10 Telltale Signs of a Gluten Allergy

  • Fatigue


    If you find that you are more tired than usual then you can count fatigue as a symptom. Fatigue may cause you to feel tired even after a full night’s sleep. It may all manifest in the need to take naps during the day or falling asleep easily at odd times of day.
  • Insomnia


    The inability to fall asleep at night may point to the disease. You could have trouble falling asleep or be up all night. Insomnia may present as the inability to stay asleep as well.
  • Brain Fog

    Brain Fog

    If you find that your mind is working less effectively than usual, then you may be experiencing brain fog. It is categorized as the inability to think clearly. It can also manifest as a common loss in train of thought or the inability to focus.
  • Mouth Ulcers

    Mouth Ulcers

    Mouth ulcers are painful sores in the mouth. They are caused by the reaction to gluten being in the mouth. They can be a clear indicator of the allergy.
  • Anemia


    Anemia is a low blood count. Anemic people bruise much more easily than people with a normal blood count. This would be reflected in blood tests as well.
  • Weight loss

    Weight loss

    Weight loss is common because your body isn’t receiving proper nutrition. The allergy makes the stomach incapable of absorbing nutrition. That causes the loss of weight.
  • Headaches


    Chronic headaches can also be a symptom of the allergy to gluten. They can be frequent and severe for some people. They are the body’s way of trying to tell you that something is wrong with it.
  • Intestinal Problems

    Intestinal Problems

    This allergy can cause all kinds of stomach problems. Some people get diarrhea anywhere from mild to severe, and others get constipation. This happens because the body is not working correctly anymore due to the allergy causing the stomach lining to flatten and rendering it unable to receive nutrition from food. Problems in the stomach can cause all kinds of intestinal problems due to their innate connection to each other.
  • Changes in Mental Status

    Changes in Mental Status

    People can experience a myriad of different kinds of mental status changes. Some are as simple as irritability, inability to concentrate and depression while other people have severe reactions such as autism, attention deficits and behavioral issues. These behavioral issues are caused mainly by a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients leading to the brain’s inability to properly function.
  • Skin Problems

    Skin Problems

    Many allergies have hives as a symptom that let you know something is wrong. Gluten allergies can cause hives, rashes and even itching burning and sores. These reactions can range from very mild rashes or hives to extremely painful sores on the skins surface.
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