If you love to have an adrenaline rush, look no further! These crazy beauty services are simply unbelievable. It's insane that they even exist!

We live in a world where people are always trying out the latest procedures/services when it comes to keeping up with appearances. Especially as time goes on, and we begin to age, we want to keep up with that youthful glow or just change our appearance because we want to. But these beauty treatments are a bit on the extreme side and run risks that people should educate themselves on, before trying.

Here are the top 9 invigorating beauty treatments that will make you concerned for all humankind!

Toebesity Surgery
Toebesity Surgery

In 2012, Dr. Oliver Zong brought news to Good Morning America about the latest cosmetic procedure trend - Toebesity surgery.

It's basically fat removal for your toes, making them either appear narrower or shorter.

People who get this procedure are primarily insecure about their feet and want slimmer toes or just more attractive-looking feet. Dr. Zong describes the procedure as: "Excising and doing a simple 'nip-tuck' of the toes." You can get anything from toe-straightening to a pinky-toe tuck.

However, it costs about $2,000 per toe and up to $20,000 for an entire foot! Crazy right?

While some may have more confidence while barefoot at the beach, do your research beforehand. Getting this toe surgery may cause permanent disability, making it so you can no longer walk again.

Iris Implants
Iris Implants

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, an oculofacial surgeon, and an ophthalmologist, found a registered trademark for a company called Brightocular and originally filed for the iris implant company on March 18, 2010, but was later granted registration on April 19, 2011.

However, according to Brightocular, the first artificial iris implant surgery was done by (American) Dr. Rosenthal and (German) Dr. Rush, back in 1996.

Iris Implants are supposed to change your original eye color by involving an artificial iris that is made of silicone. That artificial iris is then inserted into a pocket where a cut has been made into the cornea. Then the artificial iris is unfolded, to cover the natural iris, allowing the patient to have a new eye color.

Possibly beneficial or the potential risks involved with it:

But according to The American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is strongly discouraged to go through with this surgery.

This procedure is probably the riskiest of the bunch. It can cause cataracts, glaucoma, or even blindness. It also costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. So if you're looking into this it might be best to play on the safe side, save your vision, and try out colored contacts.


If you weren't born with natural dimples, like the famous Mario Lopez, there is a surgery that exists to create them now!

A few years ago doctors started performing surgery on clients who lacked dimples and wanted them to create a better look for their face. The fad of the dimpleplasty was most recognizable this summer when people started to notice major celebrities getting the surgery done.

The purpose of dimpleplasty is quite clear: to create dimples from the corner of the mouth.

According to Dr. Prasda, the surgery is done by making a small incision inside the mouth and then work is done on the buccinator muscle (inside the cheek), thus producing the dimple. He also goes on to say that "Dimples are considered a sign of youth and beauty which accentuate the smile of the person possessing them."

A benefit of this surgery is that it is done inside the mouth, so there are no visible signs of stitches or the fact that you even went through with the procedure. But it is only semi-permanent, so you won't have the dimples forever! And it's expensive to keep up with, as it costs $800-$2,500!

Vampire Facials
Vampire Facials

Back in March of 2011, the vampire facial procedure started in the United States.

The purpose of the vampire facial is to improve the skin pigmentation, skin texture, and acne scarring.

A dermatologist will take your blood into a small tube and spin it down. Then the dermatologist will take the top part that has all of the "growth factors." The dermatologist will first set up a consultation regarding any concerns and then will start the vampire facial process, with numbing cream on the face. The third step is to draw the blood. Once the blood is drawn, the dermatologist will take the platelet-rich plasma from the top of the tube and is transferred to syringes. Once the plasma is transferred, the dermatologist will take a microneedle to the skin and apply the plasma.

According to the Vampire Facelift, the only major risk is customer dissatisfaction. Customers may feel discouraged as it takes a few days for the reddish-coloring to go down. Others may experience swelling, bruising, and itching. Also, the cost for this facial is pretty pricey, costing between $1,500 and $2,500. But the procedure can be a key tool to prevent the aging process, acne scars, wrinkles.


According to Dr. Michael Gleiber, Cryotherapy first started popping up in the 1970s, in Japan, but was commercialized in the hospital, retail, and professional sports markets in Europe around 2002 and has more recently arrived in the United States.

While it first started with only athletes using the cryotherapy chambers, non-athletes are starting to use it more, over the years.

Cryotherapy is the body's exposure to sub-zero temperatures in order to promote health benefits, including athletic recovery, beauty and anti-aging, overall wellness, and weight loss. When using cryotherapy, you are being exposed to temperatures that are below negative 200 degrees, from 2-4 minutes long. It is not recommended that you go any longer than 4 minutes.

While it can be a great treatment to get, especially if you are an athletic type of person, it's often warned against using if you are either: pregnant, have heart problems, or suffer from severe hypertension.

Kitty Litter Face Mask
Kitty Litter Face Mask

Youtuber, Michelle Phan made a video, in 2009, about this DIY Kitty Litter Face Mask. The mask is supposed to help out those with oily, dirty, and large pores. The reasoning for using unscented kitty litter is that it contains the same type of clay that comes from volcanic ash, Bentonite clay, which is known to be a 'healing' type of clay.

Mixing a $2 bag of unscented kitty litter with some water creates for the perfect 'consistency for the face mask and makes for the cheapest one out of all of these 'beauty trends'.

A perk of using the kitty litter facial is that the skin will feel moisturized and can appear clearer. But since most people do have sensitive skin, they could react differently with more irritation.

Candle Hair Cutting
Candle Hair Cutting

In 2014, the Brazilian treatment, known as Velaterapia was making waves in hair salons in NYC.

This way of 'cutting hair' can cause massive chaos if not done properly. If you really want to try getting rid of your dead ends with a candle, please seek professional help from a qualified hair stylist -- Do NOT try this at home!

The first step in the process is to twist the hair to the point where the dead ends are clearly visible. The take the lit candle to the ends, wash through, and your hair will look healthy again.

Risks for this are the unfortunate possibility of your hair catching on fire. Just avoid this one and stick to your classic cut with your stylists' shears.

Fish Pedicures
Fish Pedicures

The "doctor fish" also known as Garra Rufa are the fish that eat away at dead skin, which is why they are the types of fish to be used with this pedicure treatment.

These fish are from Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria and were imported to European countries and then the United States. Back in 2008, the first fish spa opened up in the United States.

There are typically 100 fish that go into the basin filled with water for the pedicure. These fish do not have any teeth, so they just nibble away at the feet, so you won't be bitten!

However, there are some health risks with these fish pedicures. ABC News reports that some of these fish may be carrying bacteria, causing infections saying: "U.S. and British health officials continue to warn that anyone with open sores or skin cuts, an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or an immune system compromised by AIDS, cancer or advanced age should steer clear of a fish pedicure."

Snake Massages
Snake Massages

It was reported by The Telegraph (in 2008) that an Israeli spa was offering snake massages to clients choosing to do so.

Ada Barak's snake spa had been up and running since 2006. The spa ensures a relaxing experience, as 6 non-venomous (California king/Florida king) snakes, move around your body, massaging the joints and muscles.

Ada Barak believes that this service will make clients want to come back for more, after the amount of stress-relief they felt. "Some people said that holding the snakes made them feel better, relaxed. One old lady said it was soothing, like a cold compress."

But it took about 7 years for the concept to come over to the states. While the massage service ranges from $40-$80, it still looks freaky for someone to enjoy having snakes all across their body...

The best tips when getting this massage include: staying calm, avoid movement, and avoid blowing air towards the snakes. Other snake massage therapists warn clients to not speak loudly (aka avoid shouting) as the snake may misinterpret you for acting as either their prey or their predator.

This will for sure give all of the thrill-seekers out there, that adrenalin rush they crave!

What are your thoughts about these crazy beauty treatments?

I have to say, they all freaked me out a little bit. Definitely not worth risking your life over!

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