Alexandra and her husband James just wanted a normal wedding, but of course, her entitled little sister had to ruin everything. What's worse is that Alexandra's family is siding with her sister. In this family feud, Alexandra and her sister battle it out for their perfect wedding venue.

Meet Alexandra And James
Meet Alexandra And James

Imagine for a moment that you are currently in the process of planning your wedding. You've been planning for ages, but it will all be worth it when you're walking down the aisle at your dream wedding venue. You and your fiancé could not be more thrilled...until your entitled little sister demands that give her your venue and change your wedding date to accommodate her poor planning. What would you do?

This is the situation a Redditor, who we'll call Alexandra, is currently faced with. But before we go further into how she's handling the situation, let's start from the beginning of her story.

Alexandra and her fiancé, who we'll call James, have been together for eight years and engaged for three. James took over the wedding planning duties while Alexandra was in school completing a PhD program. In that time, they ended up finding their dream wedding venue that was booked full until after her graduation. It was a long engagement, but they really didn't mind since the timing coincided with Alexandra's academic obligations.

Nearly a month before the big day, Alexandra's parents hosted a BBQ where the whole family attended, including her 23-year-old sister and future brother-in-law, who we'll call Katie and Max. You see, Katie and Max were also in the process of planning a wedding, except theirs was supposed to be the following spring, despite not having a venue lined up. At the BBQ, Katie announced to the family that she was pregnant. Everyone was so happy for her and Max.

Their grandmother asked the parents-to-be if their wedding would still be in the spring or if they were going to wait until after the baby is born. That's when Katie revealed that she actually wanted to move the wedding to September, the same time Alexandra and James had been planning to have their wedding.

Then, Katie turned to Alexandra and said, "I was really, really hoping we could take your venue? I really cannot stress myself too much with planning a wedding while going to maternity classes. And I think it is so beautiful! It would really mean a lot to me."

The room went silent as the family awaited Katie's reply.


It's Always About Katie
It's Always About Katie

Alexandra's eyes scanned the room. Everyone was looking at her and expecting her to say something along the lines of, "Yes, of course. Anything for my little sister!" But the days of Alexandra bending over backwards for her baby sister were over.

Max started to look uncomfortable. He looked at Katie and told her that it wasn't okay for her to put Alexandra on the spot, but the ever careless Katie just said, "Don't be like that! My sister just wants to do what's best for me, so it's no big deal, right?"

"Well it kind of is," Alexandra said. "I really have my heart set on this venue."

Cue the water works.

Katie stormed off, just like she always does when she doesn't get her way. What's even more insane is that Alexandra's family almost always sides (read: enables) with Katie and her antics. Their grandmother scolded Alexandra for being selfish because Katie "needed the venue more than [she] did."

When Alexandra tried to defend herself, her mother butt in and said, "You waited three years. Would it have killed you to wait a few more months? When has your sister ever asked you for something?"

Both Alexandra and James started getting mad because of how ridiculous the family was being, so they left the party.

As much as they both wished that could have been the end of this nightmarish situation, it was only the beginning.


It's Not Where You Marry, It's Who You Marry
It's Not Where You Marry, It's Who You Marry

Katie called Alexandra later that evening whining and crying that it was unfair that Alexandra always got what she wanted and that she could have done this one thing for her. Their dad chimed in and said that it was "just a venue and what matters is the person you are marrying."

Though her dad had a point, Alexandra had been planning this wedding for three years at this point. She wasn't just going to hand her dream venue over to her sister just because she wanted it.

James kept getting more and more furious and, at this point, didn't even want Alexandra's family to attend the wedding anymore. The couple decided to remove Katie from the bridal party and replace her with her aunt, who was perhaps the only member of the family that defended Alexandra.

Unlike Katie, Max actually was a bit apologetic. He called Alexandra and apologized for what happened at the BBQ and afterward. He told her that when he and Katie discussed it, she told him that she wasn't going to ask for the venue. And then she turned around and did it anyway. He also told her that Katie was now blaming her for "potentially ruining her marriage."

Alexandra's parents kept adding more to the fire. Her dad texted her saying, "I hope you are happy. You're sister hasn't stopped crying since yesterday." Meanwhile, her mother called James' parents and told them that it would be best if Katie gets the venue because "she's pregnant and pre-eclampsia runs in the family."

Thankfully, James' dad stood by their side and told Alexandra's mom to get lost and ripped her a new one for expecting something so ridiculous from them. He even warned them that if they continue this type of behavior and keep blatantly favoring Katie over Alexandra, that eventually they would lose Alexandra for good.

As all this drama started to unfold, Alexandra, like most people of the 21st century, vented about it on Reddit. Naturally, the post went viral and Katie ended up reading the whole dang thing. Now that the whole world knows how entitled Katie really is, the situation has gone from bad to absolutely insane.


"You're Being Unfair!"

When Katie saw the Reddit post, she lost her freaking mind. She accused Alexandra of painting her out to be an absolute loon and misinterpreting the situation.

"You're being unfair!" Katie texted Alexandra. "I'm family and I asked nicely because I love you! The opinion of strangers on the internet doesn't count because family is more important. You should really focus on making your family happy!"

While Katie did have a point – family is more important than strangers on the internet – at this point, her input didn't matter to Alexandra anymore. Katie's intention wasn't to right any wrongs she had made, but to try to guilt Alexandra into handing over the wedding venue to her. Alexandra wasn't having it and replied with the most savage response.


Alexandra Has Had Enough
Alexandra Has Had Enough

Fed up, Alexandra replied to Katie's pleas with this:

"I am so sorry that you perceived it that way. I did not in any matter distort what happened. As you might have noticed, I didn't describe your tone, nor exaggerate anything. Perhaps you have that night different in your mind than I do, but I digress.

I am sick and tired of bending to your will. My whole life, I have been your servant and your doormat. Remember all the birthdays I had to share with you because you would throw a tantrum because you didn't get presents? Or when you cried so that I would fill out job applications? The thing that has hurt me most until now is when you ruined my graduation.

I am done. I admit that I also spoiled you, but I will not any longer. If you want to marry so bad before your baby is born, then you could look at places that offer last minute weddings. I have spent too much time planning MY wedding to gift it to you. And if you want to ruin our relationship over this, then go ahead. I will sleep safe and sound knowing that it wasn't my fault."

All Katie could muster up was, " must love me so very much."

Then, Katie blocked her sister.


Unblocked...For Now
Unblocked...For Now

The next morning, Katie unblocked Alexandra to send her a cryptic screenshot from Alexandra's wedding planner that read something like this:

"Hello dear, I got the message from your mother and will proceed with the rebooking of the venue on the spot. However, this will have extra costs as we have to change the names on the contract. Please come by my office tomorrow so we can sign the new contract."

On the screenshot, it appeared that Katie replied to the message: "That's great! I'll be there at 9:00!"

Alexandra and James were immediately suspicious of Katie's message. When they started the wedding planning process, they sat down with the venue and each vendor and established security passwords so no changes could be made without their discretion.

They eventually called the wedding planner to confirm that no changes were being made. When the couple explained what was happening, the wedding planner was horrified. The planner told them she hadn't spoken to Alexandra's mother since they booked the venue and assured them that even if they stooped that low, Alexandra had to be present for any changes to be made. For extra peace of mind, the wedding planner offered to hire security for the wedding at a reduced price.

Not taking any chances, Alexandra and James cancelled the catering that Alexandra's parents paid for. Who knows what they could have been scheming? It was a bummer because that meant Alexandra and James wouldn't get the full catering that they wanted for their big day, but all their close friends and James' family offered to help them prepare a buffet.

At least some people want Alexandra and James to have a great wedding day.


It's Only Getting Worse
It's Only Getting Worse

A few days passed and Alexandra and James had sorted out the new details of their wedding day. New passwords were set with the venue and vendors, security was hired, recipes for the buffet had been chosen, and Alexandra got in touch with a therapist.

Still, not everything was peaches and cream with Alexandra's family. Katie doubled down on her smear campaign against her sister, dragging her name through mud on social media every chance she could get. Alexandra was receiving messages left and right from Katie's friends telling her how horrible she was for treating Katie this way. One of them even egged Alexandra's car.

Alexandra kept her head held high. She blocked every attempt at online harassment and did her very best to block and ignore her sister, but she still had her parents to deal with.


The Confrontation
The Confrontation

After not talking to her parents for several days, they called Alexandra and asked if they could work something out. Alexandra was nervous to meet with them, but agreed to meet with them at her apartment.

When they arrived, Alexandra could tell that her mother had been crying. Alexandra's father cut right to the chase and asked why she and James canceled the caterers they had paid for. James stepped in and said that they didn't want them to hold anything over their heads. Alexandra's dad seemed offended by that and said that he would never do that.

Well, better safe than sorry.

Alexandra's mother said she was being disrespectful, but really, she was just tired of her parents' blatant favoritism for her sister. They all got into a heated argument over the wedding venue again when Alexandra's father repeated his "it doesn't matter where you get married, but the person you marry" spiel.

Then, Alexandra truly gave them a piece of her mind.


It's A Mutual Feeling
It's A Mutual Feeling

Alexandra turned to her father and said, "Yes dad, exactly! But isn't it weird how that logic only applies to me and not my sister? As long as she's marrying Max, it doesn't matter where, right?"

The room fell silent.

Alexandra's father started gasping like a fish out of water as his face turned tomato red. Her mother started silently crying.

"Well," Alexandra said, "I'm waiting for your response."

Alexandra's father slammed his fists on the table and unleashed his wrath. He went on a tirade about the importance of family and sacrifices and how a loving family look out for each other and do what they can to make each other happy.

But Alexandra wasn't having it. She just responded, "Oh, like how you tried to make me happy on my graduation day after Katie smashed my cake because she wasn't in the limelight?"

It was silent again.

Alexandra's mother eventually muttered, "Why do you hate us so much?"

Alexandra looked at her and said, "I could ask you guys the same thing."


Apologize Or Leave
Apologize Or Leave

Alexandra's parents knew they messed up big time, but they just weren't ready to admit it yet.

Her mother tried guilt tripping her one last time, saying that Katie was miserable and hadn't gone outside in days because of other people's ridicule. Alexandra's father went on another tangent, excusing Katie's behavior, saying that she just needs more time and attention because she's the youngest, even though she's 23 years old. At this point, her parents weren't even hiding the fact that Katie was the favorite.

Feeling like there was no other way to get through to her parents, Alexandra pulled out a list where she wrote down every point she could remember where they put Katie before her. It was a long list. Some points were dated, while others described specific situations.

When she finished listing off every way her parents wronged her, Alexandra's mother and father looked mortified. Their faces were beet red and their eyes were welling with tears. They tried to explain themselves, but Alexandra cut them off. At this point, it was useless. Alexandra gave them an ultimatum: they can either apologize and agree to go to family counseling or they won't be invited to the wedding.

Well, let's just say that they left and haven't called since.

Alexandra and James are still awaiting their wedding day and there's no word on whether or not her family will actually show, but we hope that despite all the challenges of getting to the big day, we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

What would you do if your family tried to pull a stunt like this? Let us know in the comments!


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