Can This Guy Ever Catch A Break?
Can This Guy Ever Catch A Break?

"I have had multiple years of bad birthday luck!

13th birthday: My mom took me to Knott's Soak City. Ended up cutting open my knee in the wave pool. Went to first aid which had no water proof bandaids and they refused to do anything else for it and asked me to not go in the water until I stopped bleeding. So I spent a good few hours sitting around a water park doing nothing until my body clotted the cut. Have a scar on my knee.

14th birthday: I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. Ended up slicing open my thumb and index finger on the sides of a metal can dog food lid. I still have scars from that.

15th birthday: I believed that I was cursed to get hurt on my birthday. Stayed in my room all day playing video games. My mom then yelled at me for being selfish and weird for not doing anything for my birthday.

21st birthday: I was in a film class. The instructor offered to a few of us to work on the film set of the film he was directing. Spent the whole day on set from dusk to almost midnight, but he pretty much forgot I existed. Got passed around from set worker to set worker who didn't know me. And forgot to tell me future filming dates, so I sacrificed my birthday for a potential foot in the door industry potential and networking but ended up with nothing, no credit on either the project or the class.

22nd birthday: I got fired from my job because of budget cuts.

This year was my 25th birthday: I had to work my job all by myself because both of my coworkers called in 'not feeling like coming in.' So I was swamped with customers the whole day. Got yelled at by customers for taking so long to help them because I was busy helping a bunch of other people."

He Was Expecting A Surprise Party...
He Was Expecting A Surprise Party...

"One of my classmates we used to hang around with in high school had a birthday like 2 weeks before mine. We organized a surprise party, went to the flat of her best friend after school, because they went shopping and then there (the friend was involved in the surprise, too, she had to distract her), so we waited for them with a cake, then they arrived and we said Surprise! and had fun. She said she was very happy then because she had thought everybody forgot.

Two weeks later my birthday came. In the morning nobody said anything. Well, I began to suspect something, as the day progressed and thought, 'Wow, I always wanted to have my own surprise party.' And the day passed. And nobody said anything. Apparently, everybody forgot.

There wasn't Facebook or any social media then, so people used to remember the birthdays who they cared about.

It's been like 15 years now, but I still don't like my birthday. The date is hidden on my facebook profile, and besides my family, only 1-2 persons remember it, but my secret reason for hiding it is I fear nobody would say anything even if it was shown there."

Why Would You Steal Someone's Birthday Presents?
Why Would You Steal Someone's Birthday Presents?

"At my 4th birthday party, one of the guests stole all of my gifts. There weren't a ton of gifts because my family was very poor, but one of the gifts was from my mom, a small purse with $4 in it and it kills me to think how much money that was for her at the time, and that someone stole it.

Equally bad was my 9th or 10th birthday and we were going to the movies as a family, which was a big deal for a few reasons - as a family who didn't have any money, with 4 kids, movies were a luxury we couldn't afford. Plus we lived in the middle of nowhere so it was over an hour drive to get to the movie theater. Nevertheless, we were going. This would've been my first time at the movies in my life. I'd gotten stung by a wasp just before we left for the movies and I guess I was upset about how much it hurt and my complaining made my dad angry so when we got to the movie theater he said, 'Nevermind, we're not going,' and turned the car around and drove home.

On my 18th birthday, I had strep throat but that pales in comparison to the other two."

Finding Out His Dad Cheated On His Mother While On A Cruise...


Finding Out His Dad Cheated On His Mother While On A Cruise...

"My family went on a cruise for my birthday.

My birthday is very close to Valentine's Day and my father couldn't go on the cruise 'because of work.' Well, he had a gift sent to the cruise line before we left for where ever the destination was. He made me promise not to open the gift till my birthday and to call him the second we got to the island.

I waited 6 days to open the gift.

Finally, my birthday comes and as my mom helps me open the gift a look of horror washes over her face. We quickly realized it was Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend."

All Of Her Family Members Keep Having Medical Emergencies
All Of Her Family Members Keep Having Medical Emergencies

"It happened on three separate occasions.

First, my mom. Her benign tumor burst. She was bleeding so much trying to get to the clinic because she felt so weak and faint. Went there looking so pale, when they did her blood test, they immediately called the ambulance. We didn't celebrate, I went to school alone while everyone went to visit my mom.

My dad came in second. I remember taking a late shower around one am and feeling this dreadful feeling, I shrugged it off as nerves because it was essentially my birthday and I was getting older. Around three am, we got a call from the hospital. My dad got into an accident while driving to work. It was a drag race and my dad got caught into it. He was the hospital with only minor injuries but the car was totaled. I spent my night sleeping on the floor with my little sister and my mom slouch on the chair.

My twin sister comes in third. The date before, I was due for my last HPV shot and blood test. I was freaking out because I hate needles. That day, the hospital was extremely busy, so we waited almost two hours to be seen, which was totally cool with me but not my twin. She explained I didn't need to see my doctor, just the shots. I got mad and said my twin needed her blood test done as well as petty revenge. Both of us got out blood drawn and hopped into the bus to head home. Not five minutes later, she gets a call. Her iron count is dangerously low. She has to come back asap. My twin doesn't wanna hop on the bus but promises come back tomorrow morning on birthday to get a blood transfusion. The next day, I spent the morning, crashed on a chair, sleeping there as they poke and prod my twin. She opted not get blood transfusion but to up her iron intake. Later, she found out, she had a massive tumor on her left ovary causing her to bleed heavily for two weeks, it also grew towards her large intestine but that was from last year that she got that removed."

Her Mother's Unnecessary Comments On Her Appearance...
Her Mother's Unnecessary Comments On Her Appearance...

"My mom is a narcissist in the worst way. Nothing I ever do is good enough, it's been that way ever since I can remember.

One of the worst was my 15th birthday.

I finally started fitting in a bit so I had a bunch of friends over and I was hanging in sweats and a metal band t-shirt. My ex-friend came in she had blonde hair, makeup, a white/pink pinstriped shirt and a tan pencil skirt. Mom looked between the two of us a few times. (Mind you I'm opening presents so it's me and maybe 15 other kids as well as the first bf I ever had) and straight up says out loud: 'Why can't you look like her? She's so cute and pretty!'

I was absolutely devastated! I just said: 'Because that's not who I am and not what I like' By that point, I set everything down, gave out the cake and sent everyone home. I couldn't face anyone after being humiliated like that. Needless to say, anyone who meets my mom and sees how she treats me, hates her!"

Domestic Violence Leads To His Father's Arrest?
Domestic Violence Leads To His Father's Arrest?

"So this year, on June 20th, my dad and I decided to stay the night at my aunt's house because she stayed in the city where we were going to celebrate my birthday and we didn't want to spend 3 hours traveling back and forth. (My birthday is June 21st and my parents are not in a relationship).

At 3 am my dad got some crazy messages from his previous ex. (Who he had a kid with not too long ago.) He then tells me we have to go back home. Once we get there we find that she broke into our house and she locked her and my baby sister with her in a room. We manage to get her out of our house by breaking down the door, then my dad removes her from the house by pushing her without hitting her.

We then pack some clothes and grab my little sister and run to the car and pull off. Later that day my dad, my little sister and I had to go to the police office so he and our landlord could pull out papers on his ex for breaking and entering.

Then they arrested my dad because apparently, she reported him for domestic violence before he and my landlord reached the police department.

So there was my little sister and me, just sitting in the car until my landlord came out saying he was arrested. My dad then later called me and told me to call his current girlfriend to come and get us, which she did. She brought us down to her house and we had to wait until my dad's sentence was over."

His Girlfriend Was Not Helping Him Out In Any Way

Milles Studio/Shutterstock

His Girlfriend Was Not Helping Him Out In Any Way

"I had to help my girlfriend at the time finish making some things for my birthday party (lol), wicked hungover from the night before. She asks me if I'd rather do the party another day, and I'm like heck yes that sounds great, I feel like I'm dying. She goes super cold, and I can tell that she is righteously angry. I wanted to escape the wrath that I felt impending, so I suggested that we go anyway.

We load the car up; about 80 bucks of booze as well as 20 bucks of snacks. She's driving, and right as we pull out, she lets her inner road rage demon out. I'm talking 50 in a 25 then a 90 in a 55. This is about one-hour drive at 55mph, so I'm in it to win it if I commit to going to my own party.

So, she stops the car and asks me if I thought she was being crazy and making a big deal out of it. I am stupefied by this question and say nothing. She promptly gets out of the car and lays down in the middle of the highway in the path of oncoming traffic. Clearly, this is not a position you should leave your loved one to experiment with, so I got out of the car and convinced her to drive us home. Her road rage demon had not yet been tamed so once again we drove home at the speed of sound.

When we get home, she locks herself in the bathroom. This is not good for anybody. After half an hour, I manage to talk her out of there, and then she is bawling in my arms that she ruined my birthday. I tell her it's fine, and that my birthday was good as long as she was there to spend it with me. We go to bed and the next morning, we awaken to discover that her car had been broken into, and everything was missing. About $1500 worth of stuff total, and it's all because she forgot to lock her car door."

Birthday Dinner With An Ex...
Birthday Dinner With An Ex...

"My soon to be ex-wife took me out to dinner. Sounds innocent, right?

She'd been cheating on me for a couple months with this other guy, decided to leave me for him, and moved out the weekend of my birthday. I went to stay at a friend's house while she packed up her stuff and left, but she felt the need to invite me out to dinner to, I don't know, clear the air and have one last meal together. She picked the location.

So we're sitting there in the restaurant waiting for our drinks and I asked, 'So how'd you find this place?'

'Oh, it is me and (boyfriend)'s favorite spot!'

You're leaving me for another man, and you decided to celebrate my birthday at your new boyfriend's favorite restaurant?

That was a very uncomfortable meal. Happy freaking birthday."

Attacked After Leaving The Bar?
Attacked After Leaving The Bar?

"Yesterday was my birthday.

I was jumped leaving the bar. Still not real sure why. Got punched in the back of the head and kicked a bunch of times on the ground.

The girls were beating up my wife too. I tried to stand up to get to her. Got punched in the back of the head again. Kicked a bunch on the ground again.

Fortunately no serious injuries. My face hurts. Not bad for getting kicked by 4-6 people.

Also, the good news is that cops were close by. I know at least two of them got arrested. Officer told me there were 6 people in the car when they got it stopped. Not sure what happened to the others."

His First Birthday Without His Father...

Elena Nichizhenova/Shutterstock

His First Birthday Without His Father...

My father (and for that matter, his father) share the same birthday.

He passed away from cancer about 5 months before our birthday.

Now here's the thing. I have dreaded that first birthday after his passing my whole life. I knew it was coming. I don't think any of my siblings (large family) even considered it. But for me, it loomed over every birthday from the time I was about 10. And I think my dad knew it. He'd experienced itself with his father's passing (and they weren't particularly close). He did his best to keep our celebrations separate, but why have 2 cakes for a Tuesday night dinner at home? You have 1. Even my 18th and 21st, which he gave instructions were MY events, siblings sang 'happy birthday' to me and my dad.

So that first birthday, after he died, I'm a wreck. I'd taken the day off work and honestly sulked. I figured I was allowed to. It's all I wanted to do.

It was also Ash Wednesday, and I'm a practicing Catholic. So a day of 'abstinence and fasting' - no meat is one thing required.

So my sisters decide I need to go out and celebrate. I said no. Back then I wasn't as strong mentally as I am now, so my eldest sister basically ignored me, organized everything, and then showed up to pick me up. They took me to an Italian restaurant where the two options I could eat were a seafood risotto (not a seafood fan) or a pasta with olives (hate olives). I went the risotto and maybe ate a third of it. Refused to drink as it was Ash Wednesday.

Oh, we also had to toast Dad.

My sister still doesn't get why an hour in I told her she either took me home or I got a cab.

For the record, the next year (was a Friday) my friends organized nothing, but all kept the night free. So when one (and only one - they had arranged that) called to see how I was doing, and I said I actually wouldn't mind company, she had everyone organized for a pizza night in 15 minutes.

They would have done nothing if that's what I wanted but were happy to go by what I asked for, not what they thought I needed."

Cruel Parents Grounded Him On His Birthday!
Cruel Parents Grounded Him On His Birthday!

"My parents grounded me for a week a few days before my 10th birthday.

First, it was no TV for a week because I started doing my homework as soon as I got home from school and forgot to take the bathroom trashes out. When I asked why they couldn't have just reminded me, they accused me of back-talking and said, 'That's it, no birthday.'

So on top of having to sit in my room literally doing nothing for hours on end, they said I wasn't allowed out of my room when people came over to drop off my presents. On the morning of my birthday, my mom woke me up at the crack of dawn to clean the house top to bottom as part of my punishment. I spent hours literally scrubbing walls and baseboards.

Then I was told to stand facing the wall in the living room, while my stepdad sat and watched TV. He also thought it was a great idea to remind me that I was such a bad kid that he didn't even care it was my birthday, and that I must have liked being grounded because I could never stay out of trouble.

After an entire day of mental torture, I was sent to my room. I could hear people coming in and asking where I was, stuff going on in my house, it sounded like a great time I wasn't allowed to be a part of.

Eventually my parents came into my room and gave me a present to unwrap. It was a PS2, the only thing I'd asked for. They told me they were being super mean to me because they had actually gotten me the present I wanted, and they wanted it to be a surprise when I opened it. Haha, we tortured you on your 10th birthday, great prank, right?

I asked if I could hook it up and they said no, not until my week-long grounding was over, but that they would let me be ungrounded for the rest of my birthday because my friends and family had come over to celebrate with me."

Crammed And Crowded On A Hot Day Sounds Like A Miserable Time!
Crammed And Crowded On A Hot Day Sounds Like A Miserable Time!

"It was my sister's and my thirteenth birthday and my grandparents were visiting. Well, a couple days before my older sister had left and gone to some coastal town hours away from our house with her friends.

On our birthday our mother got a call saying that my older sister needed to be picked up apparently she met some guy there and he just left her at a beach for some reason. So, my mother not wanting to leave my sister at some beach decided that our birthday would be at this coastal town which wasn't a bad idea. But, when we got there and met my older sister she was very upset and mad at our mother for no reason and we had to spend some at the beach which was crowded and cramped. My twin sister and I don't handle large crowds very well that and it was scorching hot and well, we get quite upset in hot weather.

Then we go around the town looking for something for lunch and we go to this Irish pub we had gone to before. When we get there we learned that the price of the food went up since we were there before. So, we just go to a Subway nothing really happens. I can't really remember what happens for a few hours after but, for whatever reason both my sisters were very upset at something and we just wanted to go home. Before that my older sister got some Indian food which smelled really bad. So then we finally get to the car and leave but our car was really cramped and I didn't have any leg room at all what didn't really help that my older sister fell asleep on my shoulder making me even more cramped.

Hours later long after my father and grandparents went to sleep. My older sister for whatever reason tried to sneak in the jerk that abandoned her but, my mother heard something going on outside she went out see my sister make out with the guy. My mother then rushes outside telling the guy that he is not welcomed at our home and that my older sister was grounded. My older sister basically has a meltdown and the guy leaves, my older sister and my mother get inside and my sister out of nowhere pins my mom against the wall.

I can't really remember what happened after that but I have to I really felt like that was my worst birthday so far."

Scammed Out Of A Hundred Dollars?


Scammed Out Of A Hundred Dollars?

"Young, naive me was scammed in a holiday to Los Angeles. I was going with two friends, and we were just having a good time grabbing dinner in downtown Los Angeles.

Eventually, we arrived at the front of Staples Center and met a big tall guy who was selling Lakers tickets. Apparently, there was a Lakers vs. Trailblazers match that was going on at that moment. Since the match had started (for around 15 minutes), he wanted to get rid of the tickets for a rather cheap price. He was offering three tickets for 100 bucks and I was immediately interested. However, I was worried that the tickets would be fake, so he gave me his number and told me that he would wait at the same spot for me to return the ticket in case it got rejected.

As I was a naive idiot who believed in humanity, I trusted him and immediately entered Staples Center. At least, I tried. My ticket wouldn't scan. My friends' tickets wouldn't scan either. We went outside to talk to the ticketing people, and they told us our tickets were fake. They then showed us what real tickets looked like, which looked very similar (with very minor, seemingly unnoticeable differences).

Immediately, we went back to the place we met the guy initially but he was nowhere to be found. So that's the story of how I lost $100 on my birthday.

Moral of the story, kids: don't be an idiot."

His Friend Ruined Not Only His Birthday, But His Mardi Gras Celebrations
His Friend Ruined Not Only His Birthday, But His Mardi Gras Celebrations

"St. Louis has one of the biggest Mardi Gras celebrations downtown in the nation. It was my 23rd birthday and I was ready to party. My friends and I piled into a van and my friend Ryan was supposed to stay sober to get us home and then we would party some more. That did not work out too well. Everyone, except me, got hammered. I ended up playing baby sitter.

Sadly Ryan had my keys and got lost.

He ended up finding us at the car, after we had been waiting for 2 hours. I drove everyone home and went to the local bar and things got worse.

Ryan shows up and tries fighting another friend for screwing my birthday up even though Ryan getting drunk is what screwed everything up. I said screw it and left and went to another bar. A few friends heard what happened and said they were gonna take me out. They pick me up to take me to another bar in downtown St. Louis. What they didn't tell me was this was a gay bar.

The people were super nice and they bought me drinks all night long, but a gay bar was not where I wanted to spend my birthday and Mardi Gras.

Oh and then this past year for my birthday. I moved to rural Missouri for work a few years back. All my friends are still in St. Louis. I am so far from the rural type and have yet to make any friends. So for my birthday, I invite my coworkers out to have dinner with me. No one showed up.

I cried at my table and left after the manager comped my meal."

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