At SXSW, Under Armour Said It's Revolutionizing Your Fitness Game With This New Product

March 17, 2016

At the South By Southwest 2016 festival in Austin, fitness brand Under Armour showed off new technology that could up your workout game in big ways. You probably already know the company for its high-performance athletic apparel, but you also might want to check out its "connected fitness" collection of wearables and apps that work together to give you a full picture of the state of your health.

Everything we saw at SXSW centered around UA Record, which collects data from its growing suite of wearables and apps and analyzes it all with the help of IBM Watson, a cognitive computing engine. Over time, the system learns more about a user's fitness and everyday habits, ultimately offering suggestions to get the most out of your activities. 

Then there's the new SpeedForm Gemini 2 shoe, which not only looks smart, it IS smart! Buried deep inside, the shoe has a chip that automatically starts making calculations from your very first step, tracking things like speed, stride length and more and sending them to UA Record. Your hands will be free because you won't need other fitness tracker bands or even your phone! You also won't have to charge the shoe or chip and you can't feel the chip inside. UA also says that the chip will last as long as the well-built shoe does, so get moving!

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If you want even more connectivity, Under Armor has UA HealthBox, a package that includes a scale, heart monitor and activity tracker. Like the shoe, these items track your stats and send data to UA Record. Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank stressed during a panel at SXSW that the cohesiveness of easy connectivity among the UA products could change how you use data trackers and even predict health concerns. The goal is to live well and head off any roadblocks, and Plank thinks that Under Armour's continued innovation can do that.

What do you think? Will a smart shoe help your workout? Would you be interested in predicting your health or optimizing your life through apps? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!