7 Easy Fashion Tips You Need To Know

  • Keep Clothes Fresh

    Keep Clothes Fresh

    When you pack your summer gear away for winter, or vice versa, tuck in a dryer sheet. Instead of resurfacing with a dingy or musty smell, your clothes will smell just as fresh as when you last saw them!
  • Switch Bags Easily

    Switch Bags Easily

    Fashionistas know the dreaded chore of switching all of the contents of their bags to a new one in order to match their outfit all too well. A great way to save time and be sure you aren’t leaving anything behind is to utilize a transfer bag, which is a small container that will easily slip into almost all purses. Keep all of your essentials in the transfer bag, and it’s the only thing you’ll have to worry about switching around.
  • The Earring’s The Thing

    The Earring’s The Thing

    Don’t get rid of any spare or unwanted earrings. Instead, you can use them in lieu of safety pins or a seamstress to fix or fit an outfit. It’s a unique and fun way to add some visual interest to your dress or shirt.
  • Knots No More

    Knots No More

    To prevent your necklaces from becoming a knotted mess, store them individually in Ziploc bags. Lay the necklace in the back chain first and leave the clasp out when you seal the bag.
  • Find Your Keys

    Find Your Keys

    Think of all of the time you’ve spent rooting around your purse for the house or car keys. The Finders Key Purse, which is less than $10, will hook your keys into the top of your bag so they are always easy to locate.
  • Clean Purse

    Clean Purse

    Keep your purse clean and safe by hanging it on a heavy-duty hook. Not only will this prevent your bag from getting dusty or germy, but it’s also a great way to always know where it will be.
  • Quick Polish

    Quick Polish

    Nothing could be worse than cuffing your shoes on the way to an important meeting or conference. For last-minute emergencies, you can keep the Perfect Polish ($13) in your bag. The pen-like device twists like a lipstick canister and will release shoe polish that quickly dries to a high-gloss shine.
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