22 Non-Basic Couples Costumes That You Definitely Haven't Seen Before 22 Non-Basic Couples Costumes That You Definitely Haven't Seen Before

Newsflash: You don't have to look a certain way to dress like a star! Rather than change yourself to fit into an outfit, embrace what you've got and find an outfit that makes you look great as you are. First, figure out your body type, and then follow these tips to always be the best-dressed at any party.

Tall, Full Triangle
1. Tall, Full Triangle
If you've got a body like Queen Latifah, then you don't have much waistline definition and can appear boxy when not dressed right. Use soft fabrics and corsets to fend off the boxiness, and wear wide V-necks or off-the-shoulder looks to elongate your shoulders and make your waist appear smaller.
2. Rectangle
If you have pronounced shoulders and slightly curvy hips like Anne Hathaway, work to accentuate your shoulders and hips to create the illusion of more pronounced curves. Wear looks that pull in at your waist and release at the hip, like a tuxedo jacket with strong shoulders or an A-line skirt.
Short, Petite Hourglass
3. Short, Petite Hourglass
Are you short and curvy like Eva Longoria? In order to seem taller, you should look for long, lean lines and monochromatic looks with simple designs, like a pantsuit or long, silver gown. It's also important to highlight your waist or your naturally balanced figure could get lost.
Average, Medium Triangle
4. Average, Medium Triangle
A Beyonce-like body is one where the hips are the primary visual element of the silhouette. Plunging and dramatic V-necks are great looks for this body type. The type also has a small waist, which should be shown off with belted outfits.
Average, Medium Hourglass
5. Average, Medium Hourglass
If you have a body like Taraji P. Henson, then you've got curves in all the right places. You'll have no problem rocking body-contouring outfits and other formfitting looks that will accentuate your small waist and great hips and bustline.
Skinny Athletic
6. Skinny Athletic
Do you have a thin but athletic body like Cameron Diaz? The long lines and few curves make it the perfect body type for playful rompers. Another option is a button-down paired with a dressy, belted short to give off the appearance of more of a waist. The key here is to show off your great legs!
7. Circle
Circle body types like Melissa McCarthy often try to hid their bodies, but that's the opposite of what they should do! Showing off your neckline, forearms, and a little leg will give you a more elegant and confident look. Structured looks will look great on you, especially with prints or patterns.
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