that position again either."

15 Years Later And He Still Hates Himself For This
15 Years Later And He Still Hates Himself For This

"My parents raised me with no social skills whatsoever. I knew nothing about dating or making friends. I stumbled through life making cringe worthy social embarrassments one after another. When I was 16, a friend of mine arranged a date for me. I chased the girl off on the third date because I told her 'I love you.' I had no idea how these things worked. I felt terrible because I didn't even understand what I did wrong.

Two weeks later on my 17th birthday, I was depressed since 'the girl I loved' left me. I refused to have a birthday party because I was so depressed. I decided I wasn't a kid anymore and I 'ran away' to my only friend's house. He wasn't home, but his mom answered the door. I apologized for bothering her. I was about to leave when the phone rang. She waved me in and pointed to the couch. It was my mom looking for me, she told her I was there, and then she told her 'He's playing with Sam on the trampoline.' She said a few other things and hung up.

I guess she could tell I was upset... wait why did an adult just lie to my mom?

She sat me down on the couch, and we started talking. No one had ever spoken to me like an adult before about my problems. I still held back because I was used to not talking about my life out of fear of my dad hitting me. For some reason I felt like I could trust her and I burst out in tears. I told her everything; how lonely I was, how I lived locked up, how embarrassing it was to be graduating next year yet still living like a little kid. I told her about my 'girlfriend' and I went hysterical. She calmed me quite a bit and told me the generic 'plenty of fish in the sea' bit. It was cheesy but I felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders to speak to someone about this. When I was breathing normally again, she went to get me another glass of water.

Then I panicked, she's going to tell my parents. I felt so dumb, I started feeling the cold sweats and that nervous feeling coming up. I thought for sure I was going to puke. Yep, here it comes. I got up from the couch, turned around and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was Sam's mom, wearing nothing but a white button up shirt.

I had never seen an unclothed woman in real life before. I had seen a few pictures in magazines here and there, but not much. Here she was, a somewhat chubby, unshaven, woman who gave birth to four kids, one of them my only friend, with no pants! I reacted how you might imagine. I felt my cheeks heat up, I turned around and sat down on the couch. Why did I do that? I shouldn't have gotten up. She probably was in the shower or something. Even worse I was aroused and couldn't control it. I put my hands in my lap to cover it but it was not working.


She came behind the couch and started rubbing my shoulders. I sputtered an apology, and she lifted my chin back, so I could see her. Her shirt was now unbuttoned and her chest sat basically on my forehead. She kissed me upside down, and I was pretty sure I was going to lose it right there. She came around put her head below my belt which was all of six seconds... and then moments later being hard still she rode me on the couch and did all the work. I couldn't believe it. I said nothing between her kisses. I don't know how long it lasted. After she finished herself off on me, she got up and cleaned me off with some baby wipes.

She told me that's one thing in life I wouldn't need to worry about anymore. I tried to make a joke about referring to the baby wipes, and she just kind of gave me a grin. She then said 'This is between us, you understand? For your birthday. It's not going to happen again.' I said 'Never?' 'We'll see.' she said.

I walked home, and I don't really know how to describe what was going through my head but it was something along the lines of an elated 'Wow, I love life!'

I wouldn't feel that way for a long, long time.

A few weeks later my parents were pretty upset at me because I was walking around with a smug grin and not a care in the world about what they had to say about me. My one friend knew something was up. I wanted to say something, but I was not about to break the secret between me and his mom. I finally fessed up that I slept with someone, but refused to say with whom. I don't know how it happened, but he figured it out.

He was livid and told everyone he could.

The police interviewed me because I was underage. I denied everything but I am a bad liar. I was scared. Even without any ounce of evidence his father filed for divorce. I got put into in-school suspension for weeks because my friend would try to beat me anytime he saw me. I felt like trash but at the same time I could literally close my eyes and feel Sam's mom riding me. It was a very confusing time to feel so good yet so guilty.

Anyway the charges were dropped although my parents pressed hard for something to stick. My parents sued her in some other way. Sam and his family moved away from town and I never saw them again. I felt so ashamed.

15 plus years later I've become much more socially adjusted, but I still hate myself for getting into that situation even though I have the great feelings about it."

Right Before He Shipped Out
Right Before He Shipped Out

"I was about 19 at the time and training for the military, so I was constantly running in preparation for basic. A few of my friends who were also in the program wanted to join me, so we would frequently meet up during the week to go and quickly became good friends as a result.

I met Tiffany at her house one day to help her move some things out of her house because her ship date was getting closer and no one else would help her. That's when I met Tiffany's mom. When I first met her, I could feel instant attraction towards her. Not only because of her looks, but because of her personality. She was getting a dancing pole installed in her house for exercise purposes. So, being 19 at the time and my teenage body vigorously coursing with testosterone, I thought that was the hottest thing ever. The more I was over there the more I noticed that my constant stares were being returned by her mom. This continued on for a couple of weeks with occasional flirting and subtle advances until Tiffany's ship date arrived.

In order for me to move on to the next part of the story I have to explain how the whole process of leaving for the military works. So the night before your ship date, they put you up in the nearest hotel closest to MEPS. Tiffany's mom wanted to get a room in the same hotel so she could be there for her in the morning and she invited me to come along with her. Of course, I accepted her invitation. We all hung out in Tiffany's mom's room until Tiffany's curfew came and forced her to go and left us alone. We bought drinks, and after a few bottles and some not so subtle advances, we hooked up. It was the best panky I have ever had to date. After that night we hooked up a few more times but it ended soon after. I don't think Tiffany ever found out but I'm not sure. I'm 23 now and haven't really talked to her since."

The Mom Of My Enemy Is My Friend
The Mom Of My Enemy Is My Friend

"In high school I knew this girl, Amanda. She was a brat who hated me and treated me like trash. Fast forward to two years after graduation. I get a job at a large electronics retailer selling TVs. Well, lo and behold Amanda's mom starts working in home appliances. Now, I need to mention that Amanda is gorgeous. She has a great olive complexion, very athletic body, and great legs.

Well, she gets her looks from her mom. Her mom knows me from school and I've always been a hit with adults as a kid. I ended up working with Amanda's mom, Paula, quite often. I never hit on her, I knew she was married. By this time I had a primary job as a bank teller on the weekdays and worked at the store on the weekends. One night, July 4th weekend, a bunch of employees were hanging out in the parking lot, just shooting the bull, when one guy mentions how long It's been since he was on a date. That's when Paula mentions, 'I've been divorced for two years and have yet to be asked on a date.' I was astonished, but, being the funny guy, I said, 'Well I'm off Monday for the holiday, I could take you out.' She smiled and said, 'Sure, here's my number.' I was super excited, here I am, going on a date with that brat, Amanda's mom. She's gonna be so ticked off!

Cue evil laughter.

Well, Monday comes around, I get all nice and dressed up. Paula and I meet up, and we go out to dinner. It goes quite well. After dinner, I'm thinking of a way to prolong this wonderfully devious, and surprisingly enjoyable, night. She suggests a movie. Of course! Well we get seated in an almost empty theater to watch 'Iron Man 2.' Her choice. I sit down, and she grabs the arm rest between us and pushes it up and snuggles all nice and tight against me.

Movie ends, nothing happened, so we get into my car and I begin to drive her back. Then I get a crazy idea. It's near midnight, and I have to work at 7 am, but I drive to the edge of town and park my car off the side of a highway. We sit there for two hours talking. I take her back to her car, and, as we are say goodbyes, I get the feeling she wants to kiss me. But, in my head I'm thinking, 'No way dude. Besides, she's twice your age, she just wanted a good night out.' So we go our separate ways.

The next day, I can't text her because I'm busy, and she's at work all day. I get home at about 4:45. About 30 minutes later, she texts me and says she's outside, she wants to see me. I go outside and get into her car, thinking we are going to dinner, or she is going to call it off. She turns to me says, 'Hey, how was your da- no, no, this first.' She grabs my head and pulls me in for a kiss. It was amazing. We sat there and talked for another few hours, then she had to get home.

That was when our amazing, but brief, relationship started. We would text and talk all day and night. I found out she was living with her Vietnam vet dad who needed her to take care of him (PTSD). He was verbally abusive and very loud. For the first month, I felt like it was a high school relationship. So much drama, but we got along great.

After about a month together she asked if she could spend the night that Friday. I was super excited. Now, not only was I going to get laid, but Amanda still didn't have a clue. Friday gets here, Paula starts drinking. We do the horizontal tango and it was... is there a stronger word for amazing? She wasn't my first but oh boy she was better. She wore me out.

At 8 am the next day her dad called, freaking out that she wasn't there. So she bolts. We hook up again about three weeks later and I didn't know it could get better. Three weeks after that, she comes over and we are cuddling, watching a movie, and her phone rings. It's Amanda. She answers, 'Hey baby, what's up?'

I'm four feet away and hear from the phone 'ARE YOU SLEEPING WITH KEVIN FROM WORK?'

Paula says, 'What?'

Paula deflates, drooping her shoulders,

'Yes, yes I am.'

Then I hear more screaming, going on about how it's disgusting, he's half her age. Paula interrupts her, 'but he's so good! It's awesome!' Amanda blew a gasket. Paula leaves while getting yelled at. It was a complete role reversal. Amanda acting like the mom and Paula the daughter. I was both sad and blissful. Sad because I knew it was over, blissful because Amanda found out. We stopped talking, she became a school teacher again.

I learned Amanda discovered our relationship via our sisters having choir together. My tactless sister said, 'my brother is dating Amanda's mom!' to Amanda's sister, Kim, Kim tells Amanda. Boom! Head shot!

Looking back on it now, I'm glad it ended when it did. Paula had severe depression about her divorce, bad living situation, heavy drinker, and she really wanted a kid. A year after that fateful phone call I found out she got pregnant from a guy from AA, and she just recently had that baby. Another girl, number four for her. She moved out of her dad's, filed a restraining order, because he actually tried forcing himself on her. She now lives with her ex in laws... Man, I don't miss the drama, but I do miss the nights we had together."

A Night In The Garden
A Night In The Garden

"When I was in high school I was living in a New York suburb and went to one of these fancy private boarding schools that sent many kids to Ivy League colleges every year.

While my family was out of the country, my friend's family took me in and gave me the guest room to stay in. My friend's mom was mostly at home (I will call her Britney from this point on), while his father worked his tail off everyday. Of course me and my friend, being the teenage kids we are, did nothing but eat junk food every day and smoke weed in their huge garden.

One day, while we were doing our usual thing with some joints, we heard the gardener say something in Spanish and also heard his footsteps towards us. We were in a really terrible situation as both of our dads would cut us like a steak and cook us medium-rare if they found out. We did the only reasonable thing we could do, we went around the garden for 20-25 minutes and entered through the front door like we just went outside for a walk. The thing that our stupid minds didn't figure out back then was we smelled like dank weed when we entered the house. My friend's mom came out of the kitchen (she was making a mixed drink for herself) and just did the air smelling motion. It hit us right there that we were caught.

She yelled at us for smoking weed and that weed is bad, and told us what we are going to do if our fathers find out what we've been doing. Of course, we were scared out of our minds and apologized over and over again after slowly moving back to my friend's room to play some video games and reduce the fear of our impending doom. My friend went upstairs first, and just as I was about to follow, Britney asked me to come to kitchen. I was surprised but I did, and the most unimaginable thing happened. She asked if I had any more weed. Of course, I said that we smoked all of it, but she called me out on it and told me she will not tell anyone about today's incident if I gave her some weed.

Let me give me some more background information. From what I heard from me and my friend's father's conversations, their relationship was falling apart. My friend's father was always at work, and they didn't spend enough time together which caused many fights between them. I assumed that she wanted something to calm her down due to all this fighting in the house, so I finally gave up and took her to our stash in the garden.

After we went back to the garden, I proceeded to roll a joint for her. She sat there talking about her childhood and her own times of smoking weed. She then lit the joint I rolled and starting smoking. After a few hits, she offered me some, saying I should have some as well since we are partners in crime now. Well who am I to refuse some weed. We started smoking, and about an hour later, we smoked several joints. At one point, she started talking about her husband and how they didn't spend time together anymore. She started telling me how lonely she was and talked about how she hasn't gotten off in three months. Of course, I was stoned out of my mind and didn't pay the slightest attention to what she was saying, or else I would've left.

At some point she started talking about the side effects of weed, and she put her hands down my pants. At this point I was speechless and just realized what was going on. She said that she didn't have a man inside her for such a long time, and that she wanted me in her. My teenage brain exploded with all these hormones. She started giving me head soon after, and I was shocked but was enjoying it very much. After a while she pulled down her pants from her sundress and proceeded to sit on top of me.

This is still one of my most vivid memories of intimacy with someone. I don't think any memory I have in the future will get even close to this one."

"Jesus Gave Us Permission"

"I hooked up with my little brother's babysitter/my friend's mom when I was a teenager. She was 35 and had short dirty blonde hair and was in great shape. At some point, his mom started offering to massage my back while I played. I let her do it and thought nothing of it. One day, she started reaching around a bit and next thing you know I was getting turned on. So she asked me if we should move somewhere more comfortable where she could massage me a bit more. I said sure and we went to her room. Well, within five minutes it was on. The oddest phrases came out of that lady. I asked her if she thought Jesus would be mad at us, and she said she thought Jesus would want her to be happy. That passed my logic test, so we kept going.

Well, for the next five days we did it at her house, mine, in the car, and really anywhere we could get the chance to. She even had it set up where she could sign me out of school (she was that tight with my mom), so she did one day, and we had more or less an all day romp.

She offered me a few hundred dollars and said it was so we could take a vacation to get away from everything. I took it. I also told my older brother since I couldn't contain myself any longer. He immediately told my mom that she had threatened to kidnap me (I guess that is what it technically would have been) and my mom told my dad and my dad called the cops.

She was arrested and forced to perform a few hundred hours of community service and ordered to pay for me to see a psychiatric counselor for a year. My friends all found out (she told them) and it caused a large faction of people at my school to be angry with me (no idea why). I never went to see a shrink and when I turned 18 my mom gave me that money to buy a car. I got a 1981 Mazda RX-7 (this was in 1991)."

This Isn't What She Had In Mind
This Isn't What She Had In Mind

"This happened to me -- I'm a girl and I was in my senior year at high school, and it was with my best friend's dad.

When he started flirting with me it didn't seem like a big deal because he was very charismatic and friendly with everyone (he was the 'cool dad'), but then it escalated when he started asking me questions like did I have a boyfriend and if I had slept with anyone before, and then he started telling me that he was unhappy with his marriage and love life, was going to get a divorce, and that he wished he were younger so he could get a girl like me. At the time it felt wrong, but at the same time it felt good to be getting attention -- plus I rationalized (or romanticized) the entire situation.

One night after a party at his house (yep we were all drinking -- even the teenagers), we did it on the sofa after everyone went to bed. I didn't want to (because I wanted my first time to be special) but he begged me and was practically on the verge of tears, so I said yes. I hadn't done this before, I remember feeling sick, I didn't get off, and it was over in less than a couple of minutes. After that it was very awkward between us -- he wasn't unkind to me, but he was distant and less interested. Slowly we just stopped talking altogether (best friend included) and we just went our separate ways.

That was ten years ago and the memory of that time in my life makes me feel ashamed and disgusted at myself for being so stupid. Although I've talked about this in counseling, I've never talked about it to anyone else my family or friends. Although the experience was awful and regrettable -- and makes me cringe in shame even now -- I've managed to get through it and I'm doing alright now."

Definitely Not Her Proudest Moment
Definitely Not Her Proudest Moment

"I was kind of a burnout in high school. I was one of those (admittedly obnoxious kids) that aced all the tests but hardly ever showed up--or showed up wasted. Life was a little out of control for me.

I hung around with a group of older (late teens/early 20s) burnout stoner dudes, and over the course of our 'friendship' I slept with/dated pretty much all of them. Such was life. One of them had a dad who still thought himself young/hip and would come around to smoke pot or give us drinks. He wasn't good looking or particularly interesting but he was always friendly, and stuck up for me a few times when one of the guys I was dating was being an all-around junky idiot.

At some point I was off-again from said junk idiot as well as the stuff, and bored, and this dad found me on some social media platform or another. He started casual conversation, we chatted, caught up a little, he congratulated me on being clean, etc. After awhile he invited me out for a drive--new car or convertible or something. Said he'd buy me a drink. I agreed...I was newly single and newly sober and bored and restless and depressed. I kind of new where it was going but didn't want to think about it. I did, however, want to get wasted, and being away from the boyfriend meant no access. So I went.

We drove around, got drinks, watched some TV...and when he started coming on to me I didn't stop it. I kind of liked the attention, I went along with it, and we hooked up. It wasn't very good but it wasn't terrible either, just really weird...this guy was old enough to be my father. Also, I'd slept with his son. More than once. Afterwards he gave me some money really awkwardly, told me he wasn't 'paying' me he just wanted me to have nice things. Whatever.

A little while later I got back with my junky idiot ex and relapsed--surprise. I called up the dad and slept with him a couple more times, leading him on as though I enjoyed it because I knew he'd give me money afterwards. It was an unspoken agreement, but I counted on it.

Definitely not my proudest fact probably my own personal rock bottom. That whole period in my life was pretty dark. Luckily, I went to rehab and got all clean and happy and life is actually pretty awesome now. So that's good!"

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