Sometimes, okay maybe all the time, we have a hard time finding motivation to get moving and run. This lack of motivation only increases when our shoes hurt our feet, give us shin splints, or slip on the pavement. For any type of runner, from casual jogger, to marathon runner, having good shoes is incredibly important. After all, a runner's shoes are his or her equipment. However, depending on what type of running a person does, shoes need to be replaced with anywhere from 300 to 500 miles on them. Also, especially for those of us that don't necessarily track our milage religiously, it's often difficult to figure out how many miles are on our shoes and if these miles are mostly soft dirt trails, or hard pavement. 

Luckily, for only $15, the Mino-Footwear Compression Tracker lets us know exactly when to replace our running shoes so we're always feeling great and avoiding injury. To use, simply place the tracker under the insole of your shoe. Then, check the status of your shoes at any time by pressing a button on the Mino. The Mino will tell you if your shoes are good to go, almost ready to toss aside, or completely ready to be replaced.

We can't wait to give the Mino a try and hope it helps motivate us to keep running through the fall and into the winter! Will you try it out?