10 Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

  • Bright Lips

    Bright Lips

    If you have a light complexion, congratulations, colorful lips are totally your thing! Bright lip shades will bring out the beauty of your light skin while adding a pop of color. Think of Emma Stone. She rocks reds, pinks, and corals all the time and looks fabulous. Neutral shades can sometimes be hard to pull off since they blend in with your skin. Try a bubblegum pink or rose if you like the nude lip look.
  • Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating

    You might not think what you eat affects your skin and appearance, but it totally does. And since your skin is so fair, it is very important to feed it well. Fruits and veggies will do wonders. Pick foods with lot of vitamins like apples, oranges, and leafy greens.
  • Light on the Smoky

    Light on the Smoky

    A really dark, smudged smoky eye is not the way to go with light skin. It will draw too much attention to the eyes and will look way to overdone. Try a smoky eye in a brown, blue, or gray. Choose colors that reflect your eye color.
  • No Nuetral Eyes

    No Nuetral Eyes

    With pale skin it is best to avoid the two extremes, really dark and really light. Make your eyes pop by adding color or a fierce, but simple cat eye. Beige eye shadow will wash you out instead of creating dimension. Use a light color as a base but add shadow and depth with a darker color.
  • Embrace It

    Embrace It

    Embrace your beautifully light skin. Don’t overdo it on the bronzer to try to look tanner. You might end up looking like an oompa loompa. Instead lightly swipe some bronzer right below your cheekbone and hairline if you want to add a little sun-kissed glow.
  • Test Foundation First

    Test Foundation First

    It can be hard to pick the right foundation for your skin tone. Sometimes lighter shades look too pink or too gray. Take advantage of testers and samples. And remember to test on your face, not your hand or arm. Look at the foundation in natural light before you make your purchase.
  • Blush is a Must

    Blush is a Must

    Don’t skip blush ever! Even if it the only makeup you put on for the day. Blush gives your pale skin a little extra oomph and life. It creates color, dimension, and warmth. But don’t apply too much! Start off with a little and apply more if need be.
  • Picking the Perfect Hair Color

    Picking the Perfect Hair Color

    If you aren’t a fan of your natural color, talk to your stylist to find a color that is perfect for your light skin tone. If you’re not a natural blonde, it can be a tricky color with pale skin. It either really works on people, or completely washes them out. When in doubt, porcelain skin look fantastic paired with red or chocolates browns.
  • Sunscreen


    Pale skin is more susceptible to sun damage and burns. Always, always, always wear sunscreen or a beauty product with SPF. This will prevent fine lines, wrinkles, an uneven complexion, and sunspots. Don’t just do your face and forget about the rest of your body.
  • Blemishes


    Sadly, your pale skin shows red blemishes more than a darker skin tone would. But don’t panic! Red blemishes are easy to disguise with green tinted concealer. It sounds weird, but since green is the opposite of red it covers it perfectly. Top with foundation and setting powder.
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