Weddings are stressful for everyone involved. The bride and groom want their "special day" to live up to their expectations and be the celebration of their dreams while the bakers, wedding planners, servers, DJs, and photographers want everything to go off without too many hiccups. Let's be real... there's always going to be a hiccup or two. It just happens.

And that's just what happened to the people in the followings stories. They shared the worst bridezilla, and sometimes groomzilla, stories on a recent Reddit thread asking wedding workers to dish out the biggest meltdowns over food at a wedding. Everyone knows that the bride and groom are more than a little stressed out on the day of the wedding, but that shouldn't be any excuse for the way these people acted. All posts have been edited for clarity.

She Gave The Term "Bridezilla" A Whole New Meaning
She Gave The Term "Bridezilla" A Whole New Meaning

"I was in my sister's wedding party because our father passed away, and so I gave her away at the ceremony.

After the rehearsal, everyone went back to her house before dinner. Our mother, a master at baking, was putting the finishing touches on the wedding cake, while on chemo for cancer and barely able to hold the bag of frosting. My sister noticed that some small detail was not good enough, and was standing there, red faced, screaming at my mother that she was ruining her wedding and her life. About 20 guests were staring in disbelief.

I shouted at her, 'Hey, you want to walk down the aisle with two black eyes?'

My aunt grabbed my sister by the arm and took her in another room for a chat, which seamed to cool her down a bit.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, the reception was fun, and the cake was beautiful. No one mentions the incident now.

Unfortunately, my sister tends to be a very unpleasant person to be around at least 90% of the time. But not to this degree, she is like a pebble in your shoe. This was her biggest outburst in a while.

Our father passed away a long time ago, and she hated him. As for the issue with my mother, I had the perception my sister was upset in general, but found ways to make it about herself, so that was a plus.

About 6 months before the wedding she had a minor emotional meltdown because she couldn't have a 'Kardashian' type of wedding, and wasn't living the Kardashian type lifestyle. She did have the best one she could with her budget, but it had to be 'perfect.'"

They Had A Front Row Seat To This Blowout
They Had A Front Row Seat To This Blowout

"I used to work at a bakery that did custom cake orders which included wedding cakes. The cake was scheduled to be picked up on the day of the wedding and the design included fresh flowers to be put on the cake. The day before the wedding, the bride dropped off the flowers to be put on the cake and quickly left.

My supervisor noticed that the flowers were dying and looked terrible. He made sure to take pictures of the flowers just in case the bride decided to complain. The next day, the flowers were placed on the cake and the bride arrived to pick up the cake and she literally screamed in disgust upon seeing the almost dead flowers. She yelled at my supervisor saying that he ruined the flowers on purpose and that her wedding was also ruined. When my supervisor showed the photos he took of the flowers the day before, the bride became even angrier and threw one of the biggest tantrums I’ve ever seen.

She tried to pick up the cake and throw it on the ground, but thankfully, her sister stopped her. Her sister ended up going to the grocery store next door to buy new flowers for the cake and the bride finally calmed down. Thankfully, it was extremely slow the morning this happened, so I was basically getting paid to watch this whole situation happen."

An Experience So Bad It Spawned A New Rule
An Experience So Bad It Spawned A New Rule

"A bride wanted a five-layer cake. The act of putting one cake on top of another costs $60. That doesn't even include the decoration fees if you want the tiering to looking seamless. This cake was going to cost her a lot. We always advise brides to be to use fake plastic flowers or real ones, and this bride wanted real ones. She said they would be at the hall, waiting on us.

We made the cake just how she wanted, and went to the hall to set up. The wedding planner was there too. We set up everything and started looking for our flowers. The wedding planner had no clue what we were talking about, she only had enough flowers for the table center pieces. We started to panic. She wanted flowers, and paid our fee for putting flowers on the cake. We started looking everywhere, and couldn't call the wedding party because they were busy.

So, we stole a few flowers out of every center piece to fill the empty places on the cake. It wasn't as full as it should be, but it looked okay.

The next day, the bride called, crying her eyes out. We ruined her wedding day and she wanted a full refund. We told her what happened on our end and she screamed at us that we ruined HER day. My boss asked where the flowers were for her cake and she told us that she never ordered extra flowers. My boss just laughed and explained to her that we told her she needed to provide the flowers. And it was in the contract she signed with us.

I'm not totally sure what happened after that, but my boss tells everyone in the shop that no one from this point on is allowed to book wedding cakes without her there to talk to the bride (or who ever is ordering the cake)."

And The Goose Eating The Ring Wasn't The Worst Part
And The Goose Eating The Ring Wasn't The Worst Part

"I worked at a wedding venue in college. This isn't so much a bridezilla story as it is just a bizarre wedding. It was a 70-top, pretty small for our venue and banquet style, which was less pressure on the servers. We basically just had to keep things running smoothly from ceremony to reception to sendoff. It was an easy night for us, not for them.

First, they got married in our vineyard. One of the little kids was the ring bearer, and he dropped the ring. A few staff members were out for two hours searching through the brush for it to no avail. We think one of the geese ate it.

Next, the reception. It was closer to a daycare because more than half of that 70 headcount were children under 10. Groom was super great with them, maybe he was a teacher or something. The bride didn't interact with them at all, and overall seemed to have a lot of disdain for them. At one point, the groom even procured a guitar from somewhere and was having a sing along on the floor with the kids. The bride was just off eating her dinner alone at the little sweethearts' table.

Last, the cake. How it worked: the bride and groom cut the cake out on the floor so everyone could get pictures and people cheer, then two servers brought the rest of the cake back to my station where we cut and dished out the rest of the slices for the guests. We separated the top of the cake and packed it for the bride and groom to take with them. The intent is they share it on their first anniversary. Well, this cake went fast, because of kids.

So as we were finishing up the station and packing the top, groom came back and told us to cut the top. We double-checked to make sure it was ok, and it turns out, he went behind the bride's back because the kids wanted more cake. She didn't look all too thrilled with her wedding day, or with the groom. I didn't see them interact all night, and sometimes I wonder if they are still together."

When Being Cheap Cost You In The End
When Being Cheap Cost You In The End

"I worked as a wedding planner and coordinator, and one bride stands out to me because she was so inconsistent with all the vendors. She was a sweetheart to me during the planning phase and I never saw any of the crazy until the day of the wedding. It was honestly like a Jekyll/Hyde situation.

She wanted a big wedding, around 300 people, and spent a lot of money on the venue and food and wanted the best for everything. No complaints about paying for it either, never asked for discounts or anything like that. And since she wanted the best and seemed to have a large budget, I referred her to a popular baker for the cake. I let her handle the logistics for the cake since I've worked with this baker before and never had any problems. I figured they would do the standard cake tasting, pick a design with the baker, and I would see a gorgeous masterpiece on the day of the wedding.

Well, that didn't really work out. For some reason, she didn't want to tell the baker that it was for a wedding. I'm guessing she read that you can save money by ordering a regular cake because some vendors will automatically add an extra charge if it's for a wedding. She decided she didn't want to pay for a wedding cake, so she told the baker it was for a birthday party. The baker asked how many people the cake would need to serve and she said 'around 50.' She also didn't want to pay the delivery fee, so she had her sister pick up the cake on the morning of the wedding and bring it to the event.

At this point, it's important to mention that we live in Texas and this is a summer wedding. By the time the cake got to the venue (about six hours after it was picked up from the bakery), it didn't look all that great anymore. Some of the decorations had melted, the cake got a little banged up in the car ride and there was icing on the inside of the box, the entire cake was sagging on one side. It was also way too small for a wedding of her size. I saw it and it looked like a complete disaster. But at this point we were about an hour away from the start of the wedding and there was no possible way to fix this.

The bride came into the reception room with her makeup all done and saw the cake and completely flips out. Screaming, crying, throwing things, collapsing on the floor. Complete meltdown. She threatened to cancel the whole wedding if we couldn't fix it. We tried to calm her down as much as we could and grabbed the makeup artist before she left and ask if she could help fix the bride's makeup, which was a mess at this point.

The bride saw herself in the mirror and had another meltdown because she ruined her hair and makeup and now wanted to have the whole thing re-done. After she got everything done to perfection again, we were about an hour behind schedule. I let the guests come inside the reception room to wait because it seemed cruel to force everyone to sit outside in 100 degree heat, but when she saw that everyone was inside, she had another meltdown. She spent the entire wedding sulking with a scowl on her face, and refused to take any pictures with people. Her new husband kept coming over to hug her and try to cheer her up and she would either yell at him or give him the silent treatment. Most of the guests left very early because the atmosphere felt so uncomfortable.

It was pretty much a waste of the $200,000 budget for a lavish wedding, all because she wanted to save a couple hundred bucks on the cake."

Because Pouring Chlorinated Water On The Food Is the Rational Thing To Do
Because Pouring Chlorinated Water On The Food Is the Rational Thing To Do

"I worked for a catering company owned by my friend's mother for a summer.

The bride wanted a buffet style service and she chose about a dozen different dishes plus sides and two different salads. Price wasn't an option, so she picked some pretty nice stuff. We did a few types of fish, bacon-wrapped filets, grilled and fried chicken, and various other fun stuff like mussels and clams.

She had over 200 people at her wedding, so we cooked up a feast, and it was presented beautifully. The food was great. We tried everything, obviously, before putting it out. Everything went perfectly. We were a pretty small company, so this was a big deal for us.

About an hour into the reception, a few bridesmaids were wasted. The bride/groom were feeling good, but nowhere near the maids.

One of them lost it and started puking in the bushes. There were enough people there and enough going on at the time that it didn't cause a scene. No one was really paying attention, and the bridesmaid who puked did it pretty nonchalantly.

The bride flipped out. She automatically assumed it was the food, not the drinks, that caused her friend to vomit. She stood up and screams, 'Nobody eat the food! You'll get sick!'

I calmly approached the bride (as best as I could) with a coworker and explained that the food was fine and that people would not get sick. She wasn't having it. She took an empty pitcher that we used to serve water, dunked it in the swimming pool, and proceeded to drown the food trays with chlorinated water, thus ruining everything. She then made a bigger scene by personally clearing everyone's plate, despite people telling her to sit down and relax.

She was crying hysterically. Her deadbeat new husband did nothing. He just sat there and watched.

We ended up leaving with only the deposit. She refused to pay us the rest. We took her to court but she won. She tried to countersue the company but lost. I left after that summer and vowed to never work in the service industry again."

"She Smashed The Wrong Cake"
"She Smashed The Wrong Cake"

"I once worked in a bakery and we had this bride freak out because her cake wasn't right and proceeded to smash it to bits with her fist. The thing is, she smashed the wrong cake.

The cops were kind enough to let her wash her hands before placing her in handcuffs. I felt bad for the future husband and the couple that ordered the destroyed cake."

The Baker Was Surprised By What She Saw The Day After The Wedding...
The Baker Was Surprised By What She Saw The Day After The Wedding...

"A few months back, I had a bride who wanted a Navy to white ombre cake made with white sponge. Now, dark, rich colors like that in white cake suck. They always taste terrible because they have so much gel coloring in them to get the color right. You can do it, however, if the client is willing to have the dark layers be chocolate. Navy is especially easy, thanks to blue velvet.

I told her this when we were planning, but she wanted 'white cake.' I told her I would do all but the last few layers in white sponge. She agreed and I made the thing and dropped it off.

I came back to pick up the staging stuff the day after the wedding, only to find my whole cake sitting there.

Apparently, when they cut into the thing and fed it to each other, she freaked out over it being chocolate, and refused to let any of the cake be served. Apparently, she forgot that she had agreed to have the bottom tier have two layers of blue velvet, so she threw a massive temper tantrum over 'the cake being wrong' and how I ruined her wedding, then locked herself in the bridal suite.

If she wouldn't have been a little psychopath and let the staff cut the cake like they should have, she would've seen that 90% of the cake was white sponge like she wanted."

Oh, You Know The Kind Of Cakes That Defy The Rules Of Gravity
Oh, You Know The Kind Of Cakes That Defy The Rules Of Gravity

"I work at a bakery and part of my job is to help pair couples with the correct designer for their cake.

One bride wanted a cake large enough to feed 500 guests and she wanted it to float. This multi-tiered cake was going to be filled with fresh berries and custard, covered with buttercream and fondant, and decorated with edible flowers and more fresh fruit. And she wanted us to somehow defy the laws of gravity/physics and make it float.

Apparently, she had seen a floating cake in an anime and decided nothing else was acceptable. When I told her we couldn't make floating cakes, she threw her coffee on the floor and screamed that we were ruining her wedding. Her fiancé ushered her out the door and I never saw either of them again."

This Is Why It Helps To Have A Contract
This Is Why It Helps To Have A Contract

"I managed a catering company while my boss was out for chemo. It was my first time managing a catering service and we had a gig for this really rich and swanky wedding. A day before the big day, the bride called us at 1 pm and told us she would rather do the chicken than the steak because it was cheaper. We informed her we were already cooking the steak and it was too late to change it because it all took too long to cook. She did not like that.

She started screaming so loud the whole kitchen heard her! She then demanded we lowered the price of the steak to the price of the chicken or she would get a different caterer. I calmly told her that we had a contract, and in that contract, it stated that she would have steak and it would be $50 a plate and that there was no way we could match the price. I offered to bring the price down to $40, but she refused to hear it demanding we bring it to $25 or she would terminate the contract.

I tried to calmly explain to her that we already had the items cooking and everything tasted wonderful and we just couldn't go that low. I told her that everyone would be talking about how amazing her wedding was and how different it was compared to everyone else's because they had the steak and everyone loves a good steak. She started berating me, calling me poor, telling me that steak was not a big deal and she had steak everyday and she wanted chicken! She threatened to cancel the catering and I reminded her the cancelation fee was 90% of the total cost of catering. She threatened to get her husband, who was an attorney, involved and sue the company for all it was worth. I, being the take-no-crap person that I am, politely told her to bring it.

After yelling profanities at me, she handed the phone over to her husband, who also began to berate me, calling me illiterate and telling me to get a real job. She ended up firing us in the moment, but what do I care? I already got paid and I had a legal right here to keep my money!

The next day, he called me and demand that I come down or they were going to sue me for not providing catering or food. I calmly told him that his wife terminated the contract with me yesterday and as per the termination clause, she was not entitled to anything back and if they'd like to start a new contract with the company, he would have to pay for same day catering, food and delivery and depending on what we have available we reserve the right to refuse or agree to the terms and conditions. He started getting really mad and screaming at me over the phone saying that this was extortion - it is, but not really because they did terminate the contract and I reminded him of that.

Having no other choice, they started a new contract with me paying me triple what they originally paid, and this time I demanded it all upfront. They tried to say that the food should be covered but I told them that the food was made and was to be distributed as per the previous contract, which was terminated and therefore they have to buy food again. They ended up trying to change the menu again trying to spite me and I reminded them I have a right to refuse to cater for them, so they kept everything the same down to the baby carrots as a side dish - and of course, the steak.

They were the type of people who think that they can treat 'the help' anyway they want because they have money. They didn't even try to learn our names and every time they wanted a drink, they snapped their fingers at us and expected us to know what that meant.

They ended up suing us afterward, but we won because they did terminate their contract and they did start a new contract with us the day of. I was on my best behavior after that till my boss got better a year later because he worked hard to build his company and develop a good repertoire and I didn't want to mess it up. After he got better, I quit!"

She's The Definition Of A Spoiled Brat
She's The Definition Of A Spoiled Brat

"My experience with a bridezilla happened at my great aunt's house. She has a private lake and a lovely set up for a small, country style outdoor wedding. The mother of the groom was a close friend of hers, so my aunt was happy to open up her home for the event.

I got the feeling leading up to the wedding that the groom's family didn't care much for the bride, and after witnessing her throwing a temper tantrum over the placement of the food table because it started to rain, I started to see why. Listening to the way she talked to everyone around her appalled me. She was a complete spoiled brat, and really was lucky that everyone didn't just leave the wedding completely, I wouldn't have blamed them a bit.

The worst, however, was the fact that she decided that she wanted her bridesmaids to walk barefoot... in the muddy, wet grass. This was after she had them buy new boots to wear specifically with their dresses. Anyone who has ever bought cowboy boots knows that they are upwards of $100, and she picked out pink ones to match their pink dresses. All five of the bridesmaids had to buy these boots on top of whatever they had to pay for the dress. And she decided 10 minutes before the wedding started that she didn't want them to wear them.

Of course, everyone complied with her and pacified her and the wedding went well. Although it got pretty tense during the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' part. Not surprised to hear that the marriage didn't make it to six months. She was the most selfish person I've ever met, I'm convinced that she didn't want to get married at all, just wanted all the attention on her."

She Had One Simple Request
She Had One Simple Request

"I worked at a reception venue. One event really sticks out. Everything went well until the cake. The bride and groom go to feed each other; she does it very nice and he smashes it into her face.

The bride screams, starts bawling her eyes out, and runs out of the hall.

15 or so minutes later, the father of the bride comes and asks the DJ for the mic. He proceeds to thank everyone for coming and says that if they would like to take their gifts on the way out, the couple has decided to break up.

I'm sure there were issues leading up to the event, but the bride had told everyone (including the groom) that if he smashed the cake in her face, it was over. She wasn't lying."