Relationships can be wonderful, but there is no doubt that they can take some hard work. And while nobody's partner is perfect, that also doesn't mean you have to share every single detail of your relationship with all of your friends. That said, we've compiled a list of the top 13 things about you and your significant other that should stay only between you and your significant other.

Sharing His Secret Insecurities

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Sharing His Secret Insecurities

Always keep it confidential!

If your boyfriend and you have grown in your relationship to the point where you tell each other the deepest of secrets, that can generate and show a great deal of trust, which is important in maintaining a healthy relationship.

That being said, it's important to not tell your friends about his feelings of self-doubt and or anything extremely personal about him. I'm sure you wouldn't want his friends knowing all of your personal life details, fears, or embarrassing moments. Plus, avoiding this makes for less awkward and uncomfortable situations when hanging out with both him and your friends.

Every Little Fight You've Gotten Into

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Every Little Fight You've Gotten Into

Whatever issue you may have with your partner should be dealt with between the two of you. While it may be tempting to 'spill the tea' to your friends on whatever relationship drama you're going through, it's best to not include them in it.

If you constantly share the negative aspects of your relationship, this could cause your friends to feel a sort of animosity towards your boyfriend. Or they may even question why the two of you are even together in the first place.

And with most fights, your partner and you will try to fix things and resolve the argument, but to your friends, they will always remember the bad instead of the good.

Complaining About The Bad Gift He Got You

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Complaining About The Bad Gift He Got You

Don't be too bitter! It's the thought that counts -- remember that!

If you're constantly complaining about things he does for you or what he buys you, that makes you look extremely spoiled and ungrateful. Not all guys have the best sense of direction when it comes to gift buying for women. I mean, it's hard enough to buy for a guy... Most of the time, our partners literally need gift ideas written out for them.

So if your man is consistent with buying you 'lame' presents, maybe give him hints for the next one instead of ranting to your friends about his lack of taste. Or just appreciate him for being the sweetheart that he is.

His Personal Opinions About People

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His Personal Opinions About People

His opinions are HIS opinions!

If it's his own thoughts on a matter, then it's up to him to share it or not. This is especially important when it comes to his opinions about your friends.

If your boyfriend opens up to you about how he feels about a certain friend of yours, don't go and tell them! If you tell them, "Hey my boyfriend actually doesn't like you at all," odds are, your friend is going to get super angry and start hating on him... Do you really want that? No.

Full Details About Your Intimacy
Full Details About Your Intimacy

The whole world does not want to know!

Not only does sharing all the details about your time between the sheets definitely tread into TMI territory, it also crosses boundaries when it comes to his privacy.

I mean, your friends still have to look at you and your man...

While it can be fun to casually talk about being intimate with your girlfriends, it's best to not overshare every little thing that goes on in the bedroom, or else it could create for extremely cringe-worthy moments in the future.

Bad Habits And Pet Peeves

Bad Habits And Pet Peeves

Putting down someone you care about is never okay.

If he does something a little out of the ordinary that may bother you a little bit, you have to either accept his flaws or move on.

Ranting to friends about the pet peeves that you have against your partner can rile you up even more and make them become quick to judge or blow it out of proportion.

Sometimes people read into things a little too much, so it's best to not always complain about the little things (and you shouldn't sweat it so much either).

Personal Finances

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Personal Finances

In general, it is not polite to ask anyone how much they make at their job. If they're willing to be open about their salary, then that's great for them - it's completely up to the individual.

But it's not up to you to share the amount that your partner makes or what they choose to spend their money on, both in a negative sense ("He spends soooo much on going out to lunch every day") or in a more bragging sense ("He just loves buying me a new Michael Kors purse every month").

This also regards who pays for what. Does he pay for more of the dates? Or do you dish out the dough for dinners? Well, it doesn't matter and it shouldn't matter to your friends. Every couple is different in how they choose to spend their money.

Bragging Too Much
Bragging Too Much

Even if your partner is the best guy in the world to you, you don't always have to let the whole world know that.

While it is important to not badmouth the guy, it's also important to not come across as bragging about him all the time. Your friends like you for YOU, not because you're dating HIM. He does not define you, so remember to stay true to who you are.

Plus, it could also come across like you have something to hide about your guy if you're constantly trying to paint it out to seem like you have the 'perfect' relationship.

Secrets That You Have Never Mentioned To Him


Secrets That You Have Never Mentioned To Him

Communication is always key!

If there's a subject of importance that you have yet to share with your partner, it's a good idea to share it with him first before your friends.

What if you tell your friends that you don't want to ever have children but having a family may be important to your boyfriend? If he hears about it through your friends, that might just be asking for trouble.

Another instance could be a concern regarding him and his life choices. If you feel like you should bring up something that concerns you about him, talk to him directly.

You should have enough trust and understanding in your relationship to talk about any subject matter openly instead of behind his back.

Talking About His Family History
Talking About His Family History

Alright, it's fine to mention how maybe he's the oldest of three or that his cousins are the sweetest people in the world, but if your partner shares personal details regarding a crazy uncle or how his sister was once arrested, and you tell your friends that, that could reflect a negative light on him and how he was raised.

You're the one dating him and getting to know his life and his family, not your friends.

Treat his family with respect and show them kindness, you wouldn't want them gossiping about you to their friends either.

Private Text Conversations

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Private Text Conversations

If he sends you a photo that's NSFW or a graphic text message, it's best to never screenshot and share.

Obviously, there is a level of comfort if he is sending you these type of things and it's meant for your eyes only! Plus, do you really want your friends to see that much of your man? Probably not! And I hope that they wouldn't want to see that much either...

Political And Religious Beliefs


Political And Religious Beliefs

The best way to avoid heated debates among friends is to avoid talking about his views on politics and religion. Especially if you have that one friend who may be notorious for constantly posting on social media about their political opinions.

Causing unnecessary controversy won't make anyone happy.

Not everyone thinks the same or has the same values and beliefs, which is why no one is truly the same. So if he has stronger feelings towards a certain political/religious figure, it's up to him to defend his beliefs - it's not up to you to stand up for the way he thinks.

His Past Relationships
His Past Relationships

Social media stalking and talking about his exes can look bad on your part. Don't focus on his past when in reality you are the present woman in his life.

It's especially frowned upon to badmouth his ex. She shouldn't matter to him anymore and especially not to you. So why bother talking trash on her with your friends? Irrelevant!

In the end, if you just can't keep quiet and have to vent about something on your mind (that you've already expressed to your partner), then turn to someone you wholeheartedly trust! Whether that's your mom or your childhood best friend, make sure that the person you choose to talk to is going to be the least judgmental and open to listening to you and helping you out.

But just try to not overshare with all of your friends and family, because once they hear one negative story about him, it'll be hard for them to believe that he's best suited for you. And if you truly love and respect him, you won't complain after every tiny slip up.

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