12 Ways To Make Water More Fun

  • Make Fun Ice Cubes

    Make Fun Ice Cubes

    A great way to make water more fun is by making fun ice cubes. Adding berries, grapes or any other fruit of choice in your ice will make you want to drink water more often. Although it may not affect taste as much, you have a little snack to enjoy once the ice melts.
  • Tea Time

    Tea Time

    You can also stay hydrated by drinking tea. Not only does it provide hydration but tea is very good for you. All you need to do is brew your favorite tea such as green tea or black tea and enjoy.
  • Freeze It

    Freeze It

    Making ice pops is a cool and refreshing way to get the daily amount of water needed. All you need are popsicle sticks and water. Most likely you will want to add something for flavor so puree some fresh fruit and add it to the mix.
  • Eat


    Eating more fruits and vegetables can provide the body with the water it needs. Fruits such as watermelon and veggies like lettuce have a high water content. They also contain several vitamins and minerals.
  • Add Fruit

    Add Fruit

    To enhance a plain glass of water muddle some fruit on the bottom to distribute the flavor. Fruit is a wonderful addition to water because it adds natural sweetness along with a few additional vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhance with Herbs

    Enhance with Herbs

    Herbs such as mint, lavender and rose hips can be used to boost your H2O. They give water a nice taste and are loaded with body benefiting ingredients. Be sure to muddle the herbs a bit to release the flavor.
  • Drink Some Bubbly

    Drink Some Bubbly

    To make drinking water fun, try sparkling water. It is a great alternative to plain water and comes in a variety of flavors. Sparking water is also a nice substitute for those used to drinking soda.
  • Recreate a Refreshing Spa Beverage

    Recreate a Refreshing Spa Beverage

    Have you ever gone to the spa and enjoyed that delicious lemon, cucumber and mint water? It is so refreshing and is an amazing way to stay hydrated. Be sure to use fresh mint when recreating this spa staple.
  • Try Something New

    Try Something New

    Although lemon, cucumber and mint is a way to make water more enjoyable why not try something new. Adding spearmint and fresh ginger along with cucumber and lemon creates a beautiful and tasty cocktail. This combination is also very low calorie and has stomach soothing properties.
  • Change It Up

    Change It Up

    Something as simple as changing the way you drink water can ensure that you do so more often. Switching from cold water to room temperature water or changing from drinking water out of a bottle to a glass can make a big difference. Also consider using a straw if you don’t regularly do so.
  • Add a Splash of Juice

    Add a Splash of Juice

    A little splash of juice such as pomegranate or acai adds health benefits and flavor to water. It provides that extra kick that many want in any beverage. The added hint of color is also very appealing.
  • Consider Honey Water

    Consider Honey Water

    If you have a sweet tooth, add about a teaspoon of honey to your water. Honey makes plain H2O taste amazing. You will never look at water as boring again.
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