The Crawling Spider
1. The Crawling Spider

If your partner is pulling away, chances are they're upset. Whether you're going through a tough time in your relationship or going to bed after an argument, your partner is trying to tell you something. Or, it could mean your partner just can't sleep still. They constantly have to move around the bed to find a position that is comfortable. While figuring out which of the two meanings lies behind the position, your best bet is to ask your partner if something is bothering them. 

The Intimate Honeymoon
2. The Intimate Honeymoon

As the name suggests, this hug-like sleeping position is the most intimate of the different types of positions. It is often used during periods where intense feelings are present, such as the beginning of a relationship. Let's be honest, the longer you're with someone, the further apart you sleep. But, some couple continue to sleep like this long after the honeymoon stage and it is said that those couples may be too dependent on each other to sleep any other way.

The Strong Hold
3. The Strong Hold

This position is one that's quite popular for many couples. Whether the man or woman is on their back with their arm wrapped around their partner, it shows a sense of entitlement and strong ego for the person on their back. The resting of the head on the shoulder shows a sense of dependency and compliancy in the relationship. This cuddling position also has a high level of trust and protection. 

The Couple Cradle
4. The Couple Cradle

A little more intimate than The Strong Hold, The Couple Cradle has one person holding the other instead of just their head resting on the other's chest. If this is you and your partner's go-to cuddle position, you have a very caring, nurturing and intimate relationship with a sense of protection and safeness.

The Honeymoon Touch
5. The Honeymoon Touch

Less intimate than The Intimate Honeymoon, this position offers a slight touch without too much clinginess. By facing your partner and touching them, it shows your need for closeness and affection. But, at the same time, the slight distance also shows your trust in one another and sense of independence. 

The Chokehold
6. The Chokehold

If your partner is constantly wrapping not just their arm, but sometimes their whole body around you, chances are they need the sense of touch to feel comfortable and calm. They like feeling close to you and in some cases may be dependent on you and the relationship. Or, your partner could just move around a lot while they sleep and you're just constantly in the way. 

A Peaceful Balance
7. A Peaceful Balance

This position probably looks familiar if you've been with your partner for a LONG time. You have established closeness, security and trust and no longer need to feel it from your choice of sleeping positions. In fact, this position shows your desire to re-establish personal space and independence. Who doesn't want personal space while sleeping?

The Ever Loving Spoon
8. The Ever Loving Spoon

This is probably the most common sleeping position for couples. Although, most of the time, throughout the night you push each other away. It's the thought that counts right? Spooning offers a sort of cocoon for the woman or little spoon. It provides both partners with an intimate closeness that isn't sexual, but safe. There's nothing better than having your partner's arm wrapped around you. 

Slightly Spooned
9. Slightly Spooned

Unlike the loving spoon, this position allows for some touching, but some time apart too. This position becomes more common the longer you and your partner are together. The distance between the spoons signifies trust and balance in your relationship. But, with a slight touch, you don't get rid of the affection in your relationship either.  

The Twisted Leg Wrap Around
10. The Twisted Leg Wrap Around

Whether done by accident or on purpose, this slight leg touch can mean different things. If you and your partner tend to start off sleeping further apart and end up with a slight touch of the foot, chances are you aren't comfortable with showing physical affection just yet. If done on purpose however, you and your partner are quite comfortable with each other and this gesture is seen as a sense of familiarity and closeness. Or, your partner could just like the feeling of your cold feet. 

The We Need Separate Beds Phase
11. The We Need Separate Beds Phase

Chances are if you've been married a long time, this phase is one you know all too well. You and your partner have long passed the need for touch and closeness while you sleep. Both of you trust in your relationship and feelings towards one another. In fact, being in the same bed just leads to an awful night of sleep. In this case, sleeping in separate beds is your best bet for a strong relationship.

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