10 Skinny Versions of Your Favorite Cocktails

  • Cosmopolitan


    Carrie Bradshaw popularized this delicious drink in the 90’s, but did you know Cosmos contain around 150-300 calories depending on size? Instead of using sweetened cranberry juice, use cranberry flavored vodka. Squeeze a lime into the drink for some extra flavor then top it of with club soda. Now this delicious cocktail is only 75 yummy calories!
  • Vodka Tonic

    Vodka Tonic

    A vodka tonic is usually low-calorie, but if you prefer sweeter drinks these probably aren’t your favorite. To add a much-needed pop to this bland cocktail use flavored vodka, like orange or citrus. Add diet tonic water, fruit slices, and serve over ice.
  • Mimosas


    Who doesn’t love this classic brunch cocktail? But more often than not, the orange juice used in the drink is more sugar and preservatives than actual oranges. Forget the sugary juice and try squeezing a fresh orange to make your own delicious and healthy orange juice. Add a little champagne and, voila, you have a 75 calorie cocktail!
  • Margarita


    The problem with margaritas is that they are normally gigantically oversized. The presweetened mixes don’t help either. This drink is usually around 450 calories! Eliminate about half of those calories by reducing the size drastically. For an 80-calorie Margarita, squeeze a few lime wedges into a small glass, add a shot of tequila, a splash of sweet and sour mix, then blend with ice.
  • Screwdriver


    This classic drink can easily be made skinny. Instead of using orange juice that is overflowing in artificial flavors and sweeteners, squeeze your own. Then just add a shot of vodka and diet 7-Up. Enjoy for just 80 calories!
  • Bellini


    This popular sparkling cocktail is the close cousin of the mimosa. Instead of peach juice, which uses a lot of artificial flavor, puree a few fresh peaches. Add Prosecco or different Italian champagne for a cocktail that is only 105 calories.
  • White Russian

    White Russian

    This creamy and sweet drink makes the perfect dessert cocktail. But like most desserts, it also contains a lot of calories; about 300! To enjoy a White Russian without all the guilt, mix a shot of vodka and a shot of Kahlua with almond milk, instead of heavy cream.
  • Strawberry Daiquiri

    Strawberry Daiquiri

    If you love making your own strawberry daiquiris with the handy pre-mix you bought at the store, please stop! Most commercial mixes are heavy on the corn syrup and other sweeteners, bringing the drink to a whopping 350 calories. Instead, puree a cup of strawberries, add a shot of rum, ice and blend. Now you can enjoy this fruity drink for only 135 calories.
  • Pina Colada

    Pina Colada

    Pina Coladas are a favorite summer drink because they just make you feel like you’re on an exotic private island. But these creamy drinks are 700 calories. Yeah, you read that right. Instead of drinking the same amount of calories as a Big Mac, mix coconut rum with pineapple juice and club soda. Then serve over ice for only 140 calories.
  • Mojito


    Who doesn’t love a good mojito? But this refreshing drink typically has about 300 calories. For a cocktail that is just as delicious, but only 80 calories, mix light rum, fresh spearmint leaves, a lime wedge, club soda, and a dash of Splenda. Oh, and did I mention it is only 2 Weight Watchers points?
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