You Never Know What Type Of Person You're Going To Deal With

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You Never Know What Type Of Person You're Going To Deal With

1) "My girlfriend is the type of person to get cold easily when going to bed, so she wears socks to sleep. The thing is she never wakes up with socks on. She takes them off in the middle of the night and puts them under her pillow. Since she is sleeping she somehow does not know this. I have looked under her pillow and found 9 separate pairs of socks. I take those socks, clean them, and put them away for her because she's so cute."--

2) "He is incapable of making a simple meal. I ask him to cook dinner and he spends $40 on weird ingredients, cooks for 4 hours and uses every dish we own, and it's a normal Tuesday night. I mean, I appreciate the beef bourguignon with roasted vegetables, salad, and dessert but c'mon man. just make some spaghetti."--

3) "I learned that she NEVER turns a television off. She grew up in a big Italian family, with relatives showing up at all hours of the day. So her childhood home was always filled with voices and conversations. Moving out to live alone and then moving in with me meant that there was a lot of silence around her. The way of compensating for the loneliness was to keep the television on in the background. At first, I'd turn the tv off when she left the room, but she would get annoyed and turn it right back on when she came back. And she simply can't fall asleep unless there's a tv or a radio on. I don't even think she knew she was doing it. I, on the other hand, grew up in a family that rarely spoke to each other. So my house was as quiet as a funeral home. Consequently, ANY background noise annoys the heck out of me. It's a constant source of irritation and grates on my nerves something fierce. Eventually, we came to a compromise: we keep the tv on all the time."--

4) "He is obsessed with programmable things. Now all of our lamps are programmed so if I walk into a room I have to go 'Alexa, turn on the lights.' It's like living in some sci fi movie. It's fun until we get into a fight and then he screws with me by doing weird stuff to the lights."--

5) "He's a binger. If he finds a musician he likes, he'll buy the whole catalog. Cool video game? Stay up until all hours every night until he's gone all the way through it. Good book? Let's read everything that author ever wrote! He just tended to binge on something that grabbed his interest. After I called it to his attention, he became a little more balanced, but he still goes all-in on some things. It's sorta cute."--

6) "She likes to grow things, which is fine if it's a little pot of basil in the window or a tomato plant outside. But she's now trying to grow avocados, and our kitchen is FULL of little cups of water with a floating stone. She's run out of little containers, so she moved onto our (fairly expensive) wine glasses. It's not even remotely worth the effort, yet when I point out that we can easily purchase an avocado from the store whenever we need one I'm accused of 'not being in touch with nature'. We live in London but because she's from Texas she is constantly complaining about the temperature. It's never (literally NEVER) right for her. When it's hot (by UK standards) she is 'freezing'...asking if we can close the windows despite me sweating more than Emile Heskey in a Nike advert. My suggestion that she may like to put on something more than a t-shirt is met with so much derision that I may as well have asked if I could sleep with her sister. When she actually IS warm, she complains that houses in the UK don't have air conditioning as standard even though I have explained 1,000 times that air conditioning in the UK would get used about 45 minutes per year. Other than that it's pretty good."--

7) "When eating any form of bread, she'll hold it, and slowly and casually rip pieces off and put them in her mouth. It's mildly disturbing to watch. Biting pieces off, yes, cutting pieces off, yes, even deliberately ripping it up, yes, but doing it without thinking about it disturbs me somehow."--

8) "She speaks to vegetables while cooking. Once I went into the kitchen after the first week of our co-living and heard how she's saying something like 'Ok, good Mr. Tomato, I'm going to cut you in pieces.' I said 'What?' She became as red as poor Mr. Tomato, tried to talk herself out of this, but I said that's nothing special."--

9) "My girlfriend likes to play league of legends with a few friends online pretty regularly. Whenever she does, she'll get into voice chat with them. I noticed one day that she lowers her voice a lot specifically in that situation, which is weird. She spent some time doing some customer service stuff, and when she'd talk to THOSE people, she'd always raise her voice. I get that, it sounds friendlier or whatever, but the voice lowering thing was really confusing. I asked her about it the other day and she had no clue that she was doing it."--

10) "He has an almost alter-ego that says weird things and is bent on inconveniencing the regular version of himself. So he has a pretty rough job with long hours so he usually falls asleep well before we actually go to our bedroom. So he'll fall asleep and I'll wake him up. I'll think he is perfectly conscious but he's not really. He can usually talk fine for the most part (sometimes it's just gibberish like how a baby talks) but he never remembers any of it the next day. He'll tell me he wants cheese on sandwiches that he doesn't actually eat cheese on, or he'll say he doesn't have to go in early so when I set his alarms I'll set them later than what they were actually supposed to be set for. Small things like that. Or he'll start a fight with me over something really silly like walking into the bedroom while he is still getting up from the living room because I 'abandoned him to die,' literally his words. I get a good laugh out of it though."--

Learning How One Reacts To Situations


Learning How One Reacts To Situations

11) "She cries all the time. 90% of the time because of the movie/TV show/Pod cast she is watching. Other 15% is just random 'I'm so lucky to have you' happy crying. Is both endearing and funny to me. Her first mistake was when I found out she cries to beauty and the beast music. Now I will make her dinner and listen to the music while I cook forcing her to come and cry with me or to throw things at me while laughing/crying. It's adorable."--

12) "My fiance giggles when she farts. Which in turn makes her fart again, due to said giggles. Which in turn makes her fart again... This process continues until she collapses due to laughing so hard or she runs outta gas. Usually, it takes about 5 minutes. Did I also mention she loves to do this while doing drive-by farts when I'm on the computer?"--

13) "Mortal fear of chickens. Had I known this before she would not have let me move in much less marry me because I have terrified her to the point of screaming and crying on more than one occasion."--

14) My woman carries more stuff to the car than anyone else I know. It's freaking aggravating if we go somewhere because she has to pile all of it in the front of the truck/car or what every we drive. Massive freaking purse, big bottle of water, lunch box, and another bag full of who knows what. She gets all mad when I chuck the stuff on the back seat. Like, you don't need to bring a half the house to go to freaking home depot.--

15) "My wife was my best friend in high school before we ever started dating so I thought I knew her quite well. When I first moved in with her I found out she did not know how to deal with anger in a healthy manner at all. She would scream and swing at me call me names and then start crying every time. It got to the point that I was going to leave her because I didn't need that stuff in my life. Called my father and talked to him about it as he was my rock and always kept me grounded. He worked with the mentally handicapped and was very good with behavioral analysis as a result, He's told me that he suspected that she suffered a lot of emotional and physical abuse when she was younger and this was defensive behavior because she was expecting to get hit. Turns out he was right and he helped me help her. Now that she knows she is safe she actually talks about whatever is bothering her rather than swinging at and insulting me. 13 years later we are still together and happily married."--

16) "He's 24 and still has his baby blanket and MUST sleep with it every night. When he can't find it he will turn on the light at 3 AM, just to look for it. He requires it to function, and it can never be washed. One time I did he had to leave the room he was that upset. It's super cute to see him snuggle with it and smell it all the time, and it's his little safe card no matter what's going on, but sometimes he makes me get Blankey before I sit down to watch a movie, so I'm not sure where I rank with it."--

Quality Of Living Varies For Different People

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Quality Of Living Varies For Different People

17) "Not sure if it's strange as much as annoying, but I don't understand it. She can deep clean like no other, but my wife just doesn't do basic cleaning. Cooking dinner? All cabinets get left open and everything that was used is still sitting on the counter. Need a new roll of toilet paper? Sits the new one on the counter, leaving the empty cardboard tube on the roller. Need a pair of socks out of the drier? She'll pull out everything onto the floor, find what she needs, and just leave the clean clothes laying there. Ugh..."--

18) "We've lived together a few years now but here goes. She spills food. At every God. Given. Meal. Snacking? Yup. Breakfast? Yup. Lunch? Yup. Dinner? Yup. Eating out at a restaurant? You betcha she'll come home with a stain on her somewhere. Whether it's small crumbs or condiments or soup or whatever the heck. Guaranteed she'll spill something. She's like that dirty little kid at meal time who will eat without care and get up from the table with a circle of food all over her feet. I thought this is something adults get over. We're in our late 20s."--

19) "He will enter the door and take off clothes and drop them as he moves between rooms. This results in a little trail of clothes everywhere he goes. His freakin' socks will end up every where almost like a woman's hair. I've found them in the bathtub, the fridge, the mail bin, inside the bed, in my pillow, and god only knows where else. Every time we find one, he will look at it, then where it came from and say 'Huh?' and go back to what he was doing."--

20) "When she washes dishes, she fills a dish with hot water mixed with soap, turns the faucet off, dips the sponge to get more soapy water, and rinses all the dishes at once at the end. When I wash dishes, I leave the water on at a low volume, dump soap on my sponge, and wash and rinse every dish before picking up the next one. Turns out it's because she's from California where they learn water conservation habits and I'm from rural MN, the land of 10k lakes and my house had its own well-water. Water conservation was a completely foreign concept to me until I moved away from home."--

21) "My boyfriend has his head in the clouds, pretty much 24/7. He also likes to keep things clean and tidy. Combine those two things, and you get a man who obsessively puts things back in the wrong place. It's hilarious and frustrating. Just yesterday he refilled the pet's water tank and misplaced the lid. He had only walked with the empty tank to the bathroom and then back to by the back door, in that space of time and place, the lid disappeared. Long story short, it was sitting on a bookshelf. Don't ask me, I don't know, lol."--

22) "She reuses floss. We have dozens of floss containers, as they are free with every dentist check-up, but she will use a strand and set it on the counter to use again the next day."--

23) "She doesn't like finishing food or drink. When we go shopping she likes to buy lots of snacks and junk food but then she'll only eat a tiny amount of whatever it is. The next time she's hungry she won't ever go back to the open pack, she opens something new up and starts eating that until she's bored of it. I usually end up finishing whatever she's started. We have half eaten bags of crisps (potato chips) and cookies all around the house."--

24) "My wife is an OCD neat freak. If anyone, me, kids, guests, etc. Leave anything it off place it's cleaned up immediately by her with an 'Omg you're such a pain' look. Now one would think that would also apply to her. Nope. It's easy to see where she's been as there is a trail of mess behind her. Making dinner? Sure, she'll just leave every food item, utensil, etc on the counter for hours. Every single bathroom item she owns is on our bathroom counter, floor, wherever she can fit it. What the heck. And if someone tries to clean up after her she gets angry! But I love her so whatever. I'm sure I'm a pain in the butt somehow too."--

25) My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy the first time he watched me wash my hair in the kitchen sink. I was born and raised in Europe, and I come from a big family, so it wasn't always feasible to wash your hair over a bathtub drain. To clarify, I clean my sink after every load of dishes and bleach my sink quite often, so it's not full of like dirty dish water when I wash my hair, or full of conditioner scum when I go to do dishes. He had just never seen it before, and he's got three sisters. Ha!"--

26) "He folds his shirts super freaking weird and obnoxiously. Didn't know how his shirts were folded was a big thing. But it is. And now out of the habit of folding his clothes (he's going through 3 outfits a day), I find myself folding mine his way. I hate laundry."--

27) "So I dated my SO for like two years before we moved in. Parents moved out and I planned on living at the same place anyway. Got a real good deal, my stuff is already there, hey why not move in with baby girl? She's extremely smart, always presentable (at college and high school where we met), and is an RN. You'd think she would be somewhat clean. NOPE! She is without a doubt one of the sloppiest people I've ever met. Dirty dishes on the counter (NOT THE SINK). Clothes on the floor literally right next to the hamper. Showers every few days whereas I have to shower sometimes twice a day. She eats pasta like a rabid dog and gets it all over herself. Her car is like a dumpster fire that I've given up on (I would clean it for her anytime I used it and it would take forever but it just goes back to being a mess). But honestly, it doesn't matter either way. I love her and yes it would be so much easier to keep my place clean if she took the extra five seconds to pick up after herself, but maybe I'd go insane after not having to clean my house after a couple of days (I actually love cleaning, the feeling of getting something dirty and 'fixing' it makes me feel pretty good). She's my little slob that shocked me, but I wouldn't have it any either way."--

An Adventure Of Discovery


An Adventure Of Discovery

28) "This one is a dousey. When making instant noodles, she uses 2 sachets. Meaning she opens another packet of noodles and robs the sachet out of it. Worst of all, she puts the poxy noodles back. SANS SACHET! So when I want some, it's like a sick joke of bland noodles."--

29) "My husband is deaf (to clarify, I did know this before we moved in together). The thing is, I had NO IDEA how loud he could be. It should have occurred to me sooner, but he has no concept of his own volume. Listening to him make a cup of tea is like having the cast of Stomp in our kitchen."--

30) "I never knew I did weird things until my husband pointed them out to me. I ALWAYS brush my teeth with hot water (guess that's abnormal). I also cannot, for the life of me, brush my teeth without looking like I have rabies. Now to be fair, dude does some weird things too, like he always has to have shoes on in the house. He rarely walks around in socks or barefoot. And not just in our house, but in every home, we go to. Super weird."--

31) "I didn't realize just how much she will order anything and everything online to avoid having to get dressed and leave the apartment. When I signed the lease to move in, the leasing office joked about how much she orders things online. She's started ordering cat food and litter on Amazon and abusing Shipt to have groceries delivered at 8 pm. I end up texting her almost daily, 'Need anything from the store?' since I get home later than her, so I'll grab some stuff from Target or Publix so she doesn't have to."--

32) "He sits to pee. At first, I was mildly annoyed at this like it somehow makes him less masculine, but then I wised up and realized that this is a great thing and I should be happy about it. no quarrels about the toilet seat, no urine on the seat, no more falling inside the toilet at night (yes, I had it happen before while living with another person)."--

33) "He used to open all the windows until the room was an arctic like condition and then turned the heater on whilst he was under the covers. That stuff stopped within the first week of living together"--

34) "She only showers maybe once every 3 or 4 days and sometimes goes up to a week or more. As someone who showers every day, I initially found this to be somewhat gross, but she always somehow smells/feels completely clean so it's no big deal. If I don't shower every day I get super greasy and smelly."--

35) "My husband does a creepy thing at night while he's sleeping. Laying on his back, he'll put both arms straight up-like a mummy. He'll hold this position for a minute, and then he will bend one arm and brush his fingertips up and down the other arm. Then he'll switch sides. Brush brush. Completely silent."--

36) "She bites her spoon when eating. Cereal mainly. As noted by another commenter, she uses a tiny bit of milk in her normal bowl of cereal, then, her teeth clasp the spoon as she bites down and scrapes the cereal off the spoon with minimal liquid. Just don't freakin' milk your cereal or just don't cereal."--

37) "My girlfriend is about a foot shorter than me. After we moved in together I noticed she has a rather annoying habit of leaving cupboards open that are above her head, but she's just the right height to hit me right in the face if I don't look out for them. She also takes the cap off the toothpaste, and leaves it on the counter instead of putting it back on every time she brushes her teeth."--

38) "He sweats a LOT when he sleeps, he is generally pretty sweaty but he says he has some really intense dreams so that's why he sweats so much. It's hard to cuddle for very long because it gets wayyy too warm but he will still put his hand/arm on me sometimes and it's really cute especially when he starts snoring."--

The True Test Of A Relationship

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The True Test Of A Relationship

39) "That he all of a sudden decided that he would not pursue a career (after attending university for 5 years) and instead settled for working part-time in a coffee shop. The job itself wasn't an issue, by all means, do what you like. It's just that my future plans did not involve supporting a part time video-gamer/part time barista."--

40) "He is obsessive compulsive ONLY with his criterion collection. He treats them like babies. We just moved and he packed up all his criterions in a box, labeled it and taped it closed, found our small cat sleeping on the box, quietly freaked out, removed the cat, cut the box open, examined each case, even opened some to check the discs, hugged them, then re-sealed the whole thing and created a barrier to protect the box. I love him as much as he loves those criterions but what a dweeb!"--

41) "My fiance moves the toothpaste around the house. He tends to brush his teeth while he is doing other things (driving, letting the dogs out) but sometimes loses the toothpaste. Drives me freaking crazy. I kept buying more but he would accidentally take them to work. I called him one day when I was about to leave and needed to brush and he admitted there were three tubes at the office, none at the house. I've started hiding my own stash and it's cleared up some fights."--

42) "That he won't replace ANYTHING. The kettle that leaks every time you pick it up? perfectly acceptable to him. Dining chairs that look as though they'd cave in on an unsuspecting butt? totally fine! Even when presented with suitable replacements (that are often free from our friends/family) he flat out refuses. Oh, and he used to keep his bread in the fridge and eat cereal out of pasta bowls."--

43) "She continuously forgets conversations and we'll have the exact same conversation multiple times through out a year. Then I tell her we just talked about this and she acts like it has literally never come up before. For example, we were talking about seeing some financial counselor at one point. She told me about who he is and why she thinks we should see him and asked if I'd go with. I agreed to go. About a month later she's like, so I've been thinking of scheduling an appointment with this financial counselor then goes through the process of explaining who he is and why we should see him then asks if I would go with again. I'm starting to wonder if I'm in some weird The Prestige type scenario where she has a twin or look a-like and they're just messing with me."--

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