The 11 Most Embarrassing Fashion Trends Ever

  • Shoulder pads

    Shoulder pads

    Though they were the epitome of chic in the 1980s, shoulder pads are pretty much unanimously considered a fashion mistake nowadays. Although Lady Gaga did lead a brief comeback in the trend with her bizarre costumes, it’s hard to believe anybody was ever taken seriously with these sewn-in eyesores.
  • Fannypacks


    These waist pouches have always been synonymous with unstylish tourists. Although they can be functional, fannypacks are really never a good look, and almost guarantee ridicule.
  • Ed Hardy

    Ed Hardy

    The stars of “Jersey Shore” and Jon Gosselin are recent stars that have taken to wearing the work of artist Ed Hardy on t-shirts. As you can already tell from the quality of the celebs donning the wear, these shirts have become synonymous with out-of touch douchebags.
  • Saggy pants

    Saggy pants

    Pioneered by hip-hop and rap singers in the 1990s, many young men have taken to this gravity-defying trend. This faux pas was so bad, that even the government got involved, attempting to ban the sag.
  • Velour tracksuits

    Velour tracksuits

    The early 2000s were brimming with girls rocking monochromatic velour tracksuits. While Adidas and other athletic warm ups continue to be a staple item for workouts, the velour tracksuits have certainly fallen to the wayside, along with the ever-so-popular words written across the butt.
  • Scrunchies


    During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the scrunchie was a stable in every woman’s wardrobe, especially when paired with another long-gone trend: the side ponytail. Nowadays, women and girls will opt for less ostentatious hairbands.
  • Popped collars

    Popped collars

    The popped collar is fashion’s version of the Hydra: Right when you think it’s dead it comes back stronger than ever. Starting in the 1950s, the popped collar resurged as a prep staple again in the 1980s, and has come back today among high school and college students, who have even opted toward multiple popped collars!
  • Baby barrettes

    Baby barrettes

    Colorful plastic barrettes look adorable on babies and infants, but when teenaged girls began wearing them as a trend in the 1990s, it was much less cute. Thankfully, this trend was fairly short-lived.
  • Chokers


    In the 1990s, super tight necklaces somehow became the must-have fashion accessory. Every girl, from goths to preps, was rocking choker necklaces. Sore necks must have led to the demise of this fashion no-no. Or we could blame lack of blood flow to the brain perhaps.
  • Exposed thongs

    Exposed thongs

    Made popular by Sisqo’s 2000 anthem and a memorable episode of “Degrassi,” the exposed thong was thought to be the sexiest look of the early 2000s, but was actually pretty trashy in retrospect. Of course, the popularity of low-rise jeans, another trend from days gone by, kind of gave way to the whale-tale epidemic.
  • Trucker hats

    Trucker hats

    We can thank Ashton Kutcher for pretty much single-handedly turning these foam and mesh hats into a bona fide trend. The juvenile look was made even more childish by the numerous “comical” phrases often printed on these caps.
  • Crocs


    Croc-lovers claim they are super comfortable. But who cares? You're walking around with rubber slingback clogs. No, just no.
  • Knee High Sneakers

    Knee High Sneakers

    You've probably seen these sneaker boots on tweens with choppy, colored hair and ironic band t-shirts. They don't make you look edgy, they aren't attractive, and they look impossible to get on and off.
  • Drop Crotch Pants

    Drop Crotch Pants

    You either love em or you hate em. Drop crotch pants are like the ugly, awkward cousin to the harem pants. It just looks like you couldn't find a bathroom in time.
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