25 Hilarious Examples Of Complete NO-NO's At A Wedding 25 Hilarious Examples Of Complete NO-NO's At A Wedding

The toughest season to style you hair for is summer. With humidity, sweat, and sweltering heat, the elements are truly against your hair looking its best. But don't fear, there are a bunch of great hairstyles that will keep you feeling cool and looking hot all summer long!

High Ponytail
1. High Ponytail
For those with especially long or thick hair, the best way to stay cool in the summer heat is to keep your locks high and tight. Keeping the frizz away and allowing the comfort of an exposed neck, it's no wonder this style is a perfect fit for any and all summer looks. It's the perfect way to look hot while staying cool.
Criss-Crossed Braids
2. Criss-Crossed Braids
If you've got medium, shoulder length hair, then you'll have to get a little more creative with your summer 'do. Try separating your hair into two braided pigtails, and then place them on top of your head, crossing each other. The look will appear as if you only have one braid.
Parted Bangs
3. Parted Bangs
Bangs are usually seen as a summer no-no due to what sweat and humidity can do to them, but you can avoid having to part with them by parting them. Once summer becomes too hot for you to manage your normal bangs, ask your stylist to only thin and cut the center of your bangs rather than getting rid of them entirely. After some hairspray to keep the part in place, you'll have a perfect summer look.
Top Knot
4. Top Knot
The top knot never goes out of style for summer — probably because it is so simple and gets your hair away from your face. Whether you want to go messy or structured with your top knot, you can't go wrong with all of the different styles available.
Long Bob
5. Long Bob
The best time to experiment with cutting your hair shorter is definitely the summer, when you will reap the benefits of losing your stuffy locks. A long bob is perfect for the long-haired girls who want a cut but nothing too drastic. It's also a great hairstyle for summer fashions, as bobs usually look best with simple looks rather than layers.
6. Buns
Sick of the back of your neck getting hot undeneath your flowing hair? The perfect solution is a bun. Like a top knot, the bun can vary dramatically from messy to neat based on how you want to wear it. Overall, it's a fun and playful hairstyle that is a timeless classic.
Tousled Waves
7. Tousled Waves
For a carefree look that makes a great impression at any event, try a wavy style with either your natural waves or using a curling iron. To add some texture, rake your finger through the ringlets after they've cooled. What makes this look perfect for summer is that humidity works with the style, so you'll have nothing to worry about!
Side Ponytail
8. Side Ponytail
The side pony is a classic solution to beating the summer heat and still showing off you long hair. Placement is key for this look, as tying the ponytail too high or too off-center will create an unwanted childish or '80s look. Instead, make the ponytail where you would usually make it and simply drape it over one of your shoulders.
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