10 Food Pairings That Could Be Making You Sick

  • Surf and Turf

    Surf and Turf

    Despite the fact that this dish is on a lot of restaurant menus, the mixture of steak and lobster can actually make you sick. You should never mix two animal proteins together at once. Digesting them individually takes a long time so making your stomach do both at the same time is even worse.
  • White Bread and Jam

    White Bread and Jam

    It's not really the combination of these foods that could be messing with your health, but rather the fact that they're often eaten at breakfast in place of something more filling. You need to start your day with fiber and protein or you could overeat the rest of the day. Get whole-grain bread instead for some more fiber and peanut butter for protein.
  • Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

    Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

    Although this is a classic dinnertime favorite, these two foods can come together to create some digestive problems. Meatloaf does provide a good amount of protein, but it and mashed potatoes are often very high in saturated fats. In addition, the lack or fiber can cause constipation.
  • Muffin and Orange Juice

    Muffin and Orange Juice

    Here's another common breakfast duo that will leave you fatigued soon after. This meal trades the protein and fiber you need to start your day for excess carbohydrates, which will peak your blood sugar only to crash shortly after. Be sure you're eating whole-grain muffins to get some good fiber and try a cup of low-fat milk for some morning protein.
  • Wine and Dessert

    Wine and Dessert

    Try moving your nightly glass of vino to dinner instead of dessert.  Alcohol converts the excess sugar in sweet treats to fat which can lead to weight gain.  Pair wine with vegetables and switch to coffee or tea with dessert.
  • Bacon and Eggs

    Bacon and Eggs

    Sadly this classic breakfast favorite could be messing with your digestion system.  Bacon and eggs are both concentrated sources of protein, which take a long time to break down. Instead try to eat a fruit or vegetable first, then go for either bacon OR eggs.
  • Beans and Cheese

    Beans and Cheese

    People who love Mexican food enjoy this dish very much but the fact is that this combination leads to gas, bloating and indigestion which all together does not make the stomach feel very good. Best thing is to keep your dairy away from your beans.
  • Meat and Potatoes

    Meat and Potatoes

    The common pairing of this category is having a hamburger and french fries. The proteins in meat and the starches in potatoes do not mix well together. This is because one of them digesting actually prevents the other one to digest. This can make you feel like you ate way too much.
  • Olive Oil and Nuts

    Olive Oil and Nuts

    The mixture can make you sick because the protein contained in nuts and the fat contained in olive oil(or any type of oil) do not mix. Again, the raw fat being digested prevents the protein from being digested. It just sits in your stomach because it is so hard for it to digest.
  • Melons and Non-Melons

    Melons and Non-Melons

    You may combine melons with melons but when you combine melons with other types of fruit, you may feel sick. Even though this mixture seams like it would be healthy, it makes a lot of people feel sick because the mixture has their own digestive problems together.
  • Cereal and Orange Juice

    Cereal and Orange Juice

    This combination is not a great way to start off your morning. The starches in cereal and the acid in orange juice will leave you feeling sick for the rest of the day. They cannot be digested together making a bad reaction inside of your stomach.
  • Milk and Meat

    Milk and Meat

    This can apply to eating meat with a glass of milk or even eating it covered in a cream sauce. Milk contains a lot of fat and this does not digest properly with protein. Stay away from it if you do not want to feel queasy for the rest of the day.
  • Tomato and Pasta

    Tomato and Pasta

    This is probably the most surprising of them all. You would have never guessed that a favorite Italian dish can actually make you sick. The carbs in pasta and the acids in tomatoes makes your stomach work in overdrive to digest everything. If you also add cheese to this dish, that makes it 10 times worse too.
  • Beer and Liquor

    Beer and Liquor

    Even if you just have a couple sips of each, you will most likely end up sick. Combining acid from a wine, vodka, or tequila with beer is a very bad decision. The two do not mix well so listen to that old saying, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker."
  • Fruit After Any Meal

    Fruit After Any Meal

    Fruit does not mix well with other foods so even if you think you are having a healthy dessert, you are actually not. This is because fruits contain simple sugars that do not need digestion, not staying in your stomach for a long time. Other foods take longer to digest so eating fruit after a meal makes the sugar sit in your stomach waiting for the other food to digest while it ferments.
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