15 Food Substitutions To Easily Eat Healthier

  • Sour Cream > Greek Yogurt

    Sour Cream > Greek Yogurt

    Sour cream may be tasty, but it's loaded with calories and lacks nutrients. Replace it with Greek yogurt for another great-tasting, creamy dip. Greek yogurt has a whopping 227% less calories than sour cream, and 450% more protein!
  • Chocolate Chips > Cacao Nibs

    Chocolate Chips > Cacao Nibs

    If you can't stop yourself from chowing down on chocolate chip cookies, you can make a more guilt-free option with cacao nibs. These little pellets have the same great chocolatey taste without the sugar and with 5 times more fiber.
  • Milk > Almond Milk

    Milk > Almond Milk

    Getting almond or soy milk instead of regular milk is a great way to get healthier without sacrificing taste. Regular milk has 6 times more sugar than almond milk, and almond milk has been found to have great benefits for weight management.
  • Flour > Coconut Flour

    Flour > Coconut Flour

    Flour is a necessary evil for most dieters — it's super high in carbs but is in almost everything so it can't be avoided. Instead of regular flour, invest in coconut flour. Coconut flour has less carbs and an incredible 11 times the fiber of regular flour.
  • Rice > Quinoa

    Rice > Quinoa

    Rice is a great side dish that can be paired with pretty much anything, but is not very his in nutrients. For a boost in your healthy intake, replace it with quinoa for 150% more flour and double the protein.
  • Potato Chips > Air-Popped Popcorn

    Potato Chips > Air-Popped Popcorn

    If your weakness is salty potato chips, try air-popped popcorn as a more healthy alternative. It has a third of the calories and 9 times less saturated fats, while still providing you with a great taste to munch on while you watch TV or a movie.
  • Croutons > Almonds

    Croutons > Almonds

    Salads are a dieters best friend, but only when made health-consciously. Croutons are great in a salad for taste, but not for your health. Use almonds instead to easily double your protein and triple your fiber intake while cutting the carbs in the salad down by two thirds.
  • Iceberg Lettuce > Romaine

    Iceberg Lettuce > Romaine

    Make your salads with romaine instead of iceberg lettuce. The two leafy veggies basically taste the same, but with vast health differences. Romaine has over 17 times the vitamin A and over 4 times the vitamin K of iceberg lettuce.
  • Peanut Butter > Almond Butter

    Peanut Butter > Almond Butter

    Processed peanut butter contains added sugars and hydrogenated vegetable oils. For a similar taste loaded with protein and without the unhealthy additions, make the switch to almond butter.
  • Bread > Pita

    Bread > Pita

    Although pita still has carbs, it's a great alternative to loaf bread. Pita is thinner than regular bread, and it's poket shape is perfect for stuffing lean meat and veggies into. Opt for the whole wheat options to eliminate sugar and up your fiber.
  • Vinegar > Lime Juice

    Vinegar > Lime Juice

    Vinegar is a very common cooking ingredient, but doesn't really give you much nutrients. You can get an instant health boost buy using lime juice instead of vinegar in your recipes. The lime juice will give you calcium and folates you wouldn't get from vinegar.
  • Ketchup > Salsa

    Ketchup > Salsa

    Do you put ketchup on everything you eat? Ditch the red sauce, which is loaded with sugar, fat, and salt, and use salsa instead! It's also really easy and healthy to make your own salsa by chopping up some tomatoes an mixing in your favorite ingredients, like ceyenne pepper, jalapenos, corn, avacados, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • Bread Crumbs > Chia Seeds

    Bread Crumbs > Chia Seeds

    Replace your bread crumbs with chia seeds for a huge improvement in your diet. These tiny seeds offer a similar taste, and pack a nutritional whallop. Chia seeds have 19 times more fiber, double the protein, and 35 times less sodium than bread crumbs.
  • Soy Sauce > Tamari Sauce

    Soy Sauce > Tamari Sauce

    If you're a fan of Chinese food, then chances are that soy sauce is a must-have in your kitchen. However, if you replace it with tamari sauce, you'll get the same taste with a lot more vitamins and minerals. Tamari has manganese, tryptophan, niacin, and protein, all of which soy sauce is lacking.
  • Ranch > EVOO Mixtures

    Ranch > EVOO Mixtures

    Ranch dressing is terribly unhealthy. It's packed with tons of unnatural and unhealthy ingredients. Instead, make your own salad dressing by mixing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with balsamic vinegar.
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