The Master Manipulator
The Master Manipulator

Woman I worked with became obsessed that myself and another coworker were having an affair. (we were not) She is IMing me at work talking about how disgusting we both are and how she's going to expose us. I'm like begging her to knock it off not because I'm guilty but I don't want to go though the embarrassment of reporting her to HR.

She actually walks over to my desk and calmly explains how shes going to email everybody including this girls husband about all our dirty business. Well that as that, I told my friend what was going on and how we were going to be "exposed" and SHE went to HR.

Amazingly enough, she was not fired. Source

An Awkwardly Creepy Greeting

Oleksandr Nagaiets/Shutterstock

An Awkwardly Creepy Greeting

Met a girl at the club, flirted with her and exchanged numbers. We casually texted some days and agreed on having a date when I'm back from vacation. One week later coming home she stood at the airport and surprised me by picking me up.

She somehow got my address (didn't tell her), asked my mother for my arrival and which airport and just came there to see me. This was already a bit over the top for my taste but as she genuinely thought it was a cute thing to do I agreed to meet her again and give her another chance.

One day later I drove to her place and as I walk into her house her whole family (father, mother, two siblings) welcomes me while she introduces me as her new boyfriend. Her mother cooked and I awkwardly sat there just thinking about how I get out of this mess while her family wants to know everything about me and how we both met each other.

After that we went to her room and she continued talking about how we should spend the next vacation together and that her family has a nice holiday house in South Germany. I just pretended to be mildly interested and then left her place. Texted her the next day that I just didn't feel any connection between us and that I'm deeply sorry. That girl genuinely tried to do her best to be nice to me but her overwhelming approach creeped the shit out of me. Source

Single And Not Ready To Mingle
Single And Not Ready To Mingle

Being a single father, the very 'kind' single mother from the school run mother's society at my son's nursery felt she had to take me under her wing. By take me under her wing, she meant hit on me for 6 weeks straight, and organising play dates with the specific agenda of cornering me at her home, and offering horrendous home made food, and constantly fishing for a date. I politely declined, did the whole 'my wife died not so long ago, really not ready for anything, appreciate you being friendly' but the message did not get across. She eventually found me on a works night out, dressed in a toga and half cut, where my friend asked her if she was "the creepy single mum desperate for my dick".

I wasn't popular with the school run witches haggle on Monday. Source

The Grocery Store Stalker
The Grocery Store Stalker

I was on a dating site for a few weeks and caught a woman's attention. She started emailing me and that was cool. Then we chatted. Still good. Then a few days later I turned around at a grocery store and there she was looking at me. Uh...what?

While chatting I mentioned a regional grocery that I shop at and how they have a good produce section. (I cook) She hadn't heard of it. Long story short, she had spent hours there waiting for me just in case but was afraid to approach and instead just followed me around.

The chick was cute and harmless. And I was planning to ask her out but that was too weird. I never spoke to her again. Or saw her again. Source

Your Biggest Taco Fan
Your Biggest Taco Fan

When I was sixteen, I worked at a taco joint. (I'd rather not mention the name because I've told stories elsewhere on reddit that could get me into trouble. You can probably guess which one.)

When working in the drive-thru, a middle-aged woman in a minivan came through and I proceeded to pass her bag of food to her. She asked me my name, how long I've been working here, how good of a day I was having, and said it was nice to meet me. Very pleasant exchange, and honestly she made my day a little better.

Then she showed up again two more times that same week. Each time saying it was sooooooo good to see me, and that I was really cute. Which started to feel weird. I ended up having a few days off from work, and I forgot about her entirely. The day I went back to work, she appeared in the drive-thru again. She said that she missed me and wondered where I was.

The last time I saw her she asked me how old I was. I told her I was 16, which made her blissfully sigh and say "God, you're so young." then she drove away.

Probably not as bad as the other stories on this thread, but I was very creeped out at the time. Source

Better Off With(out) You
Better Off With(out) You

(One of many, I tend to attract crazy, but this one's funny rather than f----- up/rapey.) I have a sort-of-ex (I'm not sure I'd say we were ever "together", it was only ever a long distance thing) who every so often will email me pictures of her and whoever she's dating now, say how happy she is without me, then tells everyone who knows me that I keep harassing her.

It's only been 11 years, I'm sure she'll get bored soon.

(Yes, I blocked her email address. She just makes more. It's not harmful enough to take it any further.) Source

A Stay At Home Dad(dy) Issue
A Stay At Home Dad(dy) Issue

To sum it up, I went to a super conservative college and I tested my luck with a senior (I was a freshie at the time) with a date. Her friend got my number and said I needed to go all in or run far away, cause this girl was going to ask me to drop out of college and move to where she got her new job. Senior girl proceeded to tell me that she could make the money, and I would be a stay at home dad. I respectfully declined lol. Source

As Crazy As They Come
As Crazy As They Come

TL;DR: Crazy girl would tell me to f--- her loud enough that my classmates would hear. Also did other weird/disturbing things like stand in my way and moan my name when I had to physically remove her from my path so I could leave. I followed my #1 rule and didn't stick my dick in crazy and avoided what surely would have been a fucking shitshow in doing so. Who knows what horrible things I could've unleashed.

I Was a high school senior at the time and this sophomore girl in my chemistry class was very much into me to the point it became extremely weird and creepy. It also just so happens that was also my neighbor at the time. Keep in mind I had never once given her even the slightest indication that I had any interest in her and I do not know how or why she became so enthralled with me.

It started off with My friends telling me she had been asking around for my number when I wasn't around and saying creepy things like "technically I only sleep like 30 feet from I_Am_Disagreeing because that's the distance my room is from his". She seemed borderline unstable though so I tried not too be too mean when shutting down her advances. She would ask what I was doing after school and if I wanted to hang out to which I would usually just say I'm too busy right now. Eventually I had to start being a dick because it was getting out of hand. I've got several creepy stories about her. Here's just one example.

Class had just been dismissed and as I was getting up to leave, she got in front of me and was purposefully blocking my path while just staring at me, and because the desks were in rows, I couldn't get around without climbing over a desk and saw no reason that I should have to do that. She asked if I had plans and I responded that I did and asked her to move out of my way. She wouldn't move so I elected to just put my hand on her shoulder and kind of nudge her out of the way. As soon as I touched her shoulder she moaned my name like you would during sex and made sure it was loud enough for everyone in the class to hear. It became crystal clear at this point that she was crazy. I have no idea what her goal was.

Edit1: Was asked for another instance so here goes.

This one is Kind of similar to the first one. At the end of class she came over and asked if I wanted to hang out after school. I said no I am going to be busy. At this point this exact interaction had happened like 5 or 6 times and I guess she got tired of my excuses. She started to raise her voice and demanded to know what I was so busy with all the time. At this point she had attracted everyone's attention again, which was something I had really grown tired of, and so I snapped back "I'm doing... idk...things! What I'm busy with is irrelevant and doesn't concern you!" To which she basically yelled back "well why don't you stop doing "things" and come do me!"

Her response totally caught me off guard. This girl was probably a whole foot shorter than me, half my weight, and was angrily demanding that I have sex her. All I could do was laugh at the absurdity of it, which caused a lot of other people to start laughing too. This didn't even phase her and she continued to stand there waiting for a response. I just said "Sorry but that's never going to happen. What's wrong with you? Why can't you take a hint?"

I don't remember exactly what her response to that was. All I know was that I missed the next day's class for some reason and a friend of mine asked crazy girl why she was so damned aggressive about trying to get in my pants. Apparently crazy girl had no problem saying that she was a virgin and had decided that it had to be me that took her virginity because I'm her soul mate. I had pretty much only talked to her one time before she went crazy on me and it was for maybe 2 minutes. She also claimed that we had already had sex in the "astral plane" and that she wished I could remember.

Im a pretty big guy and can't think of many occasions where I've been intimidated by anyone, but this tiny girl worried me a little bit. She was obviously insane.

Crazy people are unpredictable and unpredictability is dangerous. I always made sure to keep my guard up around her. I didn't think she'd do anything violent but I wasn't going to put blackmail or anything like that past her. I'd heard too many stories of men's lives being ruined because of false accusations even when there wasn't evidence to back it up. I'm in my early twenties and teenage girls legit terrify me sometimes. They seem to be drawn to me like moths to a flame for reasons I don't quite understand and I hate it. They could ruin my life in the blink of an eye and there'd be nothing I could do to stop it.

Anyways, this went on for a few months and it was always just stuff like that. It varied from her saying she wanted to get to know me better while winking, to flat out demanding I fuck her brains out. After a while of me repeatedly turning her down, she started doing the thing where she Would stand in my way so I had to physically move her so I could leave. Sometimes she'd groan just loud enough for me to hear, and sometimes she'd full on yell my name as if I was fucking her right there. Guess it depended on how uncomfortable she felt like making me on any given day. She also had no regard for personal space and would be up against me any chance she had. She would interrupt conversations I was having with other girls in the class fairly often.

Besides the obvious delusional obsession with me she was apparently a fairly nice girl and got along well with other people. People didn't believe me when I mentioned what she was doing until they also heard it from others in my class. Apparently my presence just broke her brain and she lost all self control. It threw everyone off guard. Eventually she got moved to a different chemistry period and I didn't have to deal with her any longer. Idk what the reason was. I never complained to the teacher or anything because I like to handle things on my own and didn't want to deal with all the nonsense that would surely come of it. She lived with her grandmother, one of the nicest people I've ever met and I knew she'd just die if she found out. I didn't have the heart to do that to her. Source

Making Chemistry
Making Chemistry

Nice, I have an experience with this!

I was in a bio class at my community college, and a girl sat at my table on the first day. During the first few weeks, I caught her stealing glances at me, out of the corner of my eye. Eventually she moved to my side of the table, and kept creeping closer to me. (We used the rolling chairs)

Anyway, after one class, she turns to me and puts her hand on my leg and says "so I've been looking at you for a while now, and I think we should come back to my house."

So I just looked at her and gave her a "what are you thinking?" Look. I don't know her, she doesn't know me. After I denied her, she moved on the other guy at our table. I don't know if he went with her or not. Source

A Homeschool Nightmare
A Homeschool Nightmare

When I was homeschooled in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, I became friends with another homeschooled guy. His family was the most egotistical I've ever met, but that's not relevant. What is relevant is that he had a cousin named Lexi.

Lexi was several years younger than me at the time, 8 or 9 iirc. Her parents were going through a divorce, and were spoiling her so when the custody battle came around, Lexi would pick a favorite. Anyway, Lexi fell madly in love with me for whatever reason. Now, I was only 12 or 13 at the time, and, like I said before, she was 8 or 9, and her often forward behavior made me very uncomfortable. She would climb up on my lap and began giving me pecks on the cheeks, whether I liked it or not.

Now, normally this wouldn't be so bad, except her spoiling mother fully supported her romantic endeavors, and would try to help Lexi in her quest to win me over. I even remember Lexi's mom helping her hunt me down at a halloween party and forcing me to take various pictures with her.

The only way I won the battle was by returning to normal school in 8th grade. Haven't seen her since. I'm about to graduate from highschool and I still remember how uncomfortable this ordeal was...Source

Undesired Attention
Undesired Attention

Started talking to this girl, she blew up my phone non-stop with random stuff, sent unsolicited pics including bikini shots and stuff, liked everything I posted on facebook. At first I didn't really mind, it was nice getting some female attention, but after a while it started to get annoying, and then it started coming off as clingy and desperate, especially with a lot of vaguebooking about how bad she wanted a boyfriend. It got to the point where I was starting to get unhealthy vibes, so I blocked her. I felt like a dick for doing it, but ultimately I have to look out for myself.

Another time, I was dating this girl, and her ex's new gf randomly hit me up and started stalking the f--- out of me on facebook, adding me into these weird flirty group chats, etc. That s--- was insane. Source

A Sense Of Creativity
A Sense Of Creativity


In community college I was in a creative writing course and we were in the poetry portion of the semester. There was a girl in there that seemed cool, and we went bowling once outside of class to kind of hang out and test the waters, but it was weird, and nothing ever happened again.

This girl wrote a poem about us making out, in great detail. It didn't say my name. We never made out in real life. And it described my looks in every detail; hair, eyes, height. It was blatantly obvious it was me in the poem. So much so, that the teacher had this girl read it out loud, and as she did, the teacher just grinned, and this girl was reading and looking over at me, and I'm pretty sure I was embarrassed enough as it was...

... until that girl finished and the teacher immediately asked me "huffingtoncoast, what did you think of that poem?" Source

The Needy Caller
The Needy Caller

This happened about 3 years ago:

I had heard my female neighbour madly screaming for about an hour or so, which was actually a regular occurence, always over nothing.

It had been quiet for a few mintues, when my doorbell rang. I opened and she stood there outside my door. I had only once spoken to her prior to this, and that had been about 2 minutes of small talk.

Anyways, she immediately opened up about how glad she was I had opened the door, and that she had lost her cell phone. I said that was a bummer, and she said that she wanted to ask if I could help her.

To cut to the chase, of course I helped her, which involved her screaming at some other neighbours, who were inside and had neither said anything nor responded to any of it, with me standing next to her, and me going to her flat, calling her cell phone, so she could more easily find it (she had it on mute, though).

Then, she magically found it, when I was about to go, and she proceeded to enthusiastically thank me and continuously hug me. I should add that this woman is about 25 years older than me. She asked me, if I liked hippies, since apparently she was a hippie (which I could not tell), then sheepishly laughed, saying she was too old for me, anyway, all while I didn't even get a word in and just awkwardly tried to get the hell out of there.

Among other things, she proceeded to recite a poem to me for about 5 minutes while holding eye contact the entire time, before I finally got away, citing I had just started to make dinner for myself.

2 minutes after I was back in my flat, somebody with a blocked caller ID called me on my cell phone. That's when the coin dropped, that she now had my cell number. I didn't answer any of the 5 calls she made during the next 20 minutes.

I saw her once more, just outside our house, and gave her as friendly a "hello" as I could muster, but she looked at me, like she had never seen me before and said nothing. Source

Pouncing Like A Panther
Pouncing Like A Panther

Uber/Lyft driver here. Late one weekend night downtown, go to pick up a request. The lady that initiated the request tells me her friend has had too much and she is sending her home. Queue up female version of Take On Me video, this woman hip checks off of every person on her way to my car. Turns out she lives 40 minutes away. I'm thinking, 'God dammit, this should be fun'. She immediately asks, "did she seem mad at me?", I reply that I have no idea, I barely spoke to her. This woman proceeds to tell me she slept with her friend's husband as recently as last night...I'm usually pretty good at diffusing situations involving drunk people, but what am I supposed to say to that? I assure her about a thousand times that her friend didn't seem angry and only told me she'd had too much to drink. Next up she invites me up to her place. We're still 30 minutes away, so no matter what I say I've got a half hour to simmer in awkward stew. "I'm flattered, but I really have to work". Immediately starts crying, screaming that I'm an a--hole, she's fat and ugly (neither of which are true), and that she's an awful person. It took some time, but I eventually calm her down and try switching gears to movies or music or literally anything else. That lasted for a couple minutes, then like a creepy panther, she pounced on the first silence..."sooooo, do you wanna come up?". Say no for the second time, way past the uncomfortable threshold. Waterworks again, I make up a fake wife, which somehow spurs her on more. At this point I'm starting to get concerned. I don't have a dash cam in my car yet, I'm well aware she's in a fragile state, I'm worried she's gonna snap after being rejected. I finally get to her apartment, deny her fifth offer to come upstairs ' just for a minute ', and watch carefully in case she falls down the stairs. After writing a review for her friend, trying to cover my ass the only way I can think of in the moment, I took a smoke break, laughed because I got my crazy ride out of the way for the night, and continued on. Ended up being way wrong when two lesbians puked all over each other and my backseat less than two hours later. Source

Downright Crazy
Downright Crazy

Medium long, but the backstory is probably needed:

I went on 3 dates with a guy in under a week, and we'd really hit it off. After date #3 he asked to be exclusive, but I said it had been less than a week and I would need more time to ponder that, but we still made another tentative date for Sunday afternoon. (I was busy Friday and he was busy Saturday).

Sunday comes, no word from him, so I let it pass. I was tired from my weekend, and figured it was a loose plan anyway. Monday I emailed him, and after some awkwardness he admitted he'd met someone Saturday night and was going exclusive with HER. I was a little hurt but i wasn't crazy about him, so I said "good luck" and moved on.

A week after that he admitted he'd made a huge mistake, she was crazy, and would I consider another date with him? I said no, thank you, politely.

A few weeks after that, reports of her contacting my friends (how the heck did she know they were my friends?? How did she know my name? I was SUPER creeped out) and telling stories started cropping up. Not in chronological order, but the highlights:

-I had broken First Guy's heart by rejecting him, so it was good she was there to pick up the pieces :|

-She and I were old friends, and had skated together on our local roller derby team. She allegedly was hazed out. (Our league has a massive Code of Conduct and no one is hazed, ever. Period.)

-She used my FB friends list to contact anyone she could determine was my RL friend, on OKCupid, and would tell them about our close friendship. She did this at least 3 times over the course of about a month, that I could determine, plus at least a few more times over the next year before she finally wore herself out, apparently.

-She started RSVPing Yes to FB events that I'd said I would attend, though she never actually showed that i know of. I stopped RSVPing for about a year because of that.

-After a lifetime of red or brunette hair, she suddenly dyed her hair blonde. My hair? Blonde since birth, except for the times 've gone purple or blue or whatever. Not her biggest sin, but circumstantially pretty bad.

-She tried to friend me on Fetlife, three times, using alts.

-She contacted my Fetlife contacts and gave them my FB and other RL info like what she thought was my legal name. Fortunately, my RB name is not my current legal name. That was when i blocked the SHIT out of her, on every social media platform known to man.

So not the creepiest story ever, but still more stress than I needed. Source

A Ponytail Fetish
A Ponytail Fetish

I'm a guy with a large Afro and I typically wear it wherever I go. Of course, having so much hair can lead to multiple variations. Occasionally, I'll wear my hair in a ponytail for special occasions.

This girl I knew I texted frequently saw me with a ponytail and she begged one of my close friends to get a picture of me with a ponytail. She then proceeded to text me and say "Damn, you looked so sexy with this ponytail. You have any more pictures?"

So of course I was a bit weirded out, because she will be doing one of 2 things with those photos. 1, showing them to other people, or 2, "taking matters into her own hands" if you get my drift.

So I just told her I didn't have any photos and stopped talking to her. Source

The Neighbor From Hell
The Neighbor From Hell

She sent me a message on an online dating site, opening conversation by telling me about her mental health issues that I would need to be able to deal with, and the fact that she was looking for me to be third in a threeway relationship with her and her boyfriend. It wasn't really my thing, so I didn't respond, but a couple of days later I ran into her in the stairwell of my apartment building. Turned out she was my neighbour. Source

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