She Was All Set To Mark Her Territory


She Was All Set To Mark Her Territory

"My high school boyfriend began dating this girl in college. I didn't know much about her and he acted like the relationship was fine for six months or so. Then he wanted to break up and she couldn't handle it. She had suicide attempts, self-harmed and faked pregnancies.

Things seemed to finally settle down until she got the pizza delivery guy to help her break into his apartment. She told him a tale of how a mean ex-boyfriend was keeping of all her things and she just needed to retrieve them. She was caught, and it turns out she had been saving GALLONS of her own urine for weeks. Her roommates went on record saying that she kept empty milk jugs in the bathroom to pee in when she had to go. She was planning on dumping them in his apartment. She also told her roommates she wanted to 'cut off his manhood' and 'kill his family.' She was charged with multiple felonies.
The girl was kicked out of college, ROTC, and had a lot of legal troubles. I don't know what happened to her after that. The boyfriend is fine now. He's a helicopter pilot out west and is doing pretty well."

She Told Him She's

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She Told Him She's "Trying To Not Fall Completely In Love With Him" After...

"Some lass messaged me on Facebook, and she was kinda hot, so I went along with it. This was a Thursday. I mentioned I was going to a party on Friday and she was literally begging me to bring her as my plus one. Funnily enough, I said no, as I'd planned to take my buddy for weeks.
Friday rolls around, and while I'm at the party she keeps messaging me and eventually comes out and says she's 'trying to not fall completely in love with you.'

I took this as weird as she backed it up saying we were made to be together and everything. Thought it was just a joke/flirt at first but then she kicked off major when I didn't reciprocate.

She blocks me and I go on with my life.

Fast forward a few days, I was at work doing a set of new brakes or something, when Linzi (our office lady) asks me to come into the office as there are two policemen waiting for me.

I walk in, and sure enough, two coppers stood there. My boss is glaring at me, Linzi won't make eye contact, and the customer in the office looked like he really didn't want to be there.

Long story short, she phoned the police saying I assaulted her, and she was pregnant with my child. After I told them I've never met her and first spoke to her days ago, they basically shrugged it off like yeah this isn't the first time this has happened, we believe you, and off they went."

He Couldn't Believe What

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He Couldn't Believe What "God Had Told Her"

"I was 18. She was 21 and a religious nut. 'God told her' to marry me. She stalked me for months. We were in some of the same classes at university so I could not avoid her. She would find excuses to hang around with me after class.

At one point, I was so stupid and innocent that when she told me she needed a place to stay for a few days (she was moving out of her flat and her new flat was not ready yet), I allowed her to stay in my spare room. It was supposed to be for four days.

On the first day, she redecorated 'our' kitchen to make it more like a 'family home.' Four days came and went and she did not go. It took nearly a month to get rid of her. She spent a lot of that time trying to chastely but earnestly seduce me and at the same time convert me to her fundie religion so that she could carry out God's command by marrying me and having lots of children.

The thing is, I was such a dumb kid, and such an under-confident kid with typical 'urges,' that at times I almost considered it. She was, superficially, quite attractive (although not my type), but she was grating on the nerves and annoying as heck.
Finally, I got rid of her - last I heard, she's now a very successful lawyer with a big house and four kids."

Her Loves Notes Were A Bit Too Obsessive And Creepy
Her Loves Notes Were A Bit Too Obsessive And Creepy

"Back in my teenage years, I worked at a grocery store. On my first day, this girl who I worked with for probably 15 minutes tops (we'll call her Julie) gave me a note before she left and told me not to read it until she left. Weird but ok.

Anyway, I forgot about it until I got home and I read it and it basically confessed her undying love for me and she wanted to know if we'd date and she saw a future with us together. I was shocked but didn't think much of it.

The next day at work, Julie asked if I read the note, I said yes and although I was flattered I wasn't looking at dating anyone. She said, 'Oh, ok' and went back to work and left again about 15 minutes after I got there (we worked different shifts).

That night I go out to my car and there are, I'm not joking, about 50 notes taped to my car. The paper of the notes were all different colors, as was the ink. Some notes were calling me a freaking jerk, other notes were apologizing for the other notes that called me a freaking jerk, other notes talked about what beautiful kids we would have, and the crazy just went on and on.

Luckily, a co-worker was with me (we had a rule where male employees had to walk female employees out to their cars) and saw the crazy all over my vehicle and looked around to see Julies car parked far off in the shadows with a crying, makeup smeared face barely illuminated under the bit of street light that touched the car. The car then sped off.

She told the supervisor the next day who insured Julie and I had no overlap in our schedules. Apparently, I wasn't the first victim of Julie. Unfortunately for me, Julie wasn't the only crazy girl I encountered."

He Tried Online Dating And Something Tells Us He Won't Be Trying Again
He Tried Online Dating And Something Tells Us He Won't Be Trying Again

"Two stories. First more of a 'super-freak.' Second not necessarily creepy but more psycho. I was about 37 years old at the time and freshly divorced.

I met the first girl via Plenty of Fish and she wanted to meet up for a drink to get to know each other. Went to the bar and upon arrival, she was already there and three drinks in. Sat down, ordered my drink, and she excused herself to go to the ladies' room. Bartender arrived with my drink and promptly stated - if you're planning on hooking up with this one you better triple-wrap it. The bartender explained this chick was in each night, new guy each time, and sometimes after taking the first one home would show up later that same evening and troll for another.

My 'date' then came back from the ladies' room and I excused myself to go to the mens' room - and walked out the back door. She blew up my email, saying what a jerk I was for leaving her there but I really don't care. The last thing I need is to dip mine into a petri dish!

The second girl was a chick that was also divorced. We met via some other dating site and had a pretty good thing going for a while, that was until she called me about 9:30 p.m. one evening demanding me to come over, pay attention to her and mess around with her.

Although I'd love to, I explained it was my night with the kids who were asleep in their rooms. She stated she didn't care - she needed the company and some fun or she was going to kill herself. She stated she already took one pill and was about to take another. I talked her down and finally got off the phone with her, or so I thought.

I got another call at about 11:30 p.m. but this was a call from one of her friends in a town 300 miles away asking for me to go over to check on her. Supposedly she took 3-4 more pills, called her friend in the other town crying and devastated I couldn't come over to pay attention to her.

I told her friend that I'd love to, but my kids (ages 3 and 5) were asleep and I'm not leaving them alone. If she really needed help then the authorities needed to be called. So I hung up with the friend, called 911 and explained the situation and the fire dept showed up at the door and took her to the emergency room to get checked out.

The next day, I received a nasty message stating never talk to her again because I ruined her life since I got her admitted for substance abuse. I told her I'd rather her be alive and mad than dead.

Haven't heard from her since, thank goodness!"

She Tried To Make This Pizza Delivery Something Out Of A Smut Film

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She Tried To Make This Pizza Delivery Something Out Of A Smut Film

"Delivering pizza in my early twenties. I arrived at this apartment building that used to be a great place but it got bought out by Gateway Rehab and turned into a very large halfway house.

I get to the apartment and this lady starts asking me about the sausage on the pizza, basically just spouting lines from an adult film.

Well, I'm so slow so I answered the questions. 'Yes, we put sausage on your pizza. Yes, it's hot Italian sausage cooked fresh daily. Oh, you wanted extra sausage? Sorry, there must have been a mistake.'

She started asking if I wanted to come in and I'm just trying to get her to sign the receipt because my time is money, but she insisted that she wanted to give me 'a tip.' It wasn't until she tried to touch me that reality set in and I realized what was happening. Now, I don't like being touched under normal circumstances and it's not a phobia but I'm afraid of germs and this lady had open sores on her face. I got scared and as politely as possible noped the heck out of there."

Not Even Telling Her No Five Times Made Her Stop


Not Even Telling Her No Five Times Made Her Stop

"Back in my first year of university, when I was living in residence, there was some girl on my floor who wanted me to sort of coach her at the gym. I said sure, thought nothing of it.

Well, she ends up falling in love with me. I didn't like her at all, for various reasons which I will outline with how crazy she is. But anyway, I think I told her I didn't like her and didn't want to date her, in those words, at least five times, probably more.

So, here are the things she's done:
•Would 'shower' by rinsing herself off after the gym, literally a quick rinse off, every two days. Didn't put on deodorant either and would then ask me if I wanted to smell her 'natural scent.'
•Asked if she could have a lock of my hair to put In a necklace. When I said no, she threatened to come cut some off, and when I told her I'd tell the cops, she said she'd go to jail if it meant having my hair.
•Went for a run, took a Snapchat of her panties and captioned it: 'Was thinking about you on my run, look how wet you made me.'
•Sent multiple unwanted nudes.
•Told me if I wanted to date her, I had to get her father's and brother's blessing. I told her I didn't like her and didn't want to date her, and even if I did, I wouldn't jump through hoops. She followed it up with: 'Okay, you only need my brother's blessing.'

All this, plus the fact that she was straight up an idiot, I eventually just blocked her. The reason I hadn't done it sooner was that she lived on my floor, and was friends with some of my friends that she ended up living with the following year; they all hate her now so it worked out."

He Was Going To Be A Part Of Her Life Whether He Wanted To Or Not

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He Was Going To Be A Part Of Her Life Whether He Wanted To Or Not

"Without my knowledge, I became this chick's boyfriend, phone/desktop background, and an emergency contact.
All this happened in grade 11 high school. There was an odd girl on the same bus as I who was never really treated the best. My mama raised me to treat everyone with respect and dignity so one day I just decided to say hello to this girl and that was that. Time went by and I continued to simply say hello, ask her how she was doing, how her weekend was, etc. This was all usually done at the end of the day when we were on the bus on the way home, occasionally if I walked by her at school.

One day a few school buddies are just busting my balls about this chick and I thought they were being total jerks and just bullying this poor girl until one pipes up and says, 'How can you be dating that?!' Completely confused I ask what the heck he is talking about and that's when I found out she was going around telling her friends that we were dating.
Thinking he's just being an idiot, I spoke to some other girls in my grade and apparently this is all true. This is when one of the girls shows me a few pictures of ME that were apparently sent to her by the weird girl. This is when I learned she was taking pictures of me randomly at school without my knowledge.
I ended up confronting this girl a little while later and setting things straight. Thankfully there was only a month or two left of school at this time so I didn't have to continue bussing with her. In Grade 12 I bought my first car and started driving to school.

Fast forward to around prom time in Grade 12. I ended up getting a phone call from a local grocery store informing me that the weird girl ended up tripping over a stack of boxes and hit her head on some shelving. Completely baffled, I asked why I was receiving this call and then I was informed that I was listed as an emergency contact for this chick in the event of an accident. I asked if anyone else was listed and was told, 'yes.' I simply said 'call them,' and hung up.
A few years later I found out just how creepy this chick was as she probably had at least 30-40 candid photos of me were taken without my knowledge.
Definitely creepy looking back at things; I have no idea what she is doing now."

His Concern For Her Increased After Her Terrifying Facebook Posts

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His Concern For Her Increased After Her Terrifying Facebook Posts

"Ok, so there was this girl who had a crush on me. She was in my class but I had no such intention towards her. She used to always like my facebook statuses and comment on every single one of them.

Anyway, I just thought she was being friendly. When I started dating another girl she got really weird. She signed up for many Facebook accounts and used to text that she loved me, but she never said anything directly to me, only using fake accounts, but I knew it was her.

Anyhow, she had this Facebook page with quotes and crap and she had told me before that it was hers. She started making weird statuses like, 'If I died would you come to my grave and leave a flower?' or 'My death will be on you and I will hunt you forever.'

I got really worried she would hurt herself and I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt. She was really creepy and stared at me all the time during class. She got over it after some time passed by, but it really creeped me out."

Listening To His Gut Helped Him Out Of This Sketchy Situation Abroad

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Listening To His Gut Helped Him Out Of This Sketchy Situation Abroad

"Day one of a month in Tanzania. I had arrived in Dar es Salaam the night before and met up with a friend who was also there at the time. We planned to meet up later that day, leaving me with a few hours to explore Dar, so I decided to go to a local beach.

I dipped my feet in the Indian Ocean, high-fived some curious kids, and practiced my Swahili. I started to get hot, so I headed to the makeshift bar at this beach, bought a cold drink, and grabbed a chair in the shade of a tree. At this point, a local girl who had been eyeing me pulled up a chair and we started chatting.

Within five minutes of knowing me, she asks if I want a massage. Maybe a little unusual, but there's a lot of massage parlours in Dar, so I politely declined and brushed it off as normal. We kept chatting about our respective countries, Canada and Tanzania, but she kept bringing up massages.

A minute later, she pulls her chair closer and asks if I have a girlfriend. I thought about saying yes, but I'm a bad liar, so I said no, I'm a solo flyer, and I like it that way. She then reaches over and tries to grab my junk. This ticked me off because if I pulled that crap I'd be arrested, but I was also thinking I'm not very desirable, so something ain't right here.

I stood up and said I had to call my friend, but in reality, I was calling a driver that I knew and trusted. However, my Swahili was far from perfect, and I accidentally sent him to the wrong place. As I was waiting, the creepy lady kept rubbing on my shoulder and saying we can go back to her house. After a while, I just flagged down the next driver I saw, said it was my friend, and booked it out of there.

As I was leaving, I remembered something I read about scams to watch out for. If someone gets caught stealing in Tanzania, the locals will beat the snot out of them, so some thieves will form partnerships where they'll have some beautiful woman lure the rich foreigner back to her 'house,' where her accomplice will be lying in wait to knock them out and rob them.

AIDS aside, had I gone with her, chances are I'd have been knocked out and woken up in a ditch somewhere with all my stuff missing. Tanzania is an amazing country, and don't let this story deter you from visiting, but watch yourself over there!"

A Simple


A Simple "Hey" Became His Biggest Regret

"When I was in high school band - probably my junior year, there was this one really strange overweight quiet freshman girl with medium length straight blond hair and thick glasses who didn't seem to have many friends. I would be nice to her just because I knew what that was like when I was a freshman and didn't end up in any classes or even the same lunch period with any of my friends that year.

I didn't even know her name at the time, but I noticed she sat by herself often and didn't say much. I'd make an effort to say 'Hey, how's it going' in a friendly way and she'd say 'Hey' and would then smile awkwardly with her crooked teeth and airy voice (think Phyllis from 'The Office'). I thought it was harmless and it would make her feel good in the same way a stranger holding the door for you feels nice.

So that's how it went on for a while. I'd see her around the band hall for pep rallies, or before or after a game when we had marched back from the football field to the band hall to change back into our normal clothes and head home. I noticed she started to say hi first more often. Then one day, she ran up before some game the band was going to and hugged me and said hi.

I was a bit weirded out, but again thought it innocent and did the old one-arm around 'hey' in response and continued on my way.

That summer, I got a new job working at a video rental store (like I said, this is from a long while back). I didn't tell anyone except a few friends where I worked. One day, during the middle of a slow morning-to-the-middle-of-the-weekday shift, she just showed up at the video rental store, not to rent anything, but just to hang around there, near the front desk, not looking at any movies, just standing there, saying hi and not much else.

It was at that point I realized she had a crush on me, and that she'd mistook my simple gestures of kindness as some sort of way I showed that I had romantic feelings for her.
But my continuation of mistakes was in that I felt too sorry for her to just say - 'What are you doing here just standing around at the front desk for like 20 minutes, you weirdo stalker? Please leave.'
Instead, I just kind of ignored her after initially saying 'hi' and went about working. My co-workers proceeded to rib me the rest of the workday after she left; they thought it was hilarious.
That was the first time she showed up. A few weeks later, like on a super busy Friday night, she showed up again. This time with her 'Hills Have Eyes'-esque family. They actually rented something, too, even waited in the long line at my station to get me as their cashier.

When the three of them - the girl, a man (maybe her dad with a curly blonde mullet who looked like a 1980's wrestler only if the wrestler was short, and out of shape, but still tan and looked like their face was beaten in often), and what I can only assume was her mom (I had never seen this person before like I had other parents at the band hall around events we played for - I figured whoever took care of her didn't actually stay for any of the performances or football games - further adding to whatever loneliness she must have felt) - finally reached me, the mom said in a raspy smoker's voice, 'So you're the boy,' The mom proceeds to make awkward small talk about whatever, I check them out as soon as possible, and they tell me 'it was nice to finally meet you.'

And this time, with the 20 or so people who were in line, I was now humiliated. As they all were chuckling at the obvious humor surrounding the situation, at least one of them sarcastically asked as they chortled if that was my girlfriend - to which I only replied a stern glare and snatched their videos and asked if there was anything else they needed that night.

She later tried to ask me to at least a couple of dances at the school but I managed to avoid it by having to lie by making sure I had a date pretty early. At that point, I started just trying to avoid her, but I noticed now that all those places where I would 'run into her' were not really places you would naturally be: the narrow stairwell that you had to cross to get to the band hall, the room where a certain type of instrument was stored, which was different from the room where her type of instrument was stored.

She was making sure to hang around any place that was a choke point where I would have to walk by or through or to so that she would ensure an encounter with me of some sort.

Later, I got a job at a different video store. She showed up there too, this time around the Christmas holidays, again, in the middle of the weekend, super busy Black Friday time and she just hung around, not buying anything, not talking to anyone, just wandering near me.

Since graduating high school then, I've seen her only one more time - once at a band reunion event. Luckily, I was then with my fiancée. Other than that, she regularly sends me a Facebook friend request every few months or years randomly, even though I'm married and have a kid now. I cannot imagine ever saying 'yes' to that request and now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably block her there completely.

But yeah, weird creepy girl."

She Just Couldn't Take The Hint

Daniel M Ernst/Shutterstock

She Just Couldn't Take The Hint

"She asked me to prom as friends, having never actually talked. I was the grade above her and the TA for one of her classes, and since it would be my only way in (plus why not make a friend?) I said yes.

She paid even though I insisted I could and should pay for myself. All of this was nice, but I was solid on the fact that I didn't want anything out of it other than a friendship, and her best friend at the time (a mutual friend) insisted that she wasn't into me.

Prom night was coming around and we still had only ever exchanged polite 'hello's.' This was when she started to sort of butt into my friend group, learning as much as she could about me.

My now-girlfriend, who was just my best friend at the time, overheard her saying that she was planning on becoming a woman in my car. She also knew the name I had given my car that not many people even knew.

The inevitable night came around and I was ready but uncomfortable. I'd even discussed not-completely-jokingly pretending to 'meet' one of my close friends during the night and to hit it off and start 'flirting.' I wanted out, but I was in too deep.

The night went by and I had fun. I'm not sure if she did, and maybe she was hoping I would be more romantic because she seemed miffed, but I tried to enjoy myself and get her to do the same without leading her on. I was a happy clam glad to have had fun and it to be over, but in the following week, my friends showed me that she had changed her profile pictures on social media and made multiple posts with captions that made it look very much like we were in a relationship."

Something Smelled Funky About This Online Date Request


Something Smelled Funky About This Online Date Request

"So when I was 18-19, I had an internship at a very Christian employer. So, one of my colleagues at the time just found her new boyfriend on a site called FunkyFish.
So with my big mouth, I asked: What is FunkyFish? Colleague starts a rant about how this is a Christian dating site and that I TOTALLY should do it too because I had such a cute face!! I kinda was in shock but thought aah, what is the worst that can happen, right?

So, I create a profile and halfway through I think to myself: Is this really what I want to do? I change my profile that it only says: Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm looking for a date, maybe you?
So, I actually kind of forgot about this FunkyFish until I get a Facebook request from some girl I've never seen. I open up Facebook to see who this girl is. I accepted the request to get a bit more information and to ask why she added me. The moment I pressed 'accept request' I get a chat through Facebook.

Girl: 'Heeey, I spotted you on FunkyFish and I added you there but you never accepted my request.'

Me: 'Wow, yeah, sorry. I'm never on FunkyFish, it kind of was the idea of my colleague.'

Girl: 'Aw, too bad. I think you're really cute.'

Me: 'Aw, thanks! You seem to be pretty nice, but why the add?'

Girl: 'I want to invite you for my birthday!!'

Me: 'Wait, what? I don't even know you?'

Girl: 'Yes, but when you go to my birthday you can get to know everybody in once!!'

Me: 'Who is everybody?'

Girl: 'She starts naming EVERY family member and her dog.'

Me: 'Whoa, this is going a bit quick for my taste. Plus you're living 40 km away from my house. How do I even get there? (At this point, I was just trying to politely cancel her request).'

Girl: 'Do you have a car?'

Me: 'Yup.'

Girl: 'Than you can drive to my house.'

Me: 'If I were going to your birthday, I'm sure I will be drinking.'

Girl: 'Wow, that's also okay. You can sleep with me then.'

Me:' Isn't FunkyFish a Christian dating site? I'm not going to sleep with you (desperate move to cancel her request, I know).'

Girl: 'Wow, I'm not that Christian, if you know what I mean.'

Eventually, I declined her request because I thought it was freaking weird. The girl in question eventually kept talking to me for two years.

FunkyFish, NEVER AGAIN."

He Wasn't Expecting This Kind Of Tip While Waiting Tables

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

He Wasn't Expecting This Kind Of Tip While Waiting Tables

"On Christmas Eve I was waiting tables. A woman left me a $100 tip and a note with her name, phone number, e-mail, address, and birthdate. She lived two streets over from me, which was off-putting. She proceeded to come into my work seven days a week, sometimes twice a day and would ask if I was there and if she could sit in my section. She would stare at me. Whenever she paid she would try to make physical contact with me, like hand me her cash or card so her hand would touch mine.

I didn't know how to handle this. Management knew and didn't do anything. Bless the little, old lady who was the opening server. One day when I wasn't there she sat down at the table and told her I had a girlfriend and was flattered, but not interested. Apparently, she started sobbing and left shortly after.

I assume there was some kind of disability at play, but didn't talk much."

This Friend Request Took A Sharp Turn In The Wrong Direction
This Friend Request Took A Sharp Turn In The Wrong Direction

"I was in college out of state, a girl I didn't know from my hometown sent me a friend request on Facebook.
I declined the request, and she sent it again, this time with a message. She claimed to be a friend of my mother's and knew my mother's name and wanted to talk to me. Her profile picture looked a bit too young to be my mom's friend, but my mother was a high school principal at the time and often friended former students. It didn't seem unreasonable for me to guess that she was a high school senior looking for college admission advice, so I accepted her friend request.

She never messaged me and I quickly forgot that the interaction had ever taken place until a few weeks later when I got a phone call from my mother. She was asking why one of her very underage students was telling everyone she was dating me and had pictures of me on her phone (which she had stolen from Facebook).
I explained the situation to her, deleted the crazy girl, and my mom did damage control on her end. I never heard anything else about it."

Things Were Going So Well Until...


Things Were Going So Well Until...

"Went out with this girl from work, these were my college days.

The first date went AWESOME. We went dancing, ended up fooling around a few times back at my place. We went to a diner the next morning, just an awesome time.

The second date, she says she just wants to 'hang at my place'. I grab a case of rubbers and a 12 pack, shower and all that crap. She gets there, and in all serious tones, tells me how God visited her the night after our first date, turned her room red and told her that she had to marry me. We didn't kiss or even sit next to each other all night. She just explained how God would be angry if we were not together. I claimed I was ill from the drinks and would call her another time.

I didn't."

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