Weight Loss Pictures That Show The Positive Power Of Social Media Weight Loss Pictures That Show The Positive Power Of Social Media

When people are looking for a job, they don't often think about what profession will be the healthiest for them, even though it's an important thing to consider. Whether they're physically active, provide great healthful information, or just have awesome health benefits, these jobs are great choices in terms of staying healthy.

Fitness Instructor or Choreographer
1. Fitness Instructor or Choreographer
People who spend their days active by teaching fitness or dances classes are going to be more fit, body conscious and tend to eat healthier. Not to mention that their workday doubles as a workout!
Dietician or Nutritionist
2. Dietician or Nutritionist
Food experts know what it takes to best fuel the human body and eat accordingly. Not only are they helping their clients lead a healthier lifestyle, but they will almost surely apply their knowledge to their own life as well.
Government Employee
3. Government Employee
This may be surprising since some medical and construction jobs are stressful and hazardous, and office jobs are very inactive. However, federal and state workers have access to good health plans and exercise programs, holidays off and vacation plans. Used wisely, these jobs can keep their employees very healthy.
Allied Health Professional
4. Allied Health Professional
Dental hygienists and physical therapists, etc. have regular hours, benefits, and less stress than other medical professionals. Plus, their proximity to the health world surely informs their lifestyle choices.
Small Business Employee
5. Small Business Employee
Employees of small firms generally have less stress and their employers show more interest in them. While health plans may be less comprehensive, the smaller work environment allows for more care and compassion among coworkers, and better facilitates friendships.
Florists, Horticulturists, Gardeners, Landscapers and Farmers
6. Florists, Horticulturists, Gardeners, Landscapers and Farmers
People who work with plants are usually happier and the air quality of their environments is better. Farmers and gardeners can eat their own naturally grown produce, which is far preferable to store-bought. Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to increase your attitude.
Yoga Instructor
7. Yoga Instructor
Yoga practitioners have the stress relieving benefits of meditation, healthier lifestyles, and the satisfaction of doing something that matters to them. Yoga not only keeps these teachers fit and healthy, but it also has the benefit of being one of the least stressful jobs there is.
Artist or Writer
8. Artist or Writer
Despite the stereotypes of tortured artists or the alcoholic writers, artists and writers have the psychological benefits from self-expression, whether employed or freelancing. Self-employed "creatives" need to pay for insurance but they can budget their time for exercise and healthy habits.
9. Nurse
Nurses tend to eat the healthiest of all the professions and avoid bad habits. They have good job pay and benefits, too. On the downside, shift work and stress can take its toll.
Software Engineer
10. Software Engineer
This occupation is less dangerous and physically stressful than others. Even though the job may entail less activity, software engineers enjoy a fairly lax schedule, allowing them to make time for exercise and other healthy habits.
Insurance Workers
11. Insurance Workers
The job is less dangerous than other jobs. Workers often have good insurance benefits and they have the awareness of what a healthy lifestyle entails. The job also makes the stereotypically hyper-stressful tax season relatively less stressful, since these workers really know what they're doing.
Massage Therapists
12. Massage Therapists
Tend to be fit and know how to focus on relaxation. They have the added benefit of working in peaceful settings.
Auto Detailer
13. Auto Detailer
The calorie expenditure of car cleaners is high and workers naturally are fit. Waxing cars is a meditation in itself, and people with the job are usually very interested in automobiles and get to do what they love.
Diet Group Leader or Counselor
14. Diet Group Leader or Counselor
Leaders of Groups like Weight Watchers® spend their work time teaching healthy eating habits and fitness practices to others. They have to practice what they preach to be successful. Often they have wrestled their own issues with over-eating and inactivity, and won.
15. Chiropractor
Chiropractors spend their days actively helping people, and have somewhat less stress than other doctors. They're also advocates for healthy living and good body practices. They feel like their occupation is a calling and are happier as self-employed professionals.
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