MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Roundup

The MTV Movie Awards just happened on May 7th, so you know what that means? Red Carpet Fashion Time!!!

The red carpet in general has seen some of the oddest outfits we probably will ever see with Lady Gaga's meat dress. Boy, was that an insane sight to see. But there also have been amazing dresses that have started trends, like Angelina Jolie wearing a dress that was cut towards thigh allowing her show off some leg. Now that has taken off. Will we see any trends that happened on this years MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet take off? Here's what we thought!

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Best: Amandla Stenberg

Let's start out with Amandla Stenberg. You may not know who she is, but she was actually Rue in the Hunger Games!! I know crazy right? She's grown up now. I feel like that movie just came out though. Anyway, to the dress. This dress is all about those pockets. Everyone woman knows a dress with pockets is a real winner. Also, the blue lips and those red shoes along with the dress makes my color palette very happy. The cut on this dress is literally perfect, how it rests gently on the shoulders and ends right before the knees. This is definitely a winner in my book!

Someone sent an #egg to the MTV Awards. Looks like this #egg is playing with #concepts!

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Best: Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan. I remember the good old days of watching Suite Life On Deck, with her and the Spouse Twins...those were the days. But I digress. The diamond pattern on this dress is AMAZINGGG! The different colors on the skirt blend nicely together. This dress screams casual, but it some how looks elegant as well. Which makes me love it even more. Lastly, I love the fact that she is showing some leg (Jolie trend still going strong). Overall, a beautiful casual dress you could probably wear anywhere.

Our Beauty at #mtvawards! She is so perfect ????????????? @debbyryan #debbyryan #mtv

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Best: Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld. Aka, the girl that is the definition of a multitasker. She's an Academy Award Nominated Actress and has had songs on the Billboard Top 20. Also, she quietly knocks it out of the park on small films, like The Edge of Seventeen. BUT THIS DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL!!! As you probably know by now I'm a big fan of cool colors on dresses and this is no exception. Lilac is normally not a color I think about daily but she pulls it off. I also love how this dress is cut. I've never seen an hour glass cut dress before, but how it shows off her figure. You go girl!!

Best: Emma Watson

EMMA WATSON!!! Miss Belle is straight up rocking the red carpet in this one shoulder dress. The BIG thing I love about this dress is the symmetry. The silver acts as if she is wearing a sash and then the black complements the silver perfectly. Also the top of the dress comes together kinda like a pre neck choker, that looks great. Did you see the one earring she is wearing too? Having the earring placed on the bare shoulder puts the whole dress together. Lastly, the fact that this dress comes off as simple, makes it so much better. I love it Hermione!

Emma's great style at the MTV Movie & TV Awards #emmawatson

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Worst Dressed: Farrah Abraham

Now I can't conclude this piece without at least one stinker. The worst dress at this years MTV Movie Awards was...Farrah Abraham. You're probably like who's that? She was on Teen Mom --- remember this is the MTV Awards. Anyway...where to start with this. Honestly I have no idea what she was trying to go for. Bollywood style dress? When she twirls the dress kind of looks like circus tent. Also I'm not big fan of the crop top style on this dress either. And the COLORS don't seem to blend with the cut of this dress at all. And this dress my come off as offensive for Bollywood fans. I can't look at this dress anymore....

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