People share their sad, annoying, and shady stories that lead to them cutting someone out of their life. Stories range from friendships to families. Take a look at the hard and strong decisions that these people had to make in order to improve their own lives. Content has been edited for clarity.

The Crazy Aunt
The Crazy Aunt

"Shortly before my daughter was born, my wife’s aunt was quite friendly with us. Then she did a few strange things.

-Invited us over for dinner, but then asked us if we could bring our own food (not a contribution, not dinner, but actually wanted us to go to their house whilst they ate one thing and we ate something we’d brought with us)

-Came to the baby shower and, like everyone, brought something for the buffet. She then provided us with a bill for about 12 cupcakes she made.

As it was a lot of people meeting in one house, we asked people not to bring their dogs with them. She kicked up a huge fuss saying that she wanted us all to go for a long walk in the middle of it. At this point my wife is 7-8 months pregnant. We say no, there’s no room for dogs here. Instant huff. She turns up and sees my brother in laws dog there. Launches into what felt like a 3 hour sulk about how my BIL was allowed his dog there, missing the point that it was being held at his house, and the dog lived there.

-This was the final kicker. I once mentioned randomly on Facebook that I don’t like mint chocolate chip ice cream. She and her fiancé (great story there too) launched at me, claiming I went out of my way to ruin other people’s fun, and ruin social situations and how unfair I am, to taking other people’s wishes etc. All related to me not liking mint chocolate chip ice cream.

We spoke to them maybe once after that. I decided I was having no more of their drama and cut them off. My wife saw her a few times (against my wishes but it’s her choice) but then cut her out too once the drama intensified, and the woman refused to come to our daughter's birthday party unless we allowed her dogs, paid her to come and provided her choice of ice cream - and only that.

So it’s been a lot simpler for me not dealing with her drama. My mother in law does chat to this sister occasionally and she is now apparently saying she has no idea why we don’t talk to them. We’ve told her, but she still claims not to know.

Once the drama becomes too much, it’s easier to be without it."

"That Was The Day I Stopped Talking To My Uncle"

"My uncle basically forced my grandma to adopt a cat they found. He say he would pay for all the cat's expenses (vet, food, litter, etc) since my grandma does not work and can't really afford the expenses of owning a pet. After 2 or 3 years of my grandma living with the cat, he got a bladder infection and had to be rushed to the vet since he had not peed in a couple of days (grandma did not notice this). My mom had to drive them (because my grandma is not a confident driver) and neither of them speaks English very well. Because of this, my uncle was the one who was talking with the vet over the cat's treatments and it boiled down to either putting the cat down or do an expensive medical procedure. My uncle instead of telling my grandma what the situation was and that the cat needed surgery, he simply told her that they needed to put the cat down and to let me know so I could go say goodbye to him.

Once I arrive to the vet and see my mom and grandma crying because they are saying their last goodbyes, I talk to the nurse wondering if there is anything we can do whatsoever to save his life, she looks at me confused and tells me that we could do an operation on him that had good chances of being successful. I tell my mom and grandma this and they are confused because my uncle told them the cat could not be saved. I ended up paying for the surgery and Valentino (cat's name) is still wagging his tail to this day. That was the day I stopped talking to my uncle, he has a very well paying job, no kids nor family, money is not an issue to him, yet he still decided to just put him down regardless of all the pain my grandma was going to feel."

Breaking Point
Breaking Point

"Best friend of twelve years, from young kids all the way up to 18 years old. He had a rough home life and the day he turned 18, his parents kicked him out, so we let him move in with us. This didn't really work out. He proved to be a terrible roommate and spent the next several months being a major pain in the butt. I won't go into major details beyond the breaking point.

At the end of it, he was browsing MySpace on my computer when he found out through it that his girlfriend at the time was cheating on him. His response to this was to completely destroy my computer in a fit of rage, then demand I drive him down the hour long trip to the college she was attending the next state over.

I decided to do so. When I dropped him off at her dorm, I made it clear in no uncertain terms that if he ever wanted to be back in my life he wouldn't come back until he showed up with enough money to buy me a replacement computer. He never did, and I haven't spoken to him in over a decade as a result."


"Made a friend in 8th grade, stayed friends through highschool and college. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding, planned my bachelorette party since my Maid of Honor wasn't sure what to do. She got engaged 3 years after I was married. At this point, we'd been friends close to 15 years.

Her mother had died when she was young, I was unwilling to help plan, and no idea what to do so she asked for my help in planning the wedding as it hadn't been too long since my own, then went total bridezilla on me. There were lots of issues with the planning but the main issue had to do with the bridesmaid dresses.

We went to a bridal show one Saturday and she decided she wants all the bridesmaids to match. The problem was she had bridesmaids of every shape and size, from 0 to 5x and she kept trying to choose only dresses that the skinny girls felt comfortable in. Things that were strapless and would not allow the larger girls to wear a bra. More than one came up to me and asked me to see if I could help her choose something so that everyone would be comfortable.

The next weekend, I was supposed to go to a concert that was 4 hours away from home. The plan was for my husband and I to go up Saturday morning, sightsee from noon to 8, see the concert and then drive home. Since everyone was having problems with the dress, I agreed to leave the house at 2 instead, not do the sight seeing and spend the morning with her to figure out the dresses.

The night before the concert she sent me a message on Myspace and said that I was a liar for making plans with her when I was going to be out of town. She proceeded to call me a jerk for taking over her wedding, said that my mom was a street walker, my sister was going to end up being assaulted if she didn't learn how to say no and that my dad needed to stop being such an abusive creep. I cut her out of my life right then, had a great time sight seeing and at the concert."

"I Should Have Cut Them Out Of My Life After That"

"My parents have always been eccentric. At least, that is what I told myself. My parents always treated my sister much better than me and liked to help people who would mooch off them until they became abusive and it all ended badly. I saw my parents as well meaning, but naive. I put up with a lot. After my oldest died from trisomy 18 at six days old, my mother made it all about her. She and my dad didn't leave our house until after the funeral over a week later when all my husband and I wanted was some space to grieve. My mom gave me lots of grief for having the funeral by our home, not theirs two hours away. She asked to have a mass said in my daughter's honor and I was fine with that. My husband and I walked into a surprise second funeral. I am ashamed to say I didn't cut them off there and then.

Then I got pregnant with my second daughter. My parents were so obsessed with helping my sister's neighbor, an addict who had a kid who would have been the same age of my daughter, that it took over their lives. The problem is they wanted me to be involved and I said no way. It was clear the mother was using and neglecting her kid and I was horrified that they were just letting it happen. She lied to them, stole from them, and she was still more important than anything else. My pregnancy was really tough. They insisted on coming up for my birthday and then I found out they exposed me to MRSA because the woman they were helping had it. They knew before they came up. It got so bad I didn't talk to my mom for several months. My mother came up to visit my mother in law, waited until my husband and mother in law were talking and then told me I was a jerk who was jealous that the other woman's baby lived and mine died. I still didn't cut them out. I believe I must be the problem.

Then, I went into the hospital. My blood pressure was too high and they were going to deliver my daughter in the morning. They did that and I was very sick. I started bleeding. I was rushed into a second surgery, after my c section, to save my life. I had no anesthesia either. The doctors made it clear that I was not likely to survive the night. My parents left because they had a court date to do with the custody of this woman's kid. They didn't call the court to try to move it. They left knowing I was probably going to die. I still didn't kick them out of my life.

Fast forward a few years. My sister tried to adopt her niece from her husband's side, but a closer relative got the child. That person is an addict, dealer and hangs out with criminals, so it was extra awful. My mother comes up with a whole story of how the FBI called her and these people stole her identity and there is a huge sting and my sister was going to get her foster daughter back. It was all a lie. She went as far as to claim the kid was being checked over in the hospital and was abused! My sister was so upset after this she got shingles! My mom was also having surgery, I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I decide, at that point, that my mom was not going to be alone with my kids because she had clearly lost touch with reality. Then things got really bad.

I made it clear to my mom that I could not help her anymore. Both my kids were in preschool and my husband had to work. She kept trying to guilt me. She claimed it was worse than it was. It wasn't. She wanted me to pull my kids out of their last month of school and come down to take care of her after her surgery. My kids were little and loud. That is not good for someone who claims to be weak and need constant rest! Plus, I would have had to leave my husband behind. She was like, he can visit. When I wouldn't do that, she started to attack my parenting. I let my kids make too many friends and go to too many birthday parties.

I was done talking to her. I told her I was sick of her using me as her punching bag and that if she wanted someone to lick her feet to get a dog! I told her she needed to get into therapy before I would even consider letting her near my kids.

And that is where it all goes downhill. You see, it was all MY fault. I am unreasonable and ungrateful and don't care enough. She claims she went to a therapist who gave her a lie detector test to prove she was telling the truth. She also said the therapist looked at the texted and determined I had underlying issues and that my generation just doesn't take care of their parents as we should. My therapist got a really good laugh at all of this. Best we can figure, she has BPD. She could also be bi polar, as it runs heavily on her side of the family and she clearly has issues with delusions.

Then, she told my sister she was going to call CPS on me and tell them that I was having a mental breakdown so she could get custody of my kids. I knew then that I could never talk to her again for the safety of my kids. I made sure to go therapy so I could prove my sanity. I was still talking to my dad, until I got an angry text. Apparently, she had gone through all my Facebook post and found a single post on a group sight that I mentioned that my mom is mentally unstable and how much it hurts me. My dad demanded I take it down. I asked if he even read it. He said no, but my mom was hysterical and I needed to learn not to air family business. I told him to lose my number. He tried a month later to tell my mom wasn't healing well by sending me a picture of her incision, which was much better healed then would be expected! I told him as much. I told him about my mom's threats, with proof, and he told me I was a liar. That was when I was done with him.

That was a year ago this month (right around this time, actually). They have harassed me. They kept coming up trying to see us after I told them not to. I had to get the police involved. They called my dad and told him to knock it off. That worked for all of a week. Then they were coming up at random times to try to catch us, love bombing us with gifts on our doorsteps. We changed our locks, got cameras, changed our alarm code (alarm is usually on), got a drop cam. They kept harassing us and trying to get family to do the same. My family, all but my sister, disowned me for, "breaking my mother's heart." They stalked us until we got a lawyer. We had to send them a certified letter stating they are not welcome at our home and will be arrested if they try. We had to file a copy, along with evidence, with the police. They have left us alone since then because they will be arrested. But, I still get packages sent to the house from them and my grandma writes a passive aggressive letter to me and a manipulative one to my kids about once a month.

The good thing is I finally accept that I was abused. My therapist agreed that medical MJ was great for my PTSD. My mother in law, who hated me, is now nicer and more understanding. She appreciates that I protect my kids and am disgusted with my family.

I miss them. I do love them. I will never, ever go back because I will not let them abuse my kids like they abused me."

Immaturity At Its Finest
Immaturity At Its Finest

"I used to go to the same pub every week on the regular with the same group of peeps, was an awesome time for a while.

One of the girls got a new, slightly weird boyfriend, and kinda went downhill as a human. This culminated in one particular night, which would be our last time going as a result.

On this night, she started being a huge jerk to the server because the wings were taking too long. This is wing night, there are like 150 people here for cheap wings, and the server obviously has nothing to do with how long food takes to come out.

So her and her boyfriend literally trash the table we were sitting at, spraying condiments all over, wetting napkins with sauce and sticking them everywhere, and everybody else literally gets up and moves or leaves.

She was laughing like a psycho, her and her boyfriend were clearly getting off on one-upping each other, and I decided I did not need that type of lunatic in my life."

Best Friends Never
Best Friends Never

"The person who used to be one of my best friends started being manipulative and possessive. She got jealous whenever I hung out with other people, and got angry when she didn’t get what she wanted from me.

She also didn't treat people well when she found out I was friends with them because she wanted to manipulate me into having no one to talk to but her.

If I, god forbid, disagreed with what she wanted to do when I stayed over her house, or even when she stayed over mine, she would turn her back to me and ignore me until I left.

It also got to the point where her insults weren’t just friendly banter, but straight up bullying.

'All that makeup makes you look bad' I laugh, thinking it’s a joke, because that was our sense of humor. 'No. Don’t laugh. I’m not joking. You’re embarrassing me.'

Her whole thing began to revolve around not getting 'embarrassed.' I wasn’t allowed to joke in public, because 'people would think we're weird.' I wasn’t allowed to wear button down shirts because, 'I looked like her mom.' When I finally spoke up to her about how she was acting, she said I was being 'arrogant' and 'stuck up.' Sorry I don’t want to be treated like trash.

She began to use me for my car and my pool. Example being, she would come over to swim, and then be rude to my parents and siblings and I the whole time. One day she asked me for a ride home from school, and I denied because I was busy and would not have time to drop her off. She didn’t understand that people’s plans don’t revolve around her, and hasn’t talked to me since.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on our relationship, especially on a lot of toxic things she did that I brushed off as accidents or misunderstandings at the time, and I have decided that she was a horrible friend, and I regret wasting so much time on her."

"I Knew I Had to Call The Cops"

"The friend that I dropped had at least two boyfriends who exhibited grooming behaviors with her kids. One was really bad...

One actually abused her girls. It went from bad to worse when she said she didn’t know what to believe, and I told her she had 24 hours to get him out, or I was calling the cops and CPS, and letting the dominoes fall.

After that? She was so mad at ME. Easier to be mad at me than the dude who abused your kids, I guess. But I knew I had to call the cops.

Things got bad for her. She did get him out, but I called anyway, because he begged and pleaded, and she caught feelings for him again. And thought she was going to be slick.

No. You will not bring an abuser back around your children after he already abused them once. That’s why her kids spent more time at my house than hers."

Cut All Ties
Cut All Ties

"Had a cousin I loved like a brother. Me and him would always hang out. One day he introduces me to his new girlfriend. I fell in love with her at first sight. She and I were compatible in every way, shape and form. Even her parents were everything I ever wanted and we got along insanely well. Her dad would actually come home late from work and wake me up so we could play video game and talk.

My cousin would then proceed to tell me all the times he cheated on her, show me photos of the girls and tell me the stories. When he wasn't telling me about how he cheated on her, he was complaining about her and the relationship. She found out twice he cheated and twice she forgave him. We used to talk a lot, she knew I had problems with depression and anger. She asked, 'How do I pretend to be happy around people?' And it broke my heart.

I never felt so much pain to see someone I fell in love with experience so much sadness.

I cut all ties with my cousin and her. Found out from my mother they got engaged last October."

Not So Merry Christmas With Family
Not So Merry Christmas With Family

"My sister in law. Years ago my family was having some financial problems. I asked her if we, my husband, 10 year old son and I could spend Christmas with them. They had a large ranch with horses, etc. Just needed a little time away from situation we were in. She made excuses then said, 'Well, if you stay in the 'bunkhouse,' you can. We would prefer y'all not join us in the main house.

My son has autism and she felt he was too 'embarrassing,' and would distract from their enjoyment. Needless to say, we declined. Never said anything to other family until months later. I was asked why we never went there any more. Somehow this was all my fault. I should see her point. We have made no contact with most of the family since then. Lots of strangers over the years made me feel bad about my child, never thought my own family would. On a positive note, he is in college now studying to be an engineer."

Took One Night To Ruin A Friendship
Took One Night To Ruin A Friendship

"There were 4 of us in our close friendship group, two of them were in a relationship while myself and my friend, let's call him A, were single. We would all hang out almost every day, even if it was just slouching in someones house watching a film or playing a game, and this went on for a good two or three years.

One day A asked that seeing as we were both single and have needs we should become friends with benefits but I wasn't interested. He was a good looking guy but simply not my type. He took it real well, made a joke and we laughed it off.

A few weeks later he started asking again but this time with snide comments, at the time I just figured he's really desperate but continued to laugh it off. Our little group ended up going to a festival and on one of the nights while we were all being idiots A and I got separated from our friends in the relationship, next thing I know is he was dragging me on top of him and then trying to pin me down. I managed to get free, told him to stop and went to my tent.

We were civil the rest of the festival and the way home but after that I stopped all communication with him. The friends in the relationship thought I was overreacting and 'that's just how A is', so I ended up seeing them a lot less too."

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