You think your friends are coming over to hang out with you, but they had an alternative motive!

That's One Way To Get A Bully To Back Off

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That's One Way To Get A Bully To Back Off

"A guy used to bully me for being gay, so I hooked up with his dad. I made sure he could hear me during the act.

His wife was out on a business trip, so no one was home except my bully and his father.

The bullying stopped. His parents were already heading for a divorce and I just pushed them closer to a divorce. Now they are separated and he is married to a nice man.

He was a closeted gay. He always loved men but due to Jesus, he married a woman.

The former bully stayed about a million miles away from me after it. No eye contact. Not even a whisper or a rumor from him. I now see that I could have dealt with the bullying in a better way. Like finishing up my courses online or asking to be removed from the classes my bullies were in."

It's Not Always The "Fantasy" It's Made Out To Be


It's Not Always The "Fantasy" It's Made Out To Be

"I hooked up with one of my mom's friends. It was a pretty traumatic experience, in all honesty.

I was only a freshman in high school and she had always been the 'cool mom' out of my mom's friend group. She hooked me up with my first job at the catering company she worked for, snuck drinks to my friends and me from time to time and whatnot. It was also pretty apparent her marriage had been on the rocks for some time.

One night, we were both working a catering event together that had an open bar, and she had quite a bit to drink and began flirting a little. She would ask me questions about if I had ever been with an older woman, what I like to do to girls, weird stuff, but in all honesty, I went along with it at the time.

Fast forward to the end of the night. She was my ride home and was too wasted to drive, so I drove her car home to my dad's place. As soon as I parked the car, she forced my hands on her chest and she started fondling me. I was in shock and managed to stutter something resembling, 'We shouldn't do this.' She proceeded to coerce me and tell me I was gay if I didn't want to do it, and that it would be weird if I didn't.

I eventually caved in and proceeded to endure the most painful experience of my young love life that left actual marks on my junk. I remember feeling like I wanted to throw up as I walked into my dad's house 15 minutes after I had pulled up.

Not quite the wild pool boy story, but I was hoping to shed some light on how ugly these scenarios can wind up."

He Was Like A New Man...And Mama Likey

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He Was Like A New Man...And Mama Likey

"I went from being a known slacker up to 'the guy with his act together,' at least in my town. I graduated, joined the military, got out, and started a business. After my business stabilized a few months ago, I went home and visited an old high school friend who was still mooching off of his mom, just like his dad.

Anyway, the friend invited me over for dinner, but I showed up early and he ended up flaking. So his mom, dad, and I had dinner together. It got pretty tense because the dad didn't like me too much. He thought I was home just to show off my new life (kind of was), and he didn't care to hear about it at all. But my friend's mom wouldn't stop asking me about it, causing him to get annoyed and leave.

Our conversation carried on into the evening and my friend finally stumbled in, clearly wasted. His mom looked embarrassed and disappointed. I took him up to his room and tucked him into bed. When I came downstairs, she hugged me telling me how proud of me she was and that watching me turn out like this was heartwarming. She was the first person to say anything of the sort. While hugging, my lips touched her neck and she squeezed me closer. From there, you can figure out what happened next. I was still home for a few more days after that and since my parents didn't appreciate my presence, I stayed with them.

Interestingly enough, staying with them made the dad warm up to me. As of now, no one else knows except my business partner."

This Made For An Interesting Breakfast
This Made For An Interesting Breakfast

"My buddy's mom had recently gotten divorced and I went to his house looking for him so we could play baseball. He had already left, but his mom invited me in regardless, and things quickly escalated.

There was another time was with a woman from my office. She asked if I wanted to go out for drinks one night. I had a fake ID so I went for it. We went back to her place and did the deed. I woke up the next morning to her making breakfast, and when I went into the kitchen, I saw her and two kids were sitting at the kitchen table. I recognized them instantly. I previously dated her daughter freshman year and I played football with her son. I had no idea how old she was when I went out with her and didn't know her kids were older."

An Affair To Remember


An Affair To Remember

"It was my friend's aunt, not his mom, but they were a close family and always over at his house. I knew her for about 10 years, but barely spoke at length with her. She had a pretty all-American life: a husband and three boys who liked camping and archery and boy scouts. They were always involved with family and friends and always together.

Her husband had been cheating on her with their kids' friend's parents. Kind of a swinging situation, but she was out of the loop. Once she found out, she kept it secret because she didn't want to ruin the family and just dealt with denying their relationship, while sleeping in the same bed. She knew for about four years and finally, at 40 years old (and 20 years of marriage), she decided to divorce him. It was a messy divorce. Her ex straight told her kids that she just didn't want a family and she didn't want to tell them he had cheated because she didn't want them to think of their father like that. She held true for quite a few years, but the kids were brainwashed by her ex. She was alienated from her kids.

I was over at my friend's (her nephew's) house on and off for a lot of my late teens and early 20s. He lived right down the road and us younger guys would smoke weed and hang out there all the time. The entire summer was spent at his house. I was about 23, her 42, when we just started chatting at the table. She didn't smoke. She would just be visiting the family because it was all she had at that point. Every couple weeks after that, we would 'find ourselves' chatting away somewhere in or around the house or the pool. Often when people were around, we kept conversations short and a lot of eye glancing and passing rubs would take the place of talk.

She was definitely in great shape. Cute and blonde. Strong, determined, but you could tell she dealt with a lot. She was tense to the touch. She worked hard and just didn't get a good shake.

We started texting because we needed each other's numbers for some Halloween party she was hosting for the extended family. Eventually, intermittent texting turned flirtatious.

We started to hug goodbye from seeing each other and she would just hug a little bit longer than friendly. One night, I was housesitting for someone and told her I was doing nothing and she could come by and hang out, meet the dogs and the weird lizard they had.

She accepted and I definitely experienced a type of anxiety that you could taste. She came over. We ordered Italian food. She didn't even want to be seen by the delivery driver, and that was when I knew she had some bad intentions. We ended up in front of the television, she just snuggled right up to my chest and my hand fell on her butt. I don't think 30 seconds went by. We just looked and started kissing. I immediately started to undo her pants.

As she was taking her pants off, she said she hadn't done this in five years and that she was nervous.

It was the hottest thing I'd ever be a part of. I remember it vividly.

We ended up hooking up about five more times over the course of a year. I would go to her house a few towns over and she would make us a full dinner, we'd chat over drinks, and then make love.

We both ended up dating other people but would stay in touch. We hooked up once again when we were single again. I still see her a couple times a year when I visit for family BBQs and pool parties at my friend's house. Everything is cool. We still glance and rub and nudge. We still hug for way too long. No one has a clue."

He Could Only Keep This Secret For So Long

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He Could Only Keep This Secret For So Long

"I needed a place to stay when I was 18, so my friend's mom said I could move in with them and rent a room.

Everyone in the house had a tendency to go to bed early except for her and me. She liked to drink, I liked to game.

One night, I was bored and went out to the garage where she was drinking and listening to music. We talked for a while and she asked if I wanted a drink.

After I had a couple of shots, she started with the, 'Oh, my neck is so stiff. I wish someone would rub it,' routine.

Being a warm-blooded teen with hormones and liquid courage coursing through my veins, I jumped at the chance. She was 47 and had the body of someone in her early 20s.

As I rubbed her shoulders, the strap on her nightgown kept falling down showing a little more skin. She'd pick it up and let it fall further the next time. Each time, I'd let my hands wander a little.

After a few minutes, she commented how wonderful it felt and if I'd do her back. I don't think any blood was making it past my waist so I agreed without hesitation.

We went inside, she faced away from me and pulled her gown down to her waist on laid on her stomach. I rubbed her back for a while and when I was done, I half-jokingly asked if she needed the front done. She said yes, but only if I'd rub her chest. I couldn't get a single word out. I was stunned. She rolled over and I waited for my brain to reboot and did as I was told.

After the massage, things escalated and she ended up riding me on the couch. That was the first time I went without protection and I immediately saw what all the fuss was about.

It happened a few more times; always started with her asking if I wanted a drink. Eventually, I put an end to it because I got back with my girlfriend and I wasn't going to cheat on her.

Once I stopped hooking up with with the mom, she flipped out on me and evicted me.

I wasn't able to ever tell my friend what happened while I lived there because he and his mom would get nasty when they fought. In those times nothing was sacred, whatever they could say to hurt the other.

After I moved out, he called me a mother effer one night, and I laughed until I was afraid I'd pass out. When I regained my composure, he asked what was so funny. I told him he wasn't a liar and told him what had happened.

For 30 minutes, all he could say was, 'You've got to be messing with me.'"

She Not Only Alienated Him, She Also Betrayed Another Friend

She Not Only Alienated Him, She Also Betrayed Another Friend

"I dated this girl, right after school, but it didn't work out. A couple of years later, we started talking again and became 'friends,' which meant I was still trying to sleep with her but with no luck.

One day, she ghosted on me when we were supposed to hang out. She called me later and asked me to come over again. When I got there, she was an emotional wreck. It turns out, she was hanging out with her best friend's dad, and they wound up hooking up. Why she was hanging out with her friend's dad, I'll never know. Her friend found out and called her a series of nasty names and ended their friendship.

I thought it was a pretty awful thing to do, plus I was mad about some old guy sleeping with this chick I was trying to nail myself, so I just let our friendship die off. That was 20 years ago. I don't miss her."

Well, One Thing Led To Another...


Well, One Thing Led To Another...

"I've hooked up with my best friend's dad. To make it more awkward: I'm gay. I was 20 at the time, was out of the closet for about two years, and open about it. I always had a thing for older men.

For some context, my best buddy (who is straight) and I hung (and still hang) out a lot. He lived quite some distance from where I lived, so it was normal for us to spend the night when we hung out. My buddy still lived with his parents at that time. His father always had this particular interest in me, ever since I was young. Not in a romantic way, but I'm guessing he always knew I was gay, even before I knew. My buddy and I have known each other since we were about 8 years old, so we go back a long time. I always had a great relationship with his parents, and he with mine. Our parents know each other as well.

Ever since I came out of the closet, his dad's interest changed a little bit. He asked me (in private) sometimes a bit more personal things; he knew about my ex; we talked a lot about what it was like dating someone way older. He (the dad) even let me in on his secret, that he was bi, never cheated on his wife ever, but did experiment with guys before he and his wife met. He told me he missed the sensual acts with men, but that he was happy and lucky with his wife and son.

On this random Friday night, my buddy and I went out and had a lot to drink. We came home in the middle of the night. I'm not from the United States and drinking is allowed from 16 years where I live. So this particular night, we came home and went straight to bed, wasted. A few hours later, I had to go pee, so I got out of bed, went to the toilet, and decided to drink a little bit of water. I came into the living room and there was the dad, unclothed and smoking. He didn't hear me coming so he jumped up, apologized, but had nothing to cover himself with. I got a good peek and loved what I saw. But I also knew this was awkward, wrong, and terrible at the same time. But yeah, very wasted, so not the best decisions were made. We started chatting, one thing led to another, and we had an amazing time.

We enjoyed it at that moment, I still think back on it a lot. The morning after, we talked about it and both agreed this couldn't happen, never ever again, even though it was hot. My buddy and his mother know nothing of it, nor will they ever. We are all still in very good contact with each other, and I'm glad it's never awkward. My best friend is still my best friend, his father I still have good contact with, his mother as well. It was a one-time thing, a mistake, but I'm glad to say that 10 years later everything is still how it should be."

Not Your Usual Affair


Not Your Usual Affair

"I actually met the dad first through wasted shenanigans and a different friend and I ended up moving in with him. I was using certain parts of my body to subsidize my rent.

And then I met his daughter and she became one of my best friends.

She didn't find out about the dad stuff for almost a year. She needed a small break from our friendship when it first came out, though. She got over it and we're still friends!"

He Was Just What Her Friend Needed During The Worst Time In Her Life


He Was Just What Her Friend Needed During The Worst Time In Her Life

"I was the friend.

My parents had me young, my mom left, but my dad kept me and raised me as a single parent. In my teenage years, I met a friend who I'll call Felicia. She had a huge crush on my dad and tended to stutter in his presence. I don't know if my dad knew or if he just assumed she was like that in general - I was her only friend and he knew that.

She got bullied a lot in school. He knew about that, too. She also had a rough home life, so she was over at my place a lot. She said she only felt safe at my house.

Luckily, nothing happened back then. She was a kid and looked like one, had horrible acne, and her personal hygiene wasn't the best - I had to remind her to take showers.

But, life happened. We graduated, moved on. We both got boyfriends. Made new friends but we kept in touch. We went to college, but she dropped out because she got pregnant with her then-boyfriend.

They ended up breaking up - he was a punk who wasn't any better than her dad. He stalked her, too. I still remember her calling me in tears because he'd come to her apartment to threaten her and she was losing her mind and refused to call the cops.

Eventually, she had the baby. To make things even worse, the kid got cancer and died as a toddler. She was destitute. I was engaged by now and we couldn't take her in, but she was in pieces and the way she was talking - I was terrified she was going to off herself. None of our friends could take her in either and her ex was starting up again with his same old garbage. He'd lost interest in her after the baby was born but after she died, he'd decided it was all my friend's fault.

I ended up calling my dad begging him to let Felicia have my old room. He'd talked about selling up but the house was fully paid off and he never got around to it. He sort of shrugged and went, 'Why not? She was a good kid.' He hadn't seen her for years at that point and I think he was lonely after I moved out. So he let her stay rent-free until she got back on her feet. He even paid for her to get counseling. In exchange, she cleaned the house and helped him redo the garden.

Anyway, she never moved out. My dad has always been generous and I guess he saw a kindred spirit in Felicia since she was also pregnant young, and he's never wanted people to go through what he did, so I wasn't surprised that her stay was lasting a long time. They genuinely seemed to become friends and my dad seemed happy again now that the house wasn't empty.

Three years after she moved in, my friend guiltily fessed up - she'd been sleeping with my father for two years.

They ended up getting married. Our kids are both 10 years old. It is weird that I have a baby half-brother through them, but they're all happy, and to this day if they divorced, I still don't know whose butt I'd kick.

Visits home are still a bit weird though. It's not awkward, not exactly, just weird."

He Decided Not To Keep It All In The Family


He Decided Not To Keep It All In The Family

"We didn't get too far because I stopped myself. I was 18 and it was my very hot aunt by marriage who was my uncle's wife and my mom's good friend. I visited her sometimes when my uncle wasn't around because she was the 'cool aunt' who was always telling me, 'Hey, stop by anytime and use my place like a crash pad during the day. Bring your girlfriend if I'm not around and do whatever you guys do. I'll give you a key. You know me, I'm cool.'

I quickly found out just how cool she was.

I stopped by one day and she was drinking a bit and she made a little joke about me being a big boy and then pushed up on me, HARD. I had very little self-control and dove at her. She laughed and we started to get into it but she pushed me back slightly and told me to slow down because we had time. That snapped me out of it enough to make me realize that if I did this, at some point, she was going to get into a fight with my uncle and let it slip as ammunition to him, and I was eventually going to have to deal with my uncle and cousin and mom. Not worth it. I noped out of there.

Would've been hot but could've wrecked a lot of stuff. Much better not to have."

She Opened Up A Whole New World For Her Paramour


She Opened Up A Whole New World For Her Paramour

"When I was 19 years old, I ended up in a mental hospital for a suicide attempt, and one of the ladies in one of my group therapy groups was the mom of one of my classmates. She was separated from her husband at the time, and she and I got along well.

After I got out of the hospital, she and I would hang out and talk or go to the movies. One day, I apparently seduced her (not exactly on purpose) and we started sleeping together a lot. She divorced her husband, told her family she was a lesbian and said she felt like she always had been gay but didn't know it. She went full on LGBT empowerment! This was the early '90s in the Bible Belt, and she was a just out 48-year-old. She starting dating different women and last I saw her, she seemed happy.

I don't think her son ever knew it was me that turned his family upside down."

He Even Learned A Language From This One
He Even Learned A Language From This One

"I was 23 and she was 44. Her son and I were friends and in college together. She was thin, cute, and from the Dominican Republic. She had always kind of flirted with me, but I just thought that's all it was. I was wrong.

A bunch of us got together and went out to have dinner on New Year's Eve, and she went with us. We all had fun and went back to her house. Her son and his girlfriend went to bed and before I was able to get out the door, she asked me to sit with her by the fireplace. She leaned her head on my shoulder and looked up at me and asked, 'Do you want to?' I couldn't say yes fast enough.

She and I dated for two and a half years. As a bonus, I learned a good deal of Spanish from her."

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