22 Non-Basic Couples Costumes That You Definitely Haven't Seen Before 22 Non-Basic Couples Costumes That You Definitely Haven't Seen Before

It's not always easy to pack for vacations since you have to pick out only a few items that will fit into your luggage. To save space and ensure you still enjoy your trip in style, you'll need to find accessories that are both functional as well as fashionable.

Tote Bag
1. Tote Bag
One of the most important accessories you’ll need is a tote bag to carry your various essentials safely around. If you’re going to a beach or lakehouse, be sure to find a tote that is water-resistant. Also look for easy to clean options with a small compartment for your phone and wallet. Long handles are also a must for slinging the bag over your shoulders.
Wrinkle-Free Clothes
2. Wrinkle-Free Clothes
Your vacation should be a time for you to escape everyday chores and monotony, so save the ironing for when you’re back at home. Several clothing companies and designers make wrinkle-free clothes that are designed for travel. You can roll them up to save space in your luggage and rest assured they will come out looking as good as new!
3. Sunglasses
For any outdoor activity in the sun, some stylish shades are a must. Not only are they essential for protection, but also a fashionable accessory for expressing your style. If you are wary about losing a designer pair you already own, look for fun, cheap options you can use just for your vacation.
4. Sarong
One of the most utilitarian pieces of clothing around is the sarong. Wear it as a dress, skirt, shawl, wrap, or swimsuit cover-up as an event dictates. Aside from clothing, the sarong can also easily become a blanket for beaches or picnics or a table cover.
Water Bottle
5. Water Bottle
The best money-saving accessory around is the water bottle. Instead of paying exorbitant resort or restaurant prices for drinks, you can bring your own. Not only is it cost cutting, but it’s also eco-friendly, and can come in a variety of colors and designs. Look for bottles with clips so you can attach them to your bag.
6. Sandals
Since you can’t bring all of your shoes with you (travel light!), a pair of simple yet stylish sandals should become your new footwear staple. They will fit easily into both your travel and tote bag, and go with pretty much anything. Plus, they’re easy to clean sand from if you’re heading to the beach.
7. E-reader
Save space in your luggage by leaving your pile of favorite books and magazines at home — bring a simple and more stylish e-reader instead. Whether you’re stuck at the airport or unwinding by the pool, reading on these screens is the best way to relax.
Basic Jewelry
8. Basic Jewelry
Packing separate jewelry that matches each of your outfits is a needless waste of luggage space and an increased chance of losing something. Instead, only bring a few basic pieces that will go with anything. Simple gold or silver pieces are usually a good bet, or a multi-colored beaded necklace to add a bit of color.
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